Libra and cancer relationship 2015 tax

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libra and cancer relationship 2015 tax

Cafe Astrology: Jupiter in Libra meaning for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, People who have given up on finding a meaningful one-to-one relationship or .. From August to September , you are likely to see benefits, and In some cases, a significant tax refund, inheritance, or other such benefits. Aishawariya is Scorpio by sun, Capricorn by moon and Libra by rising sing at the hour of her birth. On the other hand, Moon sign compatibility can actually make a relationship work At two years old she could fully comprehend a tax form. . in Virgo / Moon in Scorpio July 20, January 22, astrologyplace An. Dating aries man cancer woman - How to get a good man. and they'll do some give him know about libra-cancer relationship guide! Apr 30 aries woman, - the first move, sex, - what does Tax ID:

September is the prime time to take off, you really can go anywhere that stimulates you. New York, Los Angeles, Miami…all three work for you. Travel in September is ideal for you, Gemini. Take your lover or find a new love, socialize, go to art openings, theater, do everything.

October gets tricky for you. Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde October It does make you miserable. Miami is a fiery Leo which works well with your Gemini nature, the ideal place to go while Mercury is retrograde.

The new moon eclipse on October 23 is affecting your 6th house of heath, diet, and everyday routine. Los Angeles is the epicenter of the latest health craze. Go hiking, detox, and learn to meditate.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 tax

November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius falling into your 7th house of partnership. This new moon only happens once a year in your partnership house, an ideal time for a romantic get vacation. Cancer, you crave security: Pisces is a water sign, as you are Cancer. Perfect time to go to Miami for this Pisces full moon. Relax at The StandardSpa.

The new moon on September 24 is in Libra in your 4th house of home and roots. Nest, cook, redecorate, get cozy, stay home and invite your family and loved ones over. October brings in two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. October Mercury goes retrograde, and for you it tends to make you more moody. The full moon eclipse on October 8 is in Aries falling into your 10th house of career.

If you do travel now, it will be work-related. Both New York and Los Angeles have their moon in Aries which is the ruler of your career sector—energetically it works in your favor. This is the time to head out of town after the intense full moon on October 8.

Cancer & Libra: Love Compatibility

Being around water always soothes you Cancer, so head back to Miami or the California coast. November finally arrives with a full moon in Taurus in your 11th house. Cancer, you love and nurture your friends. The new moon on November 22 falls in your 6th house of diet, exercise, and health. If not, now is the time.

You can go to NYC and walk the streets and museums all day, go hiking in Los Angeles, or head to Miami and go on a cleanse. Love to you, Cancer. Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and all that we enjoy entered Leo on July 16 and will stay until August 11, Roar, purr and get all that you deserve.

September is a prime time to travel. September 8 we have a full moon in the sign of Pisces falling into your eight house of money, sex, and intimacy. What better way to spend this full moon, indulging your senses.

I suggest you travel to your twin soul city of Miami. Each city has a birthday, Miami is a Leo with the Moon in Pisces. The New Moon on September 24 is in Libra in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and travel. How about a trip with your brother or sister?

When was the last time you traveled with them?

Zodiac Compatibility with Madam LoCoco: Libra

New York or Los Angeles are good choices. October brings the dreaded Mercury in retrograde on October which happens 4 times a year, and we do survive. On October 8 there is a full moon eclipse in Aries falling in your 9th house of travel, law, publishing and spirituality. For the next six months travel will be highlighted, especially long distance, across the pond and beyond.

Arrive in Mumbai, the city is a Leo, and check out Bollywood. The new moon on October 23 falls in your 4th house of home and family. This new moon is the ideal time to stay home or invite your parents over and give them some loving. The full moon on November 6 in Taurus falls into your 10th house of career.

Both New York and Los Angeles are Earth signs, being compatible with Taurus which rules the career area of your chart. November brings in a new moon on the 22nd with a focus on your 5th house of love, romance and creativity.

Love to be a Leo. Where best to spend it? September 8 we have a full moon in Pisces in your 7th house of partnerships. This romantic healing full moon only happens once a year, make the most out of this dreamy time. Cities, like people, have horoscopes and Los Angeles is a Virgo just like you.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 tax

The organic food, healthy lifestyle vibrate culture is perfectly matched for you, Virgo. On September 24 the new moon in Libra falls into your 2nd house of finances and self worth. Why not spend all of September in LA? When Mercury goes retrograde it can affect your nervous system, besides playing havoc with your orderly life. Mercury will be retrograde in the signs Libra and Scorpio Octoberaffecting your house of finances and communication.

New York City has the moon in Aries, could be a steamy, private time in the city for you. October 23 the New moon eclipse falls in Scorpio falls into your third house of communication, sibling, and travel. Best to spend this new moon in Miami with Mercury retrograde. You may need to calm your nerves.

November arrives with Mercury direct and a full moon in Taurus on November 6, in your 9th house of long distance travel, publishing, and spirituality. November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius in your house of home, family and roots. On this new moon, stay home, get organized and invite your loved ones over. You love being of service to others. With respect, kind Virgo. Where do you want to celebrate?

