Dwyane wade and lebron james relationship

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dwyane wade and lebron james relationship

To Dwyane Wade, friendship might have its limits in the midst of Dwyane Wade says LeBron James can be both a friend and a foe. Dwyane Wade to LeBron James. fim-mdu.info Wade and James's close relationship, one that included hugs and. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade share a true friendship, but will it have a negative effect on the Cavaliers? Chris Haynes weighs in.

Curiously, one of their few awkward moments happened when they became teammates in Miami initially. The transition, Wade admitted, was friction-free but not totally smooth. It was a little hard because of that, but once we got through the first year it was easy. He can play with anybody. He can go out and score or he can get 17 points and 20 assists. How many times did Wade toss a lob to a streaking LeBron for a dunk, or vice-versa? And true friendship is following your pal to Cleveland in winter, as Wade did last year in an awkward attempt to re-create the past.

To this, Wade shook his head and laughed: This is the way he wanted, to end it here in L. His career is not over, but this is the last layer of his career. A first-ballot Hall of Famer, a three-time champion and so on and so on.

I mean, it speaks for itself. But what he's done for that franchise and what he's done for that community since he's been drafted has been a pretty good story. James has an interesting history with teammates. He has always craved having close relationships with teammates, dating back to his high school days. It has become routine for him to throw elaborate parties at his homes and arrange social events on road trips during seasons.

He's always taking teammates to sporting events, handing out gifts and offering encouragement. Not to mention he has gotten many of them paid and either rings or trips to the Finals. But many of these bonds don't seem to last. James' inner circle has been tight since he entered the league. Those who know James well will tell you James can be a great friend and a great teammate but also won't let a relationship get in the way of something he wants.

He's not afraid to switch from friendship to business if and when he deems it necessary. James lobbied Wade to come help him shoulder a leadership load and wasn't afraid to anger his teammates in doing so.

When Wade was signed midway through training camp init negatively shifted the roles of some teammates, including JR Smithanother friend of James.

dwyane wade and lebron james relationship

James sided with Wade. When Wade's attempts to lead alongside James in Cleveland didn't take -- Wade found himself at the center of an unfortunate team meeting that questioned Kevin Love after he had suffered a series of panic attacks -- James didn't stand in the way when the coach and front office wanted to ship Wade out at the trade deadline. The team did right by Wade, sending him back to Miami, but it was not a pleasant breakup.

LeBron James: Dwyane Wade reveals what he did with Lakers star ahead of tonight's game

But here they are, still together. Perhaps it's because of Wade's nature. Those who know him well will tell you he takes after his grandmother, who helped raise him and was extremely giving, accepting and forgiving.

To be James' friend for any length of time, maybe it requires a person whom James respects, but also someone who is willing to deal with the challenges James' personality brings with it.

dwyane wade and lebron james relationship

Wade is one of the greatest players in NBA history; James certainly respects that. And Wade has been willing to roll with James' changing moods and desires over the years.

He's as great as it gets. So now y'all decide the rankings. But for me, Michael Jordan is my No. That keeps him on a certain pedestal, a "superhero" at a distance in spite of Wade's time as a hand-picked member of Nike's Jordan Brand.

How LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's friendship has survived

Wade 'thankful' for teammate LeBron James? He's all the things close friends are. Mostly good romping, teasing, sharing, advising each other as players, businessmen, fathers. And a little bad — James did leave Wade and the Heat behind two years ago, taking team success with him from south Florida to northeast Ohio. Obviously you take one out of it.

LeBron James Dwyane Wade friendship

Last year I thought we would see 'Bron in the Eastern Conference finals. Bosh went down for the second time, suffering blood clots on his lungs that have ended his Miami playing career. Things when great for him there," Wade said. For me, I was just excited.

dwyane wade and lebron james relationship

I never thought we would have four years together. I'm just thankful for those four years, as I know he was. And all of us will be able to live a long life very good because of those four years. I supported him, I'm proud of him, happy he won a championship last year.

I was there [in Oakland for Game 7] rooting him on. Now we move on. Their hometown teams differ dramatically in ambitions. But Wade and James as friends are in sync, more than ever, conspiring now simply to keep it that way. Steve Aschburner has written about the NBA since The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting.