A dolls house krogstad and mrs linde relationship

a dolls house krogstad and mrs linde relationship

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mrs. Christine Linde in A Doll's House relationship and that of the Helmers seems to be that Christine and Krogstad. The relationship between Mrs. Linde and Krogstad makes for a good comparison with Nora's and Torvald's marriage. Mrs. Linde's and. Their loving marriage stands in stark contrast with the lives of the other characters : the marriages of Krogstad and Mrs. Linde were based on necessity rather.

Linde were based on necessity rather than love, and were unhappy. Rank was never married, and, it is revealed, has silently loved Nora for years. Lindeit is nonetheless still governed by the strict rules of society that dictated the roles of husband and wife. At first it seems that Nora and Torvald both enjoy playing the roles of husband and wife in a way that is considered respectable by society. However, Nora soon reveals to Mrs.

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This creates a dilemma: Yet this is an act of love that society condemns, thereby placing the rules of marriage above love. In the final moments of the play, it's revealed that Nora's fear of the secret getting out is not a fear that she will end up shamed and punished, but rather is based on her certainty that Torvald will protect her by taking the blame, and in so doing will ruin himself.

a dolls house krogstad and mrs linde relationship

Nora is certain that beneath the role Torvald is playing, that he loves her just as deeply as she loved him when she secretly broke the rules of society. Of course, Torvald's reaction reveals that he's not in fact "playing a role" at all—he really does put his reputation first, and he would never sacrifice it to protect Nora.

Torvald Helmer is contrasted with Krogstad. Though Helmer is a school friend of Krogstad, he is conservative and rigid, unsympathetic egoistic.

Krogstad is supposed to be the villain of the play in and conventional terms, but he is sympathetic in feeling, progressive in thought, flexible in attitude and not rigid in his opinions.

a dolls house krogstad and mrs linde relationship

It is surprising that Krogstad collies to see whether Nora is too worried after his blackmailing. He comes and tells Nora that his intention is only to get his job back by blackmailing her husband, who has been so heartless that he has fired his schoolmate without genuine reason. He clearly tells Nora: Helmer, I've been thinking about you all day. Even duns and hack journalists have hearts, you know.

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But, Helmer, who is supposed to love Nora, is heartless. No one can forgive such a hypocrite who scolds his loving wife so bitterly and gets ready to disown her when his prestige is slightly threatened.

Parallelism and Contrast in A Doll's House

He is so conservative, narrow-minded, fake idealist, and corrupted that he decides to dismiss his friend from the job because he is addressed by his, first name; even worse, he makes a pretension that Krogstad is immoral and corrupt, when he actually tells the actual reason to his wife. If Helmer decides to disown his loving wife because of ego, Krogstad decides to marry a widow because of love.

Helmer is disgustingly inhuman; Krogstad melts our heart with his humanity. There are minor parallels and contrasts other than the above, like the contrast between Dr. Rank and Helmer, and the slight parallel between Nora and Krogstad. Rank contrasts with Helmer in that he is homeless and unhappy, whereas Helmer has a home and family and is the master of it. Rank is sick, Helmer is healthy.

Rank is frank and even revolutionary in his sexual attitudes, whereas Helmer is a terribly conservative killjoy. Helmer is sensitive about self-respect and social status, whereas Dr. Rank takes life like a joke. Another minor contrast is between Nora and Dr.

Rank is a symbol of death and decay, Nora is a symbol of life and exuberance, change and revolution. But there is also a slight comparison between them in the sense that both Nora and Dr.

Rank have inherited something from their parents: Nora has got her lavish nature from her father, and Rank has inherited his tuberculosis which is said to be the result of his father's recklessness.

a dolls house krogstad and mrs linde relationship

Finally, there is some similarity between Nora and Nils Krogstad in the sense that both of them have committed forgery for the sake of their family.