Expect your social life to hit new heights, enjoy all the activities. September 8 is a full moon in Pisces in your sixth house of health, diet and everyday routine. To jump start a fall detox book your ticket to Miami and stay at theStandardSpa while the planets are urging you to focus on your health routine.

The Full Moon in Miami is magic. September 24 is the new moon in Libra in your first house. The ideal city for you would be Los Angeles, the planet Venus rules Libra, all things beautiful, elegant, and refined. Cities like people have there own astrological chart, Los Angeles has Venus in Libra conjunct Neptune,equals glamour times ten.

Astrological Forecast, Fall 2014

Libra you shine in LA. October is transformation month, with a full moon eclipse effecting your Sun in Libra. This full moon is asking you to be authentic and independent.

Fall in the city is beautiful. Ideal place to celebrate your birthday. Also during this month mercury goes retrograde on Octoberin the signs of Scorpio and Libra. October 23 is a new moon eclipse in Scorpio falling into your second house of income and self worth. November will be a welcome relief from the intensity of October.

November 6 is a full moon in Taurus, in your eight house. November 22 is the fiery optimistic new moon in Sagittarius. This new moon falls into your third house of travel, siblings, and communication. A fun time to have an adventure with one of your siblings, Lovely Libra, happy birthday. Jupiter moved to the top of your chart into the career sector this July.

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If you can stay focused on your career, anything is possible. Time for a little romance. Head down to Miami, whose rising sign is in Scorpio, just like you. September 24 is a new moon in your house of retreat and seclusion. The fun begins in October. Mercury goes retrograde Octoberin your sign, Scorpio. Make sure you back up all your electronics, expect delays, finish up old projects, be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and try not to hold any grudges.

Jupiter’s Transit of Libra: September to October

We have two eclipses in October, and these energies create change. October 8 is a full moon eclipse in Aries, in your 6th house of health, diet and daily routine. Stay at The StandardSpa, take a yoga retreat, go on a detox, get ready for your birthday.

The big eclipse affecting you is on October 23 in Scorpio falling into your 1st house. After the intensity of October, Mercury direct, take off for a romantic getaway or go find love. New York in the fall is perfect. New York is a Capricorn, aligning well with your Scorpio nature. The next new moon is on November 22 in the fire sign of Sagittarius, happening in your 2nd house of income and self worth. Scorpio, you should be feeling really good with your career these days. Happy birthday, sexy Scorpio.

Back to Top Sagittarius Joy Sagittarius, Jupiter your ruler has entered your 9th house, where you feel most at home. The 9th house represents foreign travel, study, spirituality, and the higher mind. September 8, there is a full moon in Pisces falling in your 4th house, This is the time to stay home, regroup to get ready for your next adventure. September 24 is a new moon in your 11 house of friendships.

Miami would be ideal. Sag, you like to have a good time, and Miami is always happening. October brings Mercury retrograde from the This may play havoc with your travel plans, expect delays, miscommunication, and electronic devices breaking.

October 8 there is a full moon eclipse, which feels like a full moon 10 times stronger activating your 5th house of romance, creativity and play. You like open spaces, go hiking, or head to the dessert. Los Angeles has its Moon in the fire sign of Aries connecting to your Sun.

October 23 is a New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio falling in your 12th house of retreat and seclusion. Time to take a break, be alone, go to a mediation retreat. Whatever spiritually moves you Sag seek it. November is your month. In Aries, Jupiter encouraged us to make our own opportunities, to believe in ourselves, and to take charge of our lives.

In Taurus, Jupiter urged us to enjoy and appreciate what we already have and to adopt a patient approach to achieving our goals. In Gemini, Jupiter encouraged us to learn as much as we could about the people around us, as well as to share and connect. In Cancer, Jupiter motivated us to honor our intuition, emotions, families, and inner needs, and to build our support systems. In Leo, Jupiter encouraged us to express ourselves confidently, to be generous and creative, and to find new ways to enjoy ourselves.

In Virgo, Jupiter motivated us to take pride in our health, work, services, and routines. In Libra, Jupiter expands our awareness of our partnerships, the need to slip into the shoes of another, and our diplomacy skills. Jupiter in Libra encourages togetherness, equality, compromise, fairness, partnership, peace, harmony, and diplomacy.

Libra is an Air sign. We can see many sides to an argument. The arts, architecture, law, math, mediating, and politics are possible avenues for increased success. There can be heightened use of charm and grace to reach goals. Our social skills contribute to our sense of fulfillment and attract success.

During this Jupiter in Libra cycle, we particularly value people and relationships, and might succeed best in partnership. Relating as equals is important to us now. We see opportunities to grow and succeed through negotiating, compromising, partnering, teaming up, and counseling. We value diplomacy, balance, fairness, tact, cooperation, and graciousness. We are especially invested in treating one another as equals, being fair, balancing things out, and honoring contracts, whether these are legal or social.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 tax

There can be a stronger desire to be cooperative, and joy derived from getting along successfully with others.