Keller and beecher relationship questions

keller and beecher relationship questions

Beecher: Chris, sometimes, most times, I wish I could wipe away the past. I wish I could Keller: My relationship with Beecher. It started Any questions? Keller. questions and answers about 'OZ' in our 'Television L-P' category. When his relationship with Beecher turns sour, Keller turns his skills on Peter Marie. How HBO's groundbreaking series brought gay relationships to prime time far- reaching, life and death questions about love, loss, loyalty and what a person will do to Tergesen's not the only one who thinks the Beecher/Keller relationship.

keller and beecher relationship questions

All of which made for some truly gripping television. It's like, look at what we do to each other. It's really about the world; it just happens to take place in a prison. And while OZ boasts fans of every age, ethnicity and social class, it is a huge hit with the gay audience in particular, who are drawn to the show's gritty, behind-the-scenes look at prison life, its evenhanded treatment of same sex relationships and let's be honest hereits frequent display of full frontal male nudity and hot, mano a mano lovin', especially as it played out in the torturous "he loves me, he loves me not" pairing of boyishly handsome, married-with-children Beecher Tergesen and divorced, self-loathing sexual predator, Chris Keller, played with reckless abandon by Christopher Meloni.

Can you say "Yum, yum gimme some," boys and girls?

keller and beecher relationship questions

Whether they were on again or off again — which could happen in a single episode — viewers tuned in to see whether Beecher and Keller would be swapping spit as in the infamous laundry room kiss or throwing punches — both literally, as when Keller broke Beecher's arms and legs and Beecher retaliated, post-recovery, by stabbing Keller in the back — or figuratively, in the form of gleefully malicious insults or hit-'im-where-it-hurts confessions of infidelity.

Hey, boys will be boys. There are things that are common between our relationship and every relationship, and I think it's something that people hope for. They hope that it's going to work out. I know how hard it is in this world to find someone to be with and to love. It's a challenge whoever it is, and if you can find love, you're lucky.

They are in this situation and the circumstance is such that they ended up falling in love. Their relationship was such a roller coaster ride, and it made for a great storyline. So I think straight people see this show and see that yeah, you could be in prison and theoretically be straight but these characters are open to doing anything with anyone — and they are not being judged. I think that says a lot.

keller and beecher relationship questions

Question by author kantho. Scalding them with hot soup A third-season episode of 'Oz' called 'Secret Identities' saw inmate Tobias Beecher take an interest in a religion other than Christianity.

Chris Keller and Tobias Beecher Part 19

Through the teachings of which religion did Beecher decide to forgive Vernon Schillinger for all the things he had done to him? Question by author jonnowales. Islam Tobias Beecher sought the counsel of inmate and imam, Kareem Said, regarding the ongoing hostilities between himself and Vernon Schillinger. Through his knowledge and interpretation of the Quran, the holy scriptures of the Islamic faith, Said implored Beecher to forgive Schillinger as this would be the only way that any further acts of violence between the two could be prevented.

Unfortunately, Schillinger couldn't forgive Beecher for his transgressions and this eventually led to both Beecher and Schillinger being non-fatally stabbed. Who is the object of her desire? Staff of "Oz" - Sister Peter Marie click to play it. Question by author Lazellia. Chris Keller Chris Keller is known for being very seductive, managing to lure in both men and women with ease. When his relationship with Beecher turns sour, Keller turns his skills on Peter Marie, knowing that she is close to Beecher, in the hopes that she will help them reunite.

When Peter Marie realises that she has been used, she blocks Keller from her life and decides to leave the convent. Staff of "Oz" - Dr Gloria Nathan click to play it. Fred Wick Gloria heads Oswald's trials of an experimental drug which would allow the inmates to age significantly, instead of serving a full sentence.

Of all the inmates involved, Cyril is the only one who seems to exhibit signs of aging, most noticeably with his hair turning grey. Fred Wick was a biker and a friend of Jaz Hoyt.

He tells Jaz that he is feeling no ill effects, then suddenly just collapses dead. The program is halted, and Gloria is sued for malpractice.

He takes an instant dislike to Miguel. When Miguel questions this, what does Raoul tell him? Prisoners of "Oz" - Miguel Alvarez click to play it.

keller and beecher relationship questions

That he is too white Hernandez is a legendary gang leader known as El Cid, so Miguel is happy to hand leadership over to him, hoping to become his lieutenant, but Hernandez has no interest in working with Miguel. He questions whether Miguel is actually Latino and tells him that he is too white.

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When Miguel points out that he can't do anything to change that, Hernandez tells him that it's not just about skin colour, it's about "cojones". Prisoners of "Oz" - Bob Rebadow click to play it. Diabetes Rebadow finds that he has developed diabetes and will require regular treatment at the hospital as well as changing his diet. He does later develop a brain tumour, but this happens during season 4 and he collapses in his cell.

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Both hypertension and Alzheimer's do also make an appearance in "Oz" - Kareem Said is diagnosed with hypertension in season 1 and in the same season, Miguel Alvarez's grandfather, Ricardo, develops Alzheimer's. Prisoners of "Oz" - Chris Keller click to play it.

keller and beecher relationship questions

Chris breaks Ronald's neck. Ronald Barlog is assigned to be Beecher's cell mate when he first arrives in Emerald City. Knowing how much it will upset Chris, Beecher attempts to start a sexual relationship with Ronald, only to have Chris step in and claim Ronald as his own.

When Beecher discovers Ronald is going to inform the FBI that Chris was involved in a string of homosexual torture-murders, he tells Chris. Chris then approaches Ronald in a supply room, under the pretence of a sexual encounter, and snaps his neck. Boxing gloves Suzanne is introduced in season 4 as Ryan's biological mother.