Master chief and arbiter relationship

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master chief and arbiter relationship

Master Chief is one of the primary protagonists of the series and has many Chief's most complex relationship is with the Arbiter; whom he lives with. The two . What about his relationship with Cortana in Halo:CE? In that .. It bothers be how Chief and Arbiter didn't interact at the end of Halo 5. All they. They weren't friends or acquaintances so to say, but I think it seemed like that they gained trust and respect for one another throughout the.

  • What was the relationship between The Arbiter and Master Chief in Halo 3?
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  • What was the relationship between Master Chief and the Arbiter during halo 3?

Arbiter called Trent despicable during their final encounter before Trent was fragged. Clyde found Arbiter's synthetic voice to be annoying and after stating his goals to him as well as Master Chief, Codyand CameronArbiter disapproves of his actions, believing that while it's helping preserve freedom online, the style in which is too extreme and unrestrained for it to be controlled, ultimately leading Arbiter to join the TOSERS to prevent him and the rest of Chaos Theosis from damaging the OMN any further.

Throughout the rest of Season 6, Arbiter views Clyde as a major threat that must be stopped at all costs. Both Arbiter and Clyde are considered to share the same level of intelligence.

Clyde, while respecting Arbiter's skills to a degree, does not take Arbiter too seriously in his plans to stop the OMN until Arbiter and Chief acquire their hacks, which would eventually lead to Clyde's and Chaos Theosis' downfall. Edit Arbiter thinks little of Adam for the first eight episodes of Season 6, thinking him to just be an annoying, juvenile kid.

However, he gains a serious grudge against him after the events of Remissionwhere he sadistically frags Claire. Arbiter thinks that Adam needs to grow up, due to his behavior towards his mother and in general.

However, after fragging him, Arbiter is heard saying "Good luck, kid". Adam dislikes Arbiter as well, finding his voice annoying and wishing that he would go away. Arbiter also dislikes Adam's gamertag, as seen in Cradle to Grave. Adam in return finds Arbiter annoying as everything else he dislikes. He gets increasingly frustrated as they encounter one another, taking great joy out of mocking Arbiter when he threatens to and ultimately does ban Claire.

Once Adam is forcefully being taken to Juvenile Hall, he pitifully begs Arbiter and the other players to help him against the police only for Arbiter to not respond until it is too late.

Edit Much like Adam, Arbiter pays little attention to Kylie until after the events of Remission, but still views her as a threat due to her being with a clan full of hackers.

master chief and arbiter relationship

Upon finally confronting her, he is taken by surprise that how easily she is able to outwit him, twice as also seen in TOSERShowever he does not approve of her manipulative behavior as seen when she seduces Chief with nude photos.

Kylie in return views Arbiter as another "pathetic" user online looking to get female attention through Claire. Arbiter however only views him as a threat due to him being with a clan full of hackers.

Upon gaining more info about Chaos Theosis with it, their gamertags he disapproves of Duncan's sexist gamertag: Edit Arbiter and Stephen get along well early in the season. In " The Reunion ", Arbiter is a little shocked to find out that Stephen was a traitor, and fragged him later in the episode. The scene ends with Locke dodging the question and restating his duty. The Arbiter appears as an ally in the game, fighting the reformed Covenant forces of Jul 'Mdama, even after 'Mdama's death at the hands of Locke.

The Arbiter is ultimately successful in defeating his enemies and is reunited with the Master Chief at the end of the game following Cortana's betrayal. Other appearances[ edit ] An Arbiter is available as a playable character in Killer Instinct: Season Threevoiced by Ray Chase.

He uses several weapons from the Halo series in combat, and fights in the Arena of Judgment, a stage set in the midst of a battle on Sanghelios. According to franchise development director Frank O'Connor, this character is an "amalgam" of historical characters.

Master Chief/Relationships

In the novel, taking place around fifteen years before the games, he is the commander of a Covenant ship that comes into conflict with Captain Jacob Keyes and a group of Spartans over a colony of human survivors in an asteroid belt.

Thel gets caught up in the political machinations between the Prophets of Regret and Truth and is left with doubts after what he witnesses, ending with Thel being forced to kill his best friend to protect the Prophets.

His identity as the Arbiter is hinted at during the end of the novel when he comments that he is being given command of a ship within the Fleet of Particular Justice, the fleet that the Arbiter commanded before the events of Halo 2. Thel appears in several other novels taking place after Halo 3 where he strives for peace with humanity while dealing with dissent within his own species and the other Covenant remnants.

This particular model was reviewed by Armchair Empire's Aaron Simmer as a "great translation of the source material into plastic".

Master Chief is a little girl!

Hilary Goldstein of IGN decided the change took away the "intriguing side-story of the Arbiter and his Elites", in the process reducing the character's role to that of "a dude with a weird mandible and a cool sword".

Describing the AI of the character, Goldstein felt players could "enjoy watching your supposed equal getting shot in the face repeatedly and generally making himself utterly useless. What is the point of sticking you with an AI compatriot if all he's good at is respawning?

Community lead Brian Jarrard attributed some of the fan backlash to a discord between the game's marketing and the actual gameplay.

master chief and arbiter relationship

In reality, the game only had two missions that actually did that. Mass Effect Voice Acting Interview.

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He chases him from server to server; where he ends up accidentally crushing Trent with a tank; he gets out and laughs at his dead body. Leonard Edit Chief never insults Leonard directly; possibly due to the power he has over Chief.

He often goes into little rants and argues with Leonard over something he has done. The two have little interaction and they have only been seen talking to each other when he has done something wrong or if he is being briefed on something. Craig makes fun of Chief which makes him very sad, and makes him hate Craig. Chief seems to like him and compliments his map.

However, later in the episode, he abandons Cody, which results in Brent killing Cody. It is unknown whether the two are still friends or not. Clyde Edit Chief doesn't really seem to feel anything for Clyde. However, in Remission, Chief thanked Clyde for saying that him and Chief weren't bad players. Clyde believes that Chief is the most retarded player on the Online Multiplayer Network, to the point that he severed his ties with Kylie after she was fragged by Chief in Severance.

Adam Edit Adam is referred to as 'the human version of Chief' by Arbiter and said that they would get along 'like a house on fire'.

They have only spoken to each other on rare occurrences; mostly with Chief insulting Adam's mom and Adam telling Chief to 'fuck off' and calling him a 'retard'. He teabags Adam when he is killed by Arbiter. He doesn't act sexist towards her in anyway during the season; which is amazing as Chief usually acts in a very sexist way when around women. He constantly asks Arbiter if they can go and frag her; just because he wants to hit on her.

During 'Remission', Chief asks her for her "asl" Age, Sex and Locationshe goes to frag him but is stopped by Clyde. She tries to manipulate him and get him to betray Arbiter; she promises Chief nude photos of her in return for this. Chief does as he is told and attempts to kill Arbiter; but Arbiter had turned the hacks off to stop this. He has a fight with Arbiter over his feelings for Kylie, and he is beaten up.

He runs off but returns to help Arbiter defeat Kylie; claiming that "no bodies will take away my halos arbitur. He tricks Kylie with a hologram and assassinates her, much to her shock. Her teabags her violently; calling her a "bitch" and meleeing her dead body repeatedly.

master chief and arbiter relationship