Ming dao and qiao en relationship goals

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ming dao and qiao en relationship goals

Ming Dao first started out as a model. Later on he acted as the host of a reality show called Mao Xian Wang (The King Of Adventure). He starred in various music. This was the reunion that fans were waiting for: Ming Dao and Joe Chen confirmed that they would be joining the cast of Taiwanese movie Let's. Cute ming dao and joe chen My Prince Charming, Chen Ming Dao | 明道 | Minh Đạo | Matthew Lin | Club | D.O.B 26/2/ (Pisces) .. Ming dao couple.

She feels that eating candlelight dