Kim possible and ron stoppable relationship goals

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kim possible and ron stoppable relationship goals

Relationship goals Time Tumblr, Tumblr Funny, Kim And Ron, Old Disney, Disney. Visit about Time Tumblr. A friendship like Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable. I AM REWATCHING KP AND I GET SO EMO MY CHILDRENkim possibleron stoppablekim and ronnostalgiadisneyeditotp: weirdly romanticfind me a more. Goals. To start and maintain a relationship with Kim (succeeded). Ron Stoppable is the deuteragonist and the love interest of Kim Possible since So the Drama.

Ron tries explaining himself by saying Bonnie kissed him and which Kim replies, "No kidding. It took you twelve stinking years to kiss me". Which is not only hilarious but gives us a big clue.

Ron Stoppable

In the tumblr comment below, it makes light on how Kim's line reveals that she had been waiting for Ron to kiss her. That Kim already knew her feelings for Ron were stronger than just being best friends but she didn't do anything since Ron was always the anxious one when it came to thinking about dating her. So she moved on with in. From the start, Kim did tell Ron that she liked his weirdness, as in A Sitch in Time, when Kim and Ron first met, she said that he was weird but she liked that.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship goals

Kim even gave Ron a kiss on the cheek when they were underneath the mistletoe which was actually parsley that Ron found and hung on the ceiling during the episode, A Very Possible Christmas. Even though they both had crushes that both of them were partly fine with, there were still other people that they got jealous over. For Kim, she already knew her feelings and just needed Ron to have the same mutually strong feelings back so that she could really express her feelings.

Throughout Kim showed her love and annoyance but her liking toward him. Ron didn't really hint that he wanted to date Kim or really girls for that matter.

Though Ron was always sweet around Kim. And when the two of them started dating, their friendship and relationship was more developed and really adorable. So what do you Kim fans think? Bonnie expresses her disapproval of Kim and Ron's relationship, claiming that it's practically a rule for cheerleaders to date jocks especially considering that they're seniors nowand encourages Kim to break up with Ron "If Ron can't step up, then trade up"which Kim, or course refuses to do.

Kim tells Ron not to obsess about Bonnie's comment, but of course he does. Ron then tries, but fails, to make the Middleton High football team. Not one to give up, after a confrontation with Professor Dementorhe "secretly borrows" Kim's relatively new, virtually indestructible battle suit and makes the football team as the new quarterback, filling the hole left by Brickwho had graduated the previous June, and earning Brick's number. However, after Dementor tries to steal the suit while the couple was at Bueno NachoKim finds out the truth of how Ron really made the team.

Ron tells her why he did it: As of Season 4, Kim and Ron are dating.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship goals

It was believed by some fans the addition of the element of romance would be a positive thing, although some others were opposed to it and feared it might cause the show to jump the shark during the episode "Ill Suited" the show makes reference to this when Ron asks Kim if she had ever water skied over a shark, as in a dream he had. Schooley and McCorkle noted the potential risk, admitting that while Kim and Ron's blossoming love gave them a chance to do something new with the characters, the relationship had to be handled delicately to avoid turning the series stale.

In the episode "Clean Slate", Kim acknowledged that she loved Ron.

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The fact that her impending death but she didn't die spurred him to destroy their adversaries in "Graduation", would illustrate the fact that this love is indeed mutual; the ending of the series finale heavily implies that Kim and Ron's relationship will endure. Enemies Monkey Fist Once a respected archaeologist and expert on all things Simian, Lord Monty Fiske turned to evil and tricked Kim and Ron into helping him recover a jade monkey statue from a temple in Cambodia. He spent the family fortune on radical genetic mutation, which was revealed in the Season 2 episode "Partners" to be the work of DNAmy.

In his debut episode, "Monkey Fist Strikes", he succeeded in his goal of obtaining the mystical monkey power and changed his name from Monty Fiske to Monkey Fist in an appropriately ironic anagram.

Ever since their first encounter, Monkey Fist has considered Ron his greatest enemy, although he once told him, "You're not an arch-foe, you're an arch-bumbler!

Ron has not actually fought Monkey Fist in a one-on-one battle since their first encounter. In many ways, Ron and Monkey Fist have a similar relationship and similar personalities to that of Shego and Kim. In the one episode where Ron and Monkey Fist fought directly, Ron displayed ability he rarely shown in any other episode.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship goals

Of all of Kim and Ron's adversaries, Monkey Fist alone is able to remember Ron's name most of the time, something which Ron has admitted he respects. As Season 4 draws to a close, Monkey Fist is reverted into a stone statue after he gives up his 'destiny,' to follow the path of The Yono, and is unable to free himself as of Ron's graduation from high school.

Ron and Kim's first break up

Presumably, this is the first time a recurring enemy appeared to have been "killed off". Although others, including Kim, were turned to stone by The Yono and were not dead, so Fiske's final fate is actually open-ended. Drakken While Drakken is clearly Kim's arch-foe, it almost always seems to be Ron that he ends up duking it out with in battle. In "A Very Possible Christmas", the two of them got into a long standing battle which resulted in Drakken being unable to go the distance with him.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship goals

Drakken actually fears for his safety, knowing full well that Ron is capable of beating him up if he wants to, and Ron even managed to get him to finally say his name, although after that he forgot his name as always.