Erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship quotes

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erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship quotes

Chicago P.D. ( -) is a police procedural, airing on NBC, about a uniformed Erin's Mom []; What Do You Do []; What Puts You On That [Lindsay is making coffee in the pantry when Halstead walks in]: Halstead: That Voight: Relationships count for something in an interview, until they don't . Nbc Chicago Pd, Chicago Justice, Chicago Fire, Chicago Shows, Chicago Med, Police Detective, Sophia Bush, Erin Lindsay Chicago Pd, Bush Quotes. Halstead & Lindsay in We Don't Work Together Anymore linstead + lyrics 10 Times Chicago PD's #Linstead Were The EPITOME Of Relationship Goals [x].

If Voight got arrested, what were the charges? Yeah, they're not gonna take the unit from him, will they? He actually likes us. You're like two washerwomen from the old country. Why don't you take your laundry down to the river? Don't really have the curves I'm looking for, Atwater. At Least It's Justice [1. I'm gonna sue you! I'm gonna sue the city! I'm gonna sue your mother for having you!

I'm gonna sue your father for even thinking about doing—— Dawson [glares at Djurovic] Shut up. I figured you might be drinking. A man shouldn't be drinking alone. Turn the Light Off [1. Sarge, I'm willing to help you and everything, but you gotta tell me what's going on here. The the what now? My dad is very wealthy. Cover of Forbes wealthy. I'm his older single daughter who's never been married. He then writes me a check and tells me he's proud of me.

We're both just going through the motions at this point, but he's old-fashioned, and I don't want to think about what would happen if I don't play the game. All right, say no more.

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It's just I you think he's going to buy this? Well, the, uh the age difference. Exactly how old do you think I am? I have no idea. Your daddy ever touch you when you were a kid? Turn the light off in your eyes. What do you like most about my daughter Trudy? Well, I would have to say that I like the fact that she knows exactly who she is. That she doesn't take crap from anybody, and I mean anybody. She's a —— she's just a she's a tough cookie, my little cookie. Why haven't you told him you're gay?

He seem like a—— Platt: I did half the guys in my class in the academy. Because as a coward, Vaughn. If you are a member of either department, you are not safe. If you are a family member of someone in either department, you are not safe. This is just the beginning. I deal with things in the moment.

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I make the best decision that I can. And I accept that, and I move forward, knowing I did the best I can to protect this city. I have my convictions, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks of 'em. You have yours as well, Jay. And I respect that. A Beautiful Friendship [1. Can she even type? She can, smart ass. What kind of a dog do you think I am? You hear about Jeff Gamble today? He went out in a blaze of glory, huh?

Shooting at cops it's Get My Cigarettes [2. I'm just saying, Jay, you got a target on your head and you don't seem too phased. Overseas, my unit and I, we always had a bounty on us. Most gangs only pay 10G for a cop. If you're really worthI should take you out myself.

Pay off my mortgage. Coke dealer, one time, put a million dollar tag on me and Voight. How'd you handle that? Well, you dust yourself. Never go home the same way twice. If a car follows you through one, you chamber a round and you handle business. For the last 10 years, you've told me I. And I meant it. Cops who go after other cops are the lowest.

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I never did that. I played a game with them to get my job back. A game I won, I might add. Parents do dumb things, the kids take the brunt. I didn't think a 70 pound girl could lift a grown woman like that.

erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship quotes

Yeah, I dragged you into the bathtub. Kept filling it with ice cubes. Just sitting there hoping you didn't die. Do we really have to bring up all this negative stuff? And do you know what you said to me when you woke up? Yeah, my boss is old school.

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He doesn't much like electronic footprints. Well, we're getting there. Dude, it was just some graffiti. You tagged the entire scoreboard at Cellular Field. That's a class three felony.

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He said that working with Erin clearly didn't work, but Jay said he disagreed with that. Alvin told him that it was best for him and his career. Erin left in Fork in the Roadjust before Jay proposed to her. She left abruptly without seeing him, and he had a hard time with this in Reform. Bunny Barbara "Bunny" Fletcher is Erin's birth mother. They all live in Chicago, and when Erin is in particularly tough situations, she usually ends up back with Bunny, who encourages her to drink, take drugs and stay away from Hank, who she believes is the reason that Erin left her.

All of their reunions usually end up in fights because of the numerous lies that Bunny tells Erin. Bunny was first seen in Call It Macaroniafter numerous attempts at reaching out to Erin, calling her at work constantly until she went to see her. Erin wasn't at all happy to see her. Their conversation started with Bunny saying she was getting married, to which Erin replied sarcastically, "Good for you.

She told her to stop calling her work and email her instead and left. Justin Voight Justin was Erin's foster-brother. Nadia Decotis Nadia was a young woman and addict that Intelligence found during a case in season 1.

erin lindsay and jay halstead relationship quotes

Erin was harsh towards her in the beginning but Nadia was clearly struggling, so Erin helped her alongside the case and then dropped her off to a rehab centre, saying she'd leave and it was Nadia's decision to go in or not. She didn't see what happened but drove off crying.

Nadia didn't take the help and they ran into each other again. Nadia asked for Erin's help again and she dropped her off to a rehab centre. She then let Nadia live with her at her own apartment and even got her a job as their 'receptionist' at Intelligence. Everyone took a liking to Nadia, even Trudy. Nadia was murdered in season 2 by Gregory Yates a day after Erin's birthday.

This hit Erin very hard and to the extent that Erin flat out quit her job and went to live with Bunny. She stayed this way for presumably a few weeks or months until she came back in Life is Fluid to save Jay.