Ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Ishaq Dar to become finance minister: PML-N spokesperson - Pakistan -

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Economic management is passing out of Ishaq Dar's hands into those of the new prime minister. public view given the nature of the working relationship they need to build if Kulsum Nawaz enters the field and is elevated to prime minister . Dar's family links with the Sharif clan will assert themselves one. Muhammad Ishaq Dar is a Pakistani politician, belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League . and, in connection with the infamous Hudabya Papers Mills case, Dar confessed to laundering US$ million on behalf of the Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Brothers and Ishaq Dar have been declared fugitive by the Pakistan has extradition relations with four other countries, Australia, Cook The request will be refused if the purpose of the request is deemed to be to.

This role went far beyond economic.

Nawaz Sharif resigns after Panama Papers verdict, Pakistan set for more turmoil - Livemint

Many of the 35 or so committees that he chaired nobody seems to have an accurate count of how many there actually were had everything to do with politics and little with finance. But now economic management is passing out of his hands into those of the new prime minister, who also happens to be from an economic background.

More pointedly, there are likely to be residual differences between the two men that could find their way into public view given the nature of the working relationship they need to build with each other, and the challenges that lie ahead. Remember the petrol crisis of January ? In large measure, it owed itself to economic weaknesses, not to the supply chain.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Of course, for the general public it was forgotten the moment the pumps reopened, but surely the experience of taking the entire fall for what was only partially the fault of his department would leave an unpleasant memory in the mind of the then minister petroleum, who is today the prime minister.

How might this impact the conduct of policy? We saw one example when a hurried tax refund for traders and industrialists was arranged in the 48 hours leading up to the GT Road march.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Further, it was Shahbaz Sharif, who instead of showing courage and political and moral will to fight against the enemies of Pakistan, in his speech in Jamia Naemia Lahore, begged for mercy from the terrorists. He, in a very disgraceful manner, requested them not to attack Punjab as they are likeminded and standing on the same side.

This statement of Shahbaz Sharif reflects his mindset! General R Naseerullah Babar, Lt. General R Asad Durrani and others have filed affidavits supported by copies of various documents. The case is pending adjudication in the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the last 14 years. He has based his politics on deceit and lies. They are masters in the art of manipulation and alteration and use their wealth to achieve their goals.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

One example is enough to expose their hideous character. After conviction in the hijacking case, Nawaz Sharif and his family approached foreign friends who persuaded President Pervez Musharraf to have mercy and forgive them.

Nawaz Sharif resigns after Panama Papers verdict, Pakistan set for more turmoil

Nisar had to admit the existence of these agreements during the press conference of Javed Hashmi. Here police officials get involved in heinous and brutal criminal activities like one in Sialkot. The administration did not take any action against the shameful and atrocious lynching of two young brothers until the footage was telecast on electronic channels. The record shows that in Punjab, police force has been continuously used to harass and insult political rivals.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

An endless campaign of lodging false FIRs against political opponents has also been initiated. Use of brutal police force and baton-charge has become a routine.

Every segment of society including journalists, doctors, teachers, students, nurses, Government employees, semi Government and private institutions and lawyers have faced the brutality of police while protesting for their demands.

Shahbaz Sharif is an attention-seeker and likes to show off. In order to achieve their motives, Sharifs always appoint their blue eyed personnel on key posts by completely ignoring merit. Almost all districts of Punjab are being run by grade 19 officers who are incapable hence a basic reason for poor governance. Due to his dictatorial approach Shahbaz Sharif himself heads 12 provincial ministries and he seldom holds cabinet meeting.

He takes decisions over ruling, the cabinet.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

His obstinate behavior is the prime reason for the maladministration in the province. It would be just and appropriate to suggest that Sharifs have failed to establish a democratic spirit in their government and have completely overlooked the norms of democratic political setups.


In order to get rid of Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, who Nawaz Sharif despised, the latter created divisions amongst the judges using the humble services of a former judge, Rafique Tarrar later President of Pakistan to make life difficult for the Chief Justice. A group of judges refused to acknowledge CJ Sajjad Ali Shah as the Chief Justice and things got so bad that a number of junior judges made it difficult for him to carry out his duties.

Eventually, Sharif ordered his thugs to attack the Supreme Court in order to prevent the Chief Justice from giving a ruling against him. Extradition between nations is usually based on a treatybetween the country where the accused is currently located and the country seeking to place him or her on trial for analleged crime.

Shahbaz Sharif, Ch Nisar, Ishaq Dar, Hasan and Hussain Nawaz at Heathrow airport London

Extradition is the surrender of a criminal to one country by another. It also helps in maintaining the territoriality of that a country should not apply its criminal law to a person offence outside its territories except when the crime is related the countries national interest. The process is regulated by treaties between the two countries. Does Pakistan has extradition treaty with other countries?

Pakistan had an extradition treaty with the United States, The two countries had an accord for return of fugitives as per a notification. Pakistan inherited it after coming into existence in and subsequently through a notification in February the US was included among the countries with which it had the treaty.

In addition, under the London Scheme of Common wealth countries, Pakistan has extradition relations with four other countries, Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, and Vanuatu. But interestingly, Pakistan do not have extradition treaty with United Kingdom as well as with India.

Despite Pakistan has extradition treaty with US, Haqqani cannot be brought back.