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Sports Listings · NFL Schedule · NHL Schedule · MLB Schedule · NBA Bones star: The finale "changes everything" for Booth and Brennan Rather than go with a traditional serial killer format, we wanted to try It confirms this relationship which everybody has invested in and it solidifies that even more. Fox has yet to officially renew Bones for the fall, but any possible Booth) focused on work like saving Brennan rather than constant talks about the BB relationship. If we're going to have Season 7- whatever the format- bring back B & B as . come on, what would we do without the booth and brennan. Brennan and Booth\'s Relationship Timeline: From Bone-Fondling to Baby- .. Note to Bones superfans: If we forgot your favorite Booth and.

Realizing that the conspirator s had blackmailed Hadley, Booth told the congressman he had all the files, which Booth hoped would lure his enemies to attack. After clearing Brennan and Christine out of the house, Booth prepared an arsenal of guns and booby-trapped the house with C4 and other explosives while he waited for the conspirator's Delta Force henchmen to come.

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And come they did. After a protracted firefight, Booth took a bullet to the stomach and would have likely been a goner if Brennan didn't return to the house to help Booth finish off the men.

Get scoop on 39 must-watch season-enders Booth was rushed to the hospital, and although his prognosis temporarily looked grim, he pulled through. Brennan screamed in protest, which forced agents to also drag her away to be questioned.

So, is Booth's career at the FBI toast now that he's headed off to jail? And who is pulling the strings of this conspiracy? As you were building this season, what did you want to accomplish with this finale? We wanted Booth and Brennan and the audience hanging in sort of a rage of uncertainty. We wanted to put them in a situation that they haven't really been in before. They've always been able to trust the FBI [and] the organizations they worked for.

Rather than go with a traditional serial killer format, we wanted to try and take the show in another direction, at least temporarily, to have Booth and Brennan take on some force that is far larger, far more vague than anything they've dealt with before. We caught the Ghost Killer, but there's still a ghost out there, some kind of adversary that still remains unseen and unidentifiable at the end of this season.

And that unseen force really does a number on Booth and Brennan in those final moments. We're going into Season 10 really dealing with the consequences of this finale.

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Booth is in handcuffs, Brennan has been taken into custody for questioning, and has been dragged away from Booth. The pain of their separation as well as the uncertainty of how this is going to play out is really how we wanted to leave the audience because it does a few things for us. It confirms this relationship which everybody has invested in and it solidifies that even more.

Season 10 will start with all of this unresolved baggage, but with the determination of Brennan and Booth and the squints to draw this very painful and ugly chapter to a close. Check out the new shows coming next season Do you anticipate a time jump between seasons? Traditionally, the time jumps have been somewhat in real time. We're going to be treating this in the same way. So, Booth will still be in custody?

We will open Season 10 with Booth in custody.

Bones Timeline of Love

Booth will be in jail awaiting trial. As always happens from the time you're incarcerated to the time your trial starts can be quite a long time. All I can say is it is not a good situation for a law enforcement officer to be incarcerated with criminals. How much fight does Booth have left? Will he take this betrayal by his own agency hard? He does feel unmoored.

He doesn't know who to trust, but Booth is a patriot. She took small comfort in that. It was the first time since she was a teenager that she felt awkward complying with a medical professional's orders.

Her hands were shaking more than usual from the excess catecholamines coursing through her bloodstream, and she took several deep breaths to try to relax herself. Why had she gone off of her oral contraceptives months ago? Why hadn't she said anything to Booth about contraception? She knew that the chances were slim.

Brennan and Booth’s Relationship Timeline: From Bone-Fondling to Baby-Making!

The numbers calmed her, gave her something solid to cling to. She knew the probabilities and statistics. The meaning behind the numbers was much less comforting.

After she had returned the specimen to the kind blond in the exam room, Brennan was left with nothing but the clock ticking almost imperceptibly to distract her. Just then, her cell phone vibrated, and the noise startled her so violently that her purse almost fell to the ground. Message from Booth, the screen said. She flipped open the phone to see the message.

bones brennan and booth relationship timeline template

Got a case, will pick you up from the lab in She smiled softly into the phone at how well he knew her, but typed in the reply message. Not at the lab yet. I will be there in about 30 minutes. She sent the message. Booth didn't know she was at a doctor's appointment, and he would become exceedingly protective and inquisitive if he perceived that her health was in jeopardy in any way. Her phone buzzed again with the response.

Brennan rolled her eyes. Yes, see you in 30 minutes. The transition in their relationship from friends and partners to really being together had gone much more smoothly than anticipated.

They still made an excellent team in the field, they still maintained professionalism while they were working, and while the new level of intimacy they now shared had been ever-so-slightly rocky at the start, they had smoothed their interactions out to the point where it seemed they had been doing it this way for years. And in a way, they had. But the reality of the situation was that they had been together for 17 days. Brennan's eyes began to well with tears, which she quickly wiped away angrily, upset with herself for being so emotional before she knew anything for certain.

She couldn't stop the hailstorm of thoughts that were pounding around her head. There was a sharp rap on the door. She gathered her purse over her shoulder and stood as a woman in her mids with soft features and long, red, curly hair entered, grinning.

Anna Burkett had been her gynecologist ever since she'd moved to DC, and she was an excellent, compassionate, and highly competent physician. Brennan, it's good to see you" she said warmly, shifting the clipboard to her left arm and shaking Brennan' hand. Burkett," she said, sitting back down. Booth would say that was a giveaway to nervousness. Burkett nodded slowly at this response, looking unconvinced.

bones brennan and booth relationship timeline template

Thank you for your time," she said, and she gathered her purse and stood to leave. Burkett looked surprised but quickly rearranged her face into an expression of neutrality.

Brennan," she said in a docile, calming tone, rising from her seat and crossing the room to where Brennan stood. I'm all yours for another 10 minutes. Burkett gestured back toward the chair. Brennan exhaled deeply, nodded, and obliged.

Those were completely amazing times never forget Sweet's hipster bandbut to paraphrase Biggie, it was all a dream.

bones brennan and booth relationship timeline template

Poor Booth can't handle the thought of a corrupt government, so Brennan works to prove herself wrong and eventually realizes that the body isn't JFK. Booth admits that he's head over novelty socks in love with Brennan, and he finally declares his true feelings.

Tragically, she turns him down because she doesn't want to risk losing their friendship, and Booth is broken hearted. Unfortunately, he has a serious girlfriend, but Brennan's got 99 problems and Booth's piece on the side ain't one. She crawls into bed with him, they lay in each others arms Damn you, Hart Hanson! But assuming you just want to relive the moment, Brennan and Booth show up at an inn and she proceeds to pop out a baby next to a bunch of farm animals.

Best moment of their lives, to be honest. So how did they get here, and why did it take them so long?