H2o just add water bella and will relationship

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h2o just add water bella and will relationship

Emma needs Rikki and Cleo's comfort who have to dismiss Bella for a while but promise to come back later. Bella confides in Will and Lewis. Emma can freeze water, Cleo can control the shape and volume of water, and Rikki In reality, they were only temporarily removed of their powers. of running the cafe is destroying her relationship with Zane, Bella's crush on Will deepens. Luke Mitchell and Indiana Evans in H2O: Just Add Water () Angus McLaren and Phoebe . They must never look in the moon's eye or there will be side effects for each of them. Q: When is the first hint of Rikki and Zane's relationship ?.

h2o just add water bella and will relationship

As Will leaves, Bella still seems to have a crush on Will. Valentine's Day It's Valentine's Day. Bella is still having crush on Will and tries to get close to him, but he's too busy with training. Bella goes to the beach where Will is training and surprises him by using her powers to create a heart on the shore.

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As Will is about to touch it, the tide washes the heart away. At the end of the episode, Will tells Bella about seeing the "medusa".

She plans to have a study date, but finds herself stood up. Bella then sees Will with another girl. Depressed, Bella swims in the ocean, but sees Will and the girl swimming. Just as Will and the girl are about to get close to Bella, Rikki comes to the rescue. At the end of the episode, Bella discovers that the girls is just Will's sister, Sophie.

Kidnapped Will realizes that he wasn't dreaming about his encounter with the tentacle because his torch is still missing. Will tells Bella about it and asks her to go with him to Mako Island. To keep her secret, Bella refuses. As Will leaves and before he gets back, the tentacle kidnaps Bella. Will is confused and is still planning to go to Mako Island. At the end of the episode, Will finds his torch and discovers that Mako Island is really magical.

This worries the girls, mainly Bella. Revealed While swimming, Bella finds a shell and gives it to Will. However, Will checks to the net and finds out that the shell is from the bottom of the ocean.

h2o just add water bella and will relationship

Will then begins to demand to Bella about her secrets about Mako Island. Rikki warns Bella to stay away from Will due to him on the hunt of their secrets.

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Will gets more interested to Bella and feels that she mysteriously disappears when she has a contact with the water. But, does he like her back? She pushes Cleo into the dolphin tank and Cleo has to hide to ensure Kim sees nothing.

At the Library, Cleo and Rikki are working with Lewis to figure out the note which even Emma's mum doesn't get. It leads them to Miss Chatam who explains that they have to work it out between Bella and Emma or one will be forced to leave the group and 'swim alone'.

Rikki and Cleo decide to keep it a secret and try not to fear that they will have to face this decision soon. Ep I'm so sorry Bella drops by Cleo's house and is questioned about Cleo's 'behaviour'. Bella denies all and warns Cleo. But they bump into Don again at the pier and end up falling into the water where Don mistakes their tail for a type of large fish. Bella escapes but Cleo is exposed to her father.

She has to explain all but Don swears to keep it a father and daughter secret. Bella thinks it isn't fair. Emma retrieves a photo album she made of her Cleo and Rikki.

Bella sees how happy they were and becomes jealous.

h2o just add water bella and will relationship

Emma doesn't mean for it to push her out. Emma is upset when Cleo and Rikki go after Bella and Emma thinks it is all her fault, fleeing to the sea. The full moon rises later than expected, catching Bella and giving her a terrifyingly dangerous power.

They discover a cave underwater where Rikki and Will become trapped. Emma swims off to find help and Bella is not happy when she hears of this. Meanwhile, Cleo and Don have trouble keeping Cleo's secret when the house if flooded by a broken pipe. Bella is irritated when Emma and Nate collaborate over the future of the band and Bella is near to quitting. Cleo catches a cold that turns her into a mermaid every time she sneezes.

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Ep Tail tied Don grounds Cleo when he finds out about the full moon madness that happened a few weeks ago. Cleo protests that it would've been dangerous to involve him but Don bans Cleo from the sea.

Meanwhile, Bella and Will's relationship hit rocks when they have a fight and Will pushes Bella into the water. Surprisingly, Bella confides in Emma and Rikki at the moon pool. Ep Trailer Trash Rikki spends time at her trailer with her dad, talking about her being single. Although, Will visits and confides in Rikki over his and Bella's fight. Rikki feels slightly uncomfortable because she feels only friendship towards Will but they bonded since the water tentacle incident.

Ep Lost Locket Before a sleepover, Cleo's locket and Mako gem go missing during an Australian storm when walking past the dock. Can the girls find the lockets and survive the choppy waves? More to come Ep Spelled by moonlight The girls prepare for the third full moon together and Emma and Bella attempt to share ideas on how best to combat the moonlight.

But, of course, one becomes affected.

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Rikki is moonstruck and is seen swimming in the direction of Mako. However, she leads the girls off her trail and swims to Will's shack where he was preparing to meet them to help out.

Having an irrevocable attraction to Will under the full moon, she kisses him as a mermaid.

h2o just add water bella and will relationship

Bella sees and is found crying at the outside waterfall by the entrance to the moon pool by Emma. This leads to Bella and Emma spending some time talking out their issues. Ep Cause and effect Sam and Kim become suspicious of the amount of time Don is spending with Cleo and Lewis out on the fishing boat and feel left out.

Kim follows them one day and almost sees Cleo as a mermaid when she is helping to fix the boat from under water. Rikki is too embarrassed from the full moon to see anyone and spends her time at the moon pool feeling guilty.

Ep Risky waters Emma begins to wonder whether she should tell her family her big secret but soon dismisses the idea. However, Elliot sees Emma freeze a drink and questions her about it.