Bolg and azog relationship test

Azog and Bolg ~ Father and Spawn! – Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow

bolg and azog relationship test

Bolg was the son of Azog, who succeeded his father as leader of the Orkish treatment of Boldog, another a connection to Westron bolg. So I've taken the test numerous times but I'm mainly flitting between these two . love - MBTI, Myers-Briggs, Personality type, Love and dating and relationships The Hobbit: Battle of the 16 Personalities - Thranduil + Thorin + Azog [ENTJ]. If book fans don't seem to remember Azog the Pale Orc from “The Hobbit,” The trolls were Bilbo's first test in the book, and, despite finding some Bard has a good relationship with the Master of the town as well, a stark.

The one most surprising thing about Azog is even someone as powerful as Azog has a master, the incredibly powerful Necromancer: Sauron He is also shown to be intensely sadistic, gleefully mocking Thorin in their second confrontation by saying that his father "reeked of the smell of fear" which apparently made Thorin think that Azog killed his father to goad him into attacking.

He also seemed to enjoy watching the Wargs attacking the Dwarves.

bolg and azog relationship test

Despite this, he has a close relationship with his son Bolg, as he expresses great pride in him. Yet Azog holds high expectations for him and can become very angered if his expectations are not met. He is also more independent compared to most other Orcs as he inspires strong leadership and self-reliance that can only be matched by a hunter or a true-born warrior.

Azog is enigmatic and powerful, and a superb ally for Sauron to have at his side.

bolg and azog relationship test

Azog's monomania is shown by his obsession with wiping out the line of Durin. However, he was too arrogant to think that Thorin could beat him, even though he managed to completely disarm the latter during their climatic duel at Azanulbizar.

bolg and azog relationship test

After this, he became hell-bent on revenge, incredibly determined to kill Thorin Oakenshield for cutting off his arm. This drove Azog not to care what the cost was, so long as it gave him a chance to get his own back on the Dwarf prince. Although it isn't clear why, when he actually manages to disable Thorin during their second brawl, he didn't go and kill Thorin himself.

His obsession is also clear in his disappointment that Sauron didn't value Thorin's death as enormously as Azog himself did.

His ruthlessness is displayed when he murders his own allies when they displease him. A vicious psychopath, Azog is easily frustrated, even by his Master and by his own followers.

He is extremely fierce-tempered and has a serious impulse-control problem, capable of violent mood swings when he becomes too angry to control himself.

He is also highly intelligent, displaying excellent hunting skills and experience in combat. He is also unfailingly loyal to Sauron, despite his obvious distrust in the Dark Lord. His loyalty to Sauron shows that, instead of leading his army against Thorin and the Dwarves which could have ended in complete successAzog stays alongside Sauron to defend him against Gandalf.

bolg and azog relationship test

This almost led to the latter's death, since Azog was almost killed in his brawl with Gandalf. Azog was extremely aggressive, to allies and enemies alike. Azog was also impatient and repressive: He didn't tolerate Yazneg's mistake during the hunt for Thorin Oakenshield and killed the orc out of anger.

Also, he reacted furiously when the Eagles rescued Thorin and Company. He's actually a bowman and captain of the town archers. Bard has a good relationship with the Master of the town as well, a stark contrast to the rebel bargeman portrayed in the "Desolation of Smaug.

Bilbo hears the spiders speak because of the ring.

In "The Desolation of Smaug"there's a distinct moment when Bilbo puts on the ring and understands the spiders in Mirkwood. After taking off the ring, there seems to be a brief lasting effect, and the hobbit hears the spider say, "It stings!

In the book, Bilbo hears the spiders talk when he puts on the ring, but it appears that's just because he was too far away before. After taking off the ring, he later hears them say they'll eat him, leave his bones in a tree and hang him upside down -- y'know, the usual spider stuff. Fans speculate that the spiders are speaking some form of Black Speech in the movie version. Black Speech is a language used by Sauron's minions, and it can be understood using the power of the ring, as demonstrated by Samwise Gamgee understanding orcs while in possession of the ring in The Return of the King.

The use of Black Speech would further emphasize the growing power of the Necromancer Sauron in Dol Guldurwhere the spiders are said to be coming from, but these events are not in the book.

bolg and azog relationship test

The dwarves never fought Smaug. Giphy Bilbo enters the mountain to sneak into Smaug's lair two times in Tolkien's story. The first time he steals a golden cup, and the second time he returns and discovers a bare spot on Smaug's chest.

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A thrush overhears him telling the news of the weakness to the dwarves and leaves to inform Bard at Lake-town, which is a good thing because the dragon has left the mountain to terrorize the townspeople. That didn't exactly happen in the movie.

The film has Bilbo enter the mountain and discover the Arkenstone while talking with Smaug. Just being near the stone makes Thorin start to lose it.

Subsequently, the dwarves are involved in a huge action sequence that leads to Smaug being covered in molten gold. The dragon then leaves to attack Lake-town, whose supposed savior, Bard, was last seen in jail. Just remember to use that leverage, Will Turner Gandalf discovered Sauron years ago.

8 Changes In 'The Hobbit' Movies You Didn't Know Were A Huge Deal

Remember that whole episode in the movie with the Necromancer and Radagast? Yeah, that isn't in The Hobbit. Gandalf does go to Dol Guldur and discover Sauron is the Necromancer, but this happens years before the events of the book.

At this time, he gets the map to the Lonely Mountain from Thorin's father Thrain.