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As it stands we have only been able to observe 3 spatial dimensions. There is no evidence that any further spatial dimensions exist. As to why this should be. Snails?:?? Social Embarrassment?:?? Social Embarrassment, The City Sleeps, Time and Space, Time and Space?:?? Time And Space, . Gnidrolog was a British progressive rock band, with a sound that was compared to achieve a respectable amount of success during his long relationship with Travers. communications satellite deployed from Space Shuttle Columbia ( ) .. more traditional, direction than the other members of Fairport did at that time.

The term progressive rock is synonymous with art rock, classical rock, historically, art rock has been used to describe at least two related, but distinct, types of rock music.

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Similarities between the two terms are that they describe a mostly British attempt to elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility.

However, art rock is likely to have experimental or avant-garde influences. Prog was devised in the s as a term, but later became a transferable adjective. Although a unidirectional English progressive style emerged in the late s, bycritics of the genre often limit its scope to a stereotype of long solos, overlong albums, fantasy lyrics, grandiose stage sets and costumes, and an obsessive dedication to technical skill.

Author Kevin Holm-Hudson believes that rock is a style far more diverse than what is heard from its mainstream groups. They each do so largely unconsciously, academic John S. Cotner contests Macans view that progressive rock cannot exist without the continuous and overt assimilation of classical music into rock. Debate about the criteria and scope of the genre continues in the s. In early references to the music, progressive was partly related to progressive politics, Cotner also says that progressive rock incorporates both formal and eclectic elements, It consists of a combination of factors — some of them intramusical, others extramusical or social.

One way of conceptualising rock and roll in relation to music is that progressive music pushed the genre into greater complexity while retracing the roots of romantic 2. Art rock — Art rock is a subgenre of rock music that generally reflects a challenging or avant-garde approach to rock, or which makes use of modernist, experimental, or unconventional elements. Art rock aspires to elevate rock from teen entertainment to an artistic statement, influences may be drawn from genres such as experimental rock, avant-garde music, classical music, and jazz.

The genres greatest level of popularity was in the early s through British artists, art rock is most associated with a certain period of rock music, beginning in —67 and ending with the arrival of punk in the mid s. After, the genre would be infused within later popular music genres of the s—90s, in the rock music of the s, the art descriptor was generally understood to mean aggressively avant-garde or pretentiously progressive.

Art rock is used synonymously with progressive rock. Historically, the term has been used to describe at least two related, but distinct, types of rock music, art rock emphasizes Romantic and autonomous traditions, in distinction to the aesthetic of the everyday and the disposable embodied by art pop.

Common characteristics include album-oriented music divided into compositions rather than songs, with complicated and long instrumental sections. Its music was used within the context of concept records.

Compared to progressive rock, art rock is more challenging, noisy and unconventional and less classically influenced, art rock can also to refer to either classically driven rock, or a progressive rock-folk fusion.

Eliot than to Carl Perkins or Willie Dixon, the boundaries between art and pop music became increasingly blurred throughout the second half of the 20th century. The first usage of the art rock, according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, was in As pop musics dominant format transitioned from singles to albums, many rock bands created works that aspired to make grand artistic statements, as it progressed in the late s — in tandem with the development of progressive rock — art rock acquired notoriety alongside experimental rock.

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According to biographer Richard Williams, created a new concept, the producer as overall director of the creative process, Spector transformed rock music as a performing art to an art which could only exist in the recording studio, which paved the way for art rock. The Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson is also cited as one of the first examples of the music producer.

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Like Spector, Wilson was known as an eremitic studio obsessive who laboriously produced fantastical soundscapes through his mastery of recording technology. Biographer Peter Ames Carlin wrote that Wilson was the forerunner of a new kind of art-rock that would combine the transcendent possibilities of art with the accessibility of pop music. According to journalist Richard Goldstein, many musicians from California desired to be acknowledged as artists.

They yearned for fame, as only needy people can, but they wanted to make art 3. General Electric took over the company in late and split it up the following year, after World War I began in Augustradio traffic across the Atlantic Ocean increased dramatically after the western Allies cut the German transatlantic telegraph cables.

