Dance academy tara and christian relationship advice

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dance academy tara and christian relationship advice

Throw in Ethan's agenda, Kat's bad advice and a pregnant Grace and they just Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Romance - Tara W., Christian R., Kat K., Abigail A. . The terms of their relationship hadn't been defined. DANCE ACADEMY 3x Step Up 2 The Company After Christian shows up at Tara's hotel room at the end of the previous Reese walks out, because it's obvious that Ollie wants fame more than a relationship, and Kat kisses Jamie. . She actually provides Tara with some excellent advice about the. Dance Academy is an Australian children's television drama. The show aired on ABC1 and Dance Academy features Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin), a new student at He is then torn between his long distance relationship with her and Kat kisses Christian and Ethan finds out about Tara and Christian's kiss after.

In other news, Sir Jeffrey is an idiot. But we knew that already.

dance academy tara and christian relationship advice

By the end of the episode, they decide that their feelings are strong enough to support a long distance relationship, since Wes already has a job in Spain. Kat and Ponytail guy?! So, Kat finishes her final scene in the movie, but she's not quite ready to say good-bye to the magical world of film. She agrees to go with Jamie to the wrap party, where Ollie who reeeeally needed to simmer down in this episode is busy taking advantage of Reese to try to get some of his music on the film soundtrack.

Reese, who is inexplicably a nice guy, gives Ollie the mic to sing, but no one really pays attention Reese walks out, because it's obvious that Ollie wants fame more than a relationship, and Kat kisses Jamie. Even though I think she's dumb to pine over Christian and kick Ben to the curb, she can't help her heart, and her interactions with both guys are surprisingly mature.

To Christian, when he's freaking out over the idea that Tara might still have feelings for him: Besides, the Benster deserves better! Bravura Favorite moments I cracked up when Abigail joined in on Kat and Tara's girl talk in the dressing room.

After overhearing Tara talking about her dramz with Christian and Ben, Abigail decides to keep it real: How you have all of this gunk in your little head, and still managed to get through the academy. Always keeping it sassy, that one. And that goes for you too, Ollie. Stop trying to be famous and just appreciate the fact that a super hot and famous actor is into you!

Why is that so hard? N'Fektd Backstage - Christian narrates this episode, and his anxiety over the voices in his head, which are constantly telling him that he's letting everyone down, is supposed to make his character more sympathetic. To get revenge on Christian, Ben creates his own crew Grace, Abigail and two other dudes I've never seen before to compete against Christian and Ollie and little Jayden at the Street Beats tournament.

While Ben's team name Brace, get it? But it's okay, because Jayden is obviously way more awesome than those two idiots combined.

When Christian eventually decides to go looking for him before the Street Beats finals, little guy has decided that he's over this crap and just wants to go home.

His parting words to Christian: He's been fundraising to create a memorial in Sammy's name, and he and Miss Raine ask Christian for ideas. Thankfully, Christian finally wakes up to the fact that he's letting those negative voices in his head control him, and it just takes a near drowning surfing break for him to realize that his attitude is his choice, and his future is what he makes of it.

Fortunately, Sammy's dad decides to show up for the second day of Street Beats, where the new and improved Christian approaches him with an idea for the memorial: That's a great idea, dude! But don't think that makes all of your past behavior okay. Jamie wants Kat to stay focused on her burgeoning film career, but Kat still feels loyal to ballet, and she decides to audition for the solo role Swanhilde in the second year performance.

Not only is this dude brave enough to compete against guys twice his age, but he also puts up with Ollie and Christian just long enough to realize that, well, he's better off without their bullshizz. Does anyone else smell a Dance Academy spin-off show?!!! Dude, seriously, Tara is not worth kissing Grace this angst.

Go hook up with a second year or something! Like, within the first minute, Christian says to Tara, "I think we should be together. I haven't even had time to ease back on to Team Christian, and besides that, this is hardly the romantic scenario I would have imagined. Apparently, Christian is determined to get his life back on track, which means dating Tara, scoring a spot on the Company and getting a paying job in the meantime. More over a pregnant Grace. The terms of their relationship hadn't been defined.

It was meant to be a one off night but when Grace had found out she was pregnant she came barreling back into his life.

They slept together when they felt like it. They were living together for the baby's sake but Ben didn't know if what they were doing was a real relationship. She narrowed her eyes at him. She was lying in their bed with a half-eaten sandwich next to her. I felt her kick. The corners of Ben's mouth turned up. This was the first moment of happiness he had all week.

