Kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship test

Mayawati Vacates one Bungalow, Sends Keys Through ‘Speed Post’; 'Retains' Another - News18

Kanshi Ram organised the Dalits of U.P into a wider category called Bahujan Samaj. Mayawati brought them under the bigger umbrella of. by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj and made an all India affair by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. At that point in time, Kanshi Ram was trying to run the Movement. On the basis of these tests, Mr. Malhotra told Km. Mayawati that Kanshi Ram was Few rare pictures of Behan Mayawati and Sahib Kanshi Ram Ji. That relations between the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the media have always But last week they hit rock bottom when a mob led by BSP leaders Kanshi.

With him, also grew his team of dedicated workers. Mayawati led the pack. Mayawati was very effective and ruthless in implementing her mentor's plans and policies. Her dictatorial streak came in handy to crush unwanted opponents.

Thousand upon thousands of Dalit masses traversed several miles on foot and rickety bicycles to listen to their hero Kanshi Ram. His disciple Mayawati was affectionately called behenji sister by one and all.

They trusted the duo implicitly and pledged absolute loyalty to them. Kanshi Ram had sacrificed his family for the much larger, extended Indian Dalit family. Unmindful of his own comforts and health, he set records in cycling day and night and criss-crossing all over UP. Mayawati was extremely devoted to her mentor. She also worked long hours and, exhausted, she would often doze off in the party office. A time came when she started living in the same house with Kanshi Ram.

The relationship was respected by the fond and indulgent Dalits who saw nothing objectionable in it.

For them, Mayawati was their most respected behenji.

Mayawati Vacates one Bungalow, Sends Keys Through ‘Speed Post’; 'Retains' Another

She was by her mentor's side as he lay dying in hospital. She nursed him and his Dalit constituency with single-minded devotion and ambition.

After his death, behenji took over the Bahujan Samaj Party's reins. As in the past, she continued being in and out of the UP chief minister's chair.

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship test

She had untrammelled sway and power over the Dalit masses. She was blindly trusted and their votes went to her BSP's 'Elephant' symbol in each election with increasing solidarity. During the assembly elections they voted her to power with a thumping majority. Newsweek even declared her as one of the most powerful women in the world.

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship test

With a record of four terms as UP chief minister, shouldn't behenji start dreaming and seriously aspiring for the prime minister's chair? The Dalits cheered her all along the way and pledged unflinching support to their beloved leader. They identified themselves totally with her, and wished to see her installed as the first Dalit prime minister of India. This adulation and blind faith went to Mayawati's head. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts completely.

She was no exception. Whereas the illiterate and trusting Dalit masses saw a future PM in their behenji, Mayawati saw a vote-bank in them. She also saw money in her Dalit vote bank. Born into deprivation, she is insecure where money is concerned and wants to grab it all. Dr Ambedkar said, "Understand our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is to become the rulers of this country.

The Incomparable Lady – Km Mayawati (What Saheb Kanshi Ram Said)

Write this goal on the walls of your houses so that you will never forget. Our struggle is not for the few jobs and concessions but we have a larger goal to achieve.

That goal is to become the rulers of the land. On 18 th March, in a public meeting at Ram Leela ground, Agrahe said that the highly qualified people belonging to SCs have betrayed us.

They are occupying the key posts in government and doing nothing for their poor, oppressed brothers and sisters. It was a great loss for the movement when Dr. Babasaheb unexpectedly died on 6 th December, Ambedkar was formed on 3 rd October, But from the party began to split up under various leaders. The biggest set-back to the party was that, it became a party of Maharashtra and the Mahars later converted to Buddhism after and the other sub-castes remained the supporters of Congress and others.

The clash of personalities and personal political ambitions took the caravan in a reverse direction rather taking ahead. He started working with Republican Party of India. After near about eight years of working with Republican Party of India, he became disillusioned with its functioning. His dream of Ambedkarite movement was completely shattered when Dadasaheb Gaikwad joined the hands with Mohan Dhariya from Congress for a petty one Lok-Sabha reserved seat and few lakh rupees.

This event was the beginning of his dissociation from Republican Party. Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji decided that he will develop a society which will work to spread the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and other social reformers and will never sell themselves for a small gain.

He traveled all over the India along with his few activists to know why Caravan of Dr Ambedkar was brought back rather than taking ahead. During these days he never bothered about his health, food, transport and worked tirelessly to awaken the educated employees. Organization of employees of Backward Class and Religious Minorities, after doing a necessary preparatory work within a period of five years decided to float an organisation in As a result of it, and as per the vision of Dr.

Kanshi Ramji decided to take the Caravan of Dr Ambedkar ahead and he considers it as his responsibility to fulfill the same. Then he started working among educated employees and awakens them to work for the upliftment of the downtrodden.

kanshi ramji and mayawati relationship test

In this process he was successful to a large extent in awakening, realizing and transforming the expectations of Dr Ambedkar from educated class. After the necessary ground work and positive response from some employees in PoonaNagpurDelhi and other places Kanshi Ramji decided to launch an organization for pay-back to society.

During this time, he conducted several cadre camps, meetings, seminars in different parts of the country to awaken the employees. Basically it has been the organization aimed to build up the non-political roots for the success of Dr. Ambedkar's political vision and action.

BAMCEF's typical feature was that it was an organization of the employees, by the employees but not for the welfare of the employees.

How Behenji became Madame Mayawati

The first concept given by Kanshi Ram Ji was "people who should succeed politically must have strong non-political roots" He witnessed the failure of Ambedkarite movement in MaharashtraKanshi Ramji had realized that the people whose non-political roots were not strong were bound to fail politically.

They can have their political party, but they cannot succeed politically. BAMCEF created a new missionary political conscience among the backward caste educated employees and also established a national network for further Kanshi Ram's movement.

After spending 20 yrs of his young age Kanshi Ramji realized that merely organizing employees would not be enough to fulfill the dreams of Dr Ambedkar.

All you wanted to know about Kanshi Ram

Unless they get power and cannot become rulers. Therefore he created another concept, i. According to him, "not that our people were not struggling. They were struggling, but not for themselves.

They were not struggling for their own cause.