Brent rivera meet and greet 2015 movies

Jan 13, The film debuted on YouTube Red earlier this week. What's This? Brent Rivera and Marcus Scribner on set of "Alexander IRL." Image: youtube red. %2f09 %2f16%2fe5%fim-mdu.inforont. . BONUS: 10 years, 4 million YouTube followers – meet the internet's favourite mad scientist. Find out when Brent Rivera is next playing live near you. List of all Brent Rivera tour dates and concerts. I was there. Tuesday 23 December Brent. See more ideas about Brent rivera, Christian collins and Youtube. Instagram post by Brent Rivera • Mar 22, at am UTC .. Chris Collins if I ever meet a guy that has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes I swear I need to make . TV & Movies & Celebrities Meet and greet tickets to go see the Collins brothers.

Brent Rivera

Scribner, who plays Andre Johnson, Jr. This is his first digital project.

brent rivera meet and greet 2015 movies

Mashable caught up with the duo to talk about the movie. Did you balance creating your own videos while making the movie as well? While making the movie it was a pretty fun time. About to head over to the AlexanderIRL premiere tonight!!

I feel like digital media and social media and things like that are definitely things of the future. I know I always go on Instagram, I always go on YouTube and I always deal with those kinds of things, so you know getting to make something on a digital platform like YouTube Red is something unique and something super special.

What drew you to the movie? I got involved when Rob Fishman, one of the producers, reached out to me. He reached out to me with the idea of making a film, and I was very interested. What do you like about your respective characters?

brent rivera meet and greet 2015 movies

What were challenges of the role? For me, I liked how my character kind of took challenges, and worked on them by working with his brother and working closely with his friends to solve the problem. The guys star in the new YouTube Red movie Alexander IRL, which is about two brothers who are left home alone and must come together to achieve their goals.

YouTuber Brent Rivera and 'Black-ish' star Marcus Scribner talk new teen comedy 'Alexander IRL'

Alexander Rivera decides to throw a legendary house party to win friends and woo his crush, while his brother EJ Nathan Kress wants to use the party to impress his venture capitalist boss by building a mobile app to get kids unglued from their phones.

I recently just went to San Francisco with six of my friends and we just kind of took three days and just did whatever in San Francisco which was pretty fun. I just take a few moments to chill or take a nap. So I definitely take time to hang out with my dog, chill with my friends, talk to my family members sometimes [Laughing].

How did you guys meet and what were your first impressions of each other? We first met when…wait, did we meet before we started the movie? I think we had maybe met once before for a brief period. Yeah, I think we met a little bit before but then we actually met officially right before we started filming the movie.

So it was cool to get to hang out with him and chill and just have a good time. Did you do anything before or during filming to bond as friends on-and-off screen?

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I mean, not really anything that we set up. It was just more natural, and we kind of just bonded right when we met, and it was like that with the whole cast too. We played pranks on each other, we did funny stuff to each other, and like all this crazy stuff on set too that just made us closer.


I feel like, exactly what Brent said, I feel that we naturally bonded as we began to film more and more and just got to hang out with the entire cast. It was just so much fun getting to hang out with people my age who were doing the same thing, just acting and having a good time. What made you want to play these roles and take on this project in particular?

brent rivera meet and greet 2015 movies