Clark kent and lois lane relationship quiz

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clark kent and lois lane relationship quiz

While many TV series and films gave us a view of Clark Kent as In the meantime, Clark has to maintain his relationship with a special . Lois Lane isn't one of the main characters in Smallville until the fourth season. Lane. The pair of costumed heroes have held a love/hate relationship for Lois Lane specifically calls Superman out, saying that on her planet, the. Even when they're together, the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent still defines a massive amount of what we understand about.

Of course, the historic issue also gave us the most enduring supporting character in his entourage: Over the years, the tough-as-nails reporter has served as a friend, a foil, a competitor and a love interest. But no matter where Lois and Clark have stood as a couple, the all-too-human Lois has never taken a back seat to the super-powered Clark. In many ways, she has always been his equal.

From the very beginning, Lois was anything but a pushover. She was modelled after the fictional reporter Torchy Blane—a wisecracking, fast-talking crime-solving crusader who starred in a series of pre-World War II films that debuted inand the real-world Nelly Bly, the pioneering investigative journalist who faked insanity to expose conditions in a mental institution.

Things got out of hand when a gangster named Butch tried to cut in as the pair was dancing, and Clark, in an effort to protect his identity feigned cowardice and weakness. He urged Lois to get it over with, and just offer a single dance to the thug. Predictably, she thought it was a terrible idea, slapped the interloper and stormed out of the roadhouse. Superman stopped the abducters as they were driving away. Thus began the greatest love triangle between two people in comic book history.

Lois and Clark went through various changes throughout the years, and it took forever for the couple to tie the knot fifty-eight years to be precise. Along the way Superman died, was resurrected, lost his powers and endured a dreadful haircut inspired by John Stamos. And that was just in the s' primary DC Universe.

The rebooted DC Universe had Lois go from being an investigative reporter to running a television news network, with little time for Clark, and a new boyfriend in the form of Jonathan Carroll. On one level, it made sense to pair up Superman and Wonder Woman. Beyond their powers, both are strangers in the world they fight for.

Themyscira, cut off from the rest of the world for Centuries, is as far removed from Metropolis as the doomed planet Krypton. Diana grew up in her own culture, she was raised—and identifies—as an Amazon. Clark, on the other hand is a farm kid for Kansas, who discovered that he was actually from outer space.

Is it his powers that make him the Man and of Steel? However, Lionel winds up surprising us thanks to the Kryptonian stone of knowledge. What does he do? Question 15 Who does Lana meet in Paris?

clark kent and lois lane relationship quiz

She's ecstatic about being accepted and packs her bags immediately. In season four, it is revealed that she met someone who was different from Clark. Hey, we're not bashing him or anything!

This guy is joyous, happy, and grew up in upper-class society. He had a hidden agenda that we all later discovered though. Question 16 Jonathan Kent was willing to do anything to protect Clark, including Losing his farm Running away Getting a divorce Jonathan Kent was Clark's adoptive human father and one of his anchors.

He was wise and taught Clark how to live simply and humbly. He was also a devoted husband to Martha Kent and never showed any fear when confronting reporters, Lionel Luthor, or anyone else he felt would put Clark in harm's way. However, Jonathan is known for having a quick temper one ends up doing something to protect Clark.

What consequence did Jonathan have to face for what he did?

clark kent and lois lane relationship quiz

Question 17 How did Lois Lane end up in Smallville? Chloe's clues on the "Wall of Weird" Chloe's unrequited love for Clark Chloe's supposed death Chloe uncovers Clark's secret Lois Lane isn't one of the main characters in Smallville until the fourth season. Lane arrives so she can find clues about something she believes happened to Chloe.

In the meantime, she's attending Smallville High School because she needs to earn all of her high school credits so she can attend Metropolis University and finally study her dream career. The Kents provide her a place to stay and this lets Lane get to know Clark better. What made Lane move to town? She first appears in season seven after having survived life in suspended animation for 18 years.

She eventually locates her cousin Clark after saving Lex Luthor from drowning. This makes Lex obsessed with finding the "angel" that made sure he's still alive.

She shares some bad news and Kryptonian knowledge with Clark and in return, he teaches her several things. What's one thing Clark didn't teach Kara when she arrived wound up in Smallville? Question 19 What did Jor-El do when Clark said the world would be better off without him? Read his mind Lock him in the Fortress of Solitude Show him a parallel world Even superheroes have feelings! Jor-El vowed to train Clark in his powers so he could face his destiny, but he and Jor-El had consistent disagreements throughout the course of his training.

Clark often faced severe consequences for not following Jor-El's orders, but Jor-El always made sure his son never gave up. One day Clark became consumed with his identity and lifestyle and told Jor-El the world would be better off without him. What did Jor-El do to show him he shouldn't give up?

Take over Lex Luthor's body Use kryptonite to blackmail Clark Release an extremely harmful computer virus Kill his creator In many ways, Brainiac was a misunderstood robot who wanted to make sure Earth didn't destroy itself the way Krypton did.

clark kent and lois lane relationship quiz

In season 10, Brainiac reveals Clark's past, present, and future so he can become confident in his abilities and renew his commitment to helping the citizens of Earth. This is a stark contrast to the kind of robot he was when he was first introduced. He committed many evil acts before he was reprogrammed, name the one he didn't commit: Question 21 What was Grant Gabriel's secret? He was an alien He was affected by the meteor rocks He fabricated a story for the Daily Planet He was a clone Grant Gabriel was one of Lois Lane's co-workers, and they fell in love and entered a relationship.

Chloe disapproved of this because she felt people would consistently doubt how Lois got her job. The couple instead worked harder to hide their relationship from others instead. However, things get messy when viewers and Lex Luthor learn that Grant Gabriel has a secret because of circumstances out of his control. Gabriel ends up paying for this secret with his life.

Question 22 Where did everyone in Smallville hang out? Meanwhile, Clark had to find himself, Chloe got into trouble quite often, and Lana Lang spent a lot of time trying to become a stronger person. They did manage to have a hangout spot between it all though. What was it called? Lois Lane has always been a regular human woman, but Superman has always entranced with her all. This means something too, as Superman could be with anyone, but he chooses to be with Lois Lane. Lois is the brains behind the brawn.

However, in the current history of the character, Lois Lane started dating Clark Kent and fell in love with him before Superman.

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She only learned Superman was Clark Kent when Supes decided to tell her. Clark Kent, the real Clark, is the love of Lois' life, not Superman. This is a big contrast to Catwoman. She loved Batman first and it was only after years of trading punches and kisses on rooftops that Bruce unmasked for Catwoman.

Selina has never been able to really conquer Batman or his mood swings. Superman and Lois couldn't be more different. Lois keeps Superman on his path, even though he could literally melt her with his eyes. When the two are together they are often consumed by one another, especially Catwoman. When Catwoman falls for Batman she falls hard, and her entire life begins to revolve around him -- Batman being Batman is nearly as obsessive. Yet Lois and Clark are never quite as consumed by their relationship.

Everyone wants to be Batman or just have one aspect of Batman, like his fabulous wealth. This is the importance of Lois Lane, especially in the modern era.

clark kent and lois lane relationship quiz