Ethiopia and south sudan relationship with china

Ethiopia and the South Sudanese Civil War

ethiopia and south sudan relationship with china

With South Sudan’s civil war spilling into neighboring Ethiopia, regional relations have become increasingly complicated. In an email. has yet to achieve stability (South Sudan).(2). Nevertheless, China is very much present in Ethiopia and enjoys a close and special relationship with its. Most analyses of China's relations with South Sudan begin and end with oil IGAD, which mediated peace talks in Ethiopia from to

When completed, it will be the largest dam in Africa and amongst the biggest worldwide.

Chinese medical team treats thousands in South Sudan

In addition to hydropolitics, Ethiopia has at least six other identifiable bilateral national interests in South Sudan.

Border and land security along the kilometre frontier Ethiopia shares with South Sudan, which includes controlling the flow of arms into Ethiopia and ensuring Ethiopian citizens are protected from cross-border raids Managing inter-communal relations along the border, principally between the Anyuak and Nuer ethnic groups, who live in both countries Ensuring that South Sudanese refugee flows — primarily of Nuer — are managed so that Gambella is not destabilizedwith competing demands for land and water addressed Ensuring armed anti-regime forces do not find refuge and the ability to train, organize and arm from South Sudanese territory, particularly from ungoverned spaces.

This re-introduces the question of Eritrean relations with South Sudan, which could find South Sudan a useful proxy for its own ambitions; however, to date there is little evidence that Asmara has substantively succeeded in using Juba to destabilize Ethiopia.

China–Ethiopia relations

Ensuring stability in the region of Abyei, over which sovereignty is disputed between Sudan and South Sudan; a 5, strong UN peacekeeping forcewith an entirely Ethiopian military contingent, ensures a relatively peaceable stalemate continues.

Should the South Sudanese state collapse, it could eventually lead to a security vacuum across wide swathes of the country, further humanitarian catastrophe and more mass killings.

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Through mismanagement, misgovernance and a swiftly declining economy, the South Sudanese state has already shrunk considerably. Half the population needs humanitarian assistance for the foreseeable future.

Millions are internally displaced, or have fled the country.

ethiopia and south sudan relationship with china

The South Sudanese government has been unable to decisively end the conflict or address the proliferating grievances directed at the centre, whether emanating from local or national levels. Yet as the armed opposition is divided and lacks cohesion, it is unlikely to present an existential challenge to the governing regime.

Ethiopian expert Richard Pankhurst is certain that by the Tang dynasty — "the Chinese were acquainted with at least part of the Horn of Africa and were trading indirectly if not directly with the Somali coast.

ethiopia and south sudan relationship with china

Starting in the Yuan dynasty the Chinese began to increasingly trade directly with Africans, which is attested not only in contemporary documents, but from archeological finds of Chinese coins and porcelain. China was one of only five governments which refused to recognize Italy's conquest of Ethiopia.

ethiopia and south sudan relationship with china

Chinese support for the Eritrean People's Liberation Front contributed to tension between the countries from However, the two countries established diplomatic relations on 1 December when China agreed to recognize Eritrea as Ethiopian, in exchange for Haile Selassie's recognition of Taiwan as Chinese.

Relations improved for a short period after the Ethiopian revolution ofbut became strained as the Ethiopian military junta developed increasingly close ties with the Soviet Union.

South Sudan marks new foreign policy chapter for China: official | Reuters

After the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front took power inrelations have steadily improved, with increasing diplomatic contacts and growing trade and Chinese investment in the Ethiopian economy. Chinese president Jiang Zemin visited in May In Decemberthe heads of the Ethiopian and Chinese legislatures met in Beijing and in a joint statement said that the two counties wish to expand all aspects of cooperation. The Ethiopian minister welcomed the involvement of Chinese construction companies in improving Ethiopian infrastructure.

The Chinese appear to be interested in Ethiopia for political reasons among African countries, its governance and developmental orientation is closest to that of China, and it hosts the African Union headquartersand as a business partner. Ethiopia's focus on infrastructure has created numerous opportunities for Chinese construction firms.