He then felt a small pulse like kick under his hand. For once he felt like they were truly connecting. Things had been difficult between them. He knew he couldn't storm away from her when she got all…Grace-like. They were now bounded for life. Grace had sounded like she was a baby making expert.

If she wasn't yelling at him about how he was doing something wrong, she was barking orders at him. Until the baby was out of her, he knew this was his reality.

The kicking stopped a few minutes later and Ben left her to take a nap. He looked back at the large baby bump before he left. She was almost six months. Ben knew his life was over. At least the life he had known. When he got downstairs he walked right out the door down to their mail box. He enjoyed going for the mail, usually it was the only moments of peace he had. A white and pink envelope stood out among the bills.

He quickly opened and read it. Once the initial shock had worn off, he was dreading meeting going to the wedding.

dance academy tara and christian relationship advice

All of his friends would be there. He had been avoiding them for a reason. He didn't know how they would react to the news of Grace's pregnancy. He wanted to hold off on telling them a little longer but he desperately wanted to go to the wedding. This wedding was just what he needed. A last whoorah with his friends before Grace gave birth. Before his priorities would be changed.

This was one decision he wasn't going to let Grace dictate. A whole week of fun with his old pals. It would surely help him out of his funk. He wouldn't miss it. Christian studied his class.

dance academy tara and christian relationship advice

His trained eye observed and recorded. He made a mental notes of Shane's strength. He was one to watch. Untapped potential and raw dance ability. Shane reminded him of himself, when he was a teenager at least.

The music stopped and the students held their final positions. Christian dismissed them with a wave of his hand. But a few of you are still struggling with timing. Maxine and Chloe you have to be on the music. Extra practice never hurt anybody. And Shane-it was excellent. I expect it to be clean by tomorrow. Christian shook his head. Zach told him it was to be expected.

And speaking of Zach. The new headmaster of the academy had asked him to pass by his office after class. Christian walked into Zach's office tentatively. Zach was reclined behind his desk. Christian knew a smug look when he saw one, and it was definitely on Zach's face.

Christian quirked an eyebrow. Zach snapped his finger. First off you miss your friends Reed and second off Tara will most likely be there. He knew he shouldn't have told Zach.

But it was true. Tara's last book had made him re-evaluate a lot of things. Having the courage to tell her about those evaluating was proving difficult.

dance academy tara and christian relationship advice

Whenever he saw her he couldn't stop talking about mundane things like the weather. He eventually gave up and started avoiding her altogether. Christian didn't know what to do. He had an out when he was working. On an island with just them, he doubted there would be a chance to avoid her.

Grace stirred awake from her nap. She woke angry as she couldn't get out of the bed without struggling for five minutes. She was having a hard time seeing the miracle in the large bump that kept her from moving around as she pleased. The moment she found out she was pregnant she had spent almost a thousand dollars in maternity and pregnancy books.

She was not going to screw up her kid's life. She wanted to do everything perfect, having lived with a bad parent she knew what not to do. Ben was trying but not hard enough. That's why she was there to push him. She finally wobbled out of the bed and went to the bathroom but the toilet was another struggle.

Ben called for her when he heard the toilet flush. She watched him carefully. He had a spark in his eye. When she turned back he was right in front of her smiling brightly. On Melville and I want to go. I'll be eight months by then. What about dengue fever. What are you talking about? Melville doesn't have dengue fever.

And I said I want to go. You don't have to. My mom can come stay with you for a week. But I let you take over my house, my life and you can't let me go have fun for a week. She went after him but it took a while.

Tara Webster

He was in the bedroom getting ready to leave for the studio. DisGrace was seeping back to the surface. Ben gripped her hands. Come on, it'll be fun. Maybe it would be good for she and Ben's relationship.

Christian Reed

It had been stagnant as of late. Maybe Melville would change that. But she was nervous about her friends seeing the big and bad Grace now fifteen pounds heavier. She had not regretted giving up dance, she didn't love it. Now she had something she could love unconditionally. Ethan had been referred to Mr. Sawyer, he had requested a face to face meet.

He had just gotten damning news and now he had to be professional and pretend like his world hadn't just been shaken. Karamakov is my father, call me Ethan. Did you have a look at the video? Sawyer nodded, though his expression was passive. He eventually broke out into a grin. The movement was just so fluid. It's perfect for the show. He had come a long way to sell his choreography.

He was glad it wasn't in vain. Ethan shook his hand again. I'm afraid I can't chat any longer, I have another meeting.

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He took out one of his newly printed cards and gave it to him. The man did the same. Once the man had left his sight he returned his attention back to his phone screen.