Jules and grayson relationship quizzes

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jules and grayson relationship quizzes

Cougar Town Love: Do You Want Jules and Grayson to Date? Do you want to see them in a committed relationship, or would you rather they. As their relationship progressed, it became clear that Grayson wanted children, while Jules did not due to her age and already having Travis. This nearly ruined. Revisit old favorites and be introduced to new couples in this T.V. Land wedding and super hero tropes, this wedding-themed quiz should be a piece of cake! . Real estate agent and single mother Jules Cobb married young. and feisty neighbor Grayson Ellis, Ex-husband and father of her son, Travis.

He was on a mission to kill as many vampires as he could in order to complete his mark and figure out what the hell it all meant. During his time in the small town he was able to give Jeremy some answers and helped him further understand his roots and the reasons behind his actions.

Question 28 Do you know who this is? Grayson James Peter This guy came into the show during the last season.

jules and grayson relationship quizzes

For the majority of Matt's life he never knew a thing about his father, only that he left when he was a kid and never returned. This guy was dragged into the drama of Mystic Falls when the sirens needed something that he had, a family heirloom. Once Matt got past his anger he was able to bond with his father more and get to know a bit more about why he left. Question 29 What about this college student?

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He seemed to have a thing for her and they had a few study dates before Dr. Wes Maxfield kidnapped him in order to use him in an experiment. He injected him with a special modified vampire blood and turned him into a vampire like no other.

Caroline tried her hardest to keep him alive and help him but in the end Elena killed him in order to save Damon.

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After a string of failed relationships, Penny decides to follow her heart and finally settles down with the love of her life. Harry Goldenblatt Richard Wright Mr. Big Known as the Park Avenue Pollyanna, Charlotte York of Sex and the City just wanted to settle down, start a family and experience her own little happily ever after.

After plenty of relationships, bad dates, and one failed marriage, Charlotte finally falls in love with a Prince Charming she can be proud to call her own.

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Did Charlotte marry her sweet and very bald divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt, swoon worthy movie star Wylie Ford, hotel mogul Richard Wright, or the mysterious high-flying Mr. Knowing she must marry for wealth and title, she wastes no time searching for a husband.

jules and grayson relationship quizzes

Though engaged more than once, she finally settles down with an unlikely companion. True fans know that only one marriage really counts, her second and final marriage, which also results in the birth of her son, Henry.

Was it troublemaker turned dream boat Ryan Atwood, water polo playing jock Luke Ward, nerdy on again off again boyfriend Seth Cohen, or the charming comic book loving Zach Stevens?

Question 14 Who does Hayley walk down the aisle with on The Originals? Fans of the show know her as the tough cookie who finally cracked when she met her baby girl, Hope. Although she met many men throughout the series, she only truly had eyes for one. Her and her beau also receive a surprise when they learn that Maggie is pregnant with their child in season six. After making it through loss, fear, and panic together, Maggie chooses which zombie hunter as her mate?

After kissing more than her share of frogs, Monica finally finds her Prince Charming, and adopts two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl. Who does Monica move to the suburbs with to start her family? As the series progresses, this peppy cheerleader matures into an ambitious woman with goals in the field of marine biology. Who was it that proved their love to Kelly, and married her in a two-hour long television special which wrapped up the series? Was it former captain of the wrestling team and military brat A.

Which Office favorite did Angela finally choose to settle down with in the series finale? Quinlan The Todd Dr. Turk On the hospital-comedy series Scrubs, Carla Espinosa as a nurse who knows her stuff and takes nonsense from nobody.

That is until a smooth-talking, wise-cracking doctor sweeps her off her feet and the two tie the knot in a brilliant season 3 finale. Did she walk down the aisle with the cynical Dr. Todd Quinlan, or the steady handed surgical intern Dr. Gavin, or metrosexual Sagittarius Winston Schmidt? James Marry on Gilmore Girls? James shares a passion for food with her husband to be. Who does food connoisseur Sookie walk down the aisle with on Gilmore Girls? Is it the gruff but loveable diner owner Luke Danes, flamboyant grocery store owner Taylor Doose, snobby French concierge Michel Gerard, or farmer and local produce man Jackson Belleville?

Taken under his wing, the young vampire eventually flourishes and even finds lasting love. Who winds up married to the charming redheaded vamp Jessica in season 7 of this supernatural series?

Does Jessica choose bar owner and shape shifter Sam Merlotte, loveable human Hoyt Fortenberry, maker and fellow vampire Bill Compton, or charming womanizer Jason Stackhouse? At the beginning of the series, April is part of a three-way couple with Derek and Ben but ends it when she develops feelings for somebody else.