In the government of the United States took charge of the owned by the major companies involved in radio manufacture in the United States to devote radio technology to the war effort. All production of equipment was allocated to the U. The War Department and the Navy Department sought to maintain a monopoly of all uses of radio technology. The wartime takeover of all radio systems ended late inthe war ended in November of that year.

The ending of the governments monopoly in radio communications did not prevent the War. On 8 Aprilnaval Admiral W. Bullard, the proposal presented by the government was that if GE created an American-owned radio company, then the Army and Navy would effect a monopoly of long-distance radio communications via this company.

This marked the beginning of a series of negotiations through which GE would buy the American Marconi company, the Army and the Navy granted RCA the former American Marconi radio terminals that had been confiscated during the War.

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RCAs incorporation papers required that a majority of its stock be held by American citizens, as the years went on, RCA either took over, or produced for itself, a large number of patents, including that of the superheterodyne receiver invented by Edwin Armstrong.

He was later replaced by Guardian Angel prior partway through the sessions for the second album. Due to the content of their recordings, the band struggled for airplay.

The true identities of the Pork Dukes were originally a closely guarded secret, various rumours circulated amongst fans and in the music press that the band was actually Led Zeppelin, Steeleye Span, The Rezillos, Fairport Convention or Tenpole Tudor in disguise. It was also suggested that either Keith Moon or Dudley Moore may have lead singer. The controversy surrounding the band and backlash from feminist groups led to them being unable to find a management company to represent them or perform at large venues, towards the end the band were playing gigs at mental institutions to entertain the patients.

On 30 Augustthe played a one-off gig at Londons 12 Bar Club. This album is known as Pink Pork. Although this album was believed by many sites as released inthe first pressing of the album just known as Pork Dukes was pressed in Novemberwhile the second pressing in which is known as Pink Pork and pressed on 28 December This album was very obscure in the industry, but it is noted by most fans of the Pork Dukes for its profane toilet humor.

Loser Notes, Track 3 is a re-recording with the organs, tracks is also found on their third single. Track 6 on the vinyl pressings is mislabeled as Sick Of Sex, Track 9 is also found as the B-side of their second single called Making Bacon. Pig Out Of Hell is the Pork Dukes second studio album and this album is rarer than Pink Pork and no singles were released from this album. This album was released in although recorded inhouse Of The Rising Sun 3.

Pat Travers — Patrick Henry Pat Travers is a Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist and singer who began his recording career with Polydor Records in the mids. Kirk Hammett of Metallica has cited him as one of his favorite guitar players, Pat Travers was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Soon after picking up the guitar at age 12, he saw Jimi Hendrix perform in Ottawa, Travers began playing in bands early in his teens, his first bands were the Music Machine, Red Hot, and Merge, which played in clubs in the Quebec area.

While performing with Merge, he was noticed by rock artist Ronnie Hawkins, in his early twenties Travers moved to London and signed a recording contract with the Polydor label.

Taken together, space, consisting of three dimensions up-down, left-right, and forward-backward and time are all part of what's called the space-time continuum. It's important to understand Einstein's work on the space-time continuum and how it relates to the Enterprise traveling through space. In his Special Theory of RelativityEinstein states two postulates: The speed of light about , meters per second is the same for all observers, whether or not they're moving.

Anyone moving at a constant speed should observe the same physical laws. Putting these two ideas together, Einstein realized that space and time are relative -- an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest.

Although this may seem absurd to us, we travel incredibly slow when compared to the speed of light, so we don't notice the hands on our watches ticking slower when we're running or traveling on an airplane. Scientists have actually proved this phenomenon by sending atomic clocks up with high-speed rocket ships.

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They returned to Earth slightly behind the clocks on the ground. What does this mean for the Captain Kirk and his team? The closer an object gets to the speed of light, that object actually experiences time at a significantly slower rate. If the Enterprise were traveling safely at close to the speed of light to the center of our galaxy from Earth, it would take 25, years of Earth time.

For the crew, however, the trip would probably only take 10 years. Although that timeframe might be possible for the individuals onboard, we're presented with yet another problem -- a Federation attempting to run an intergalactic civilization would run into some problems if it took 50, years for a starship to hit the center of our galaxy and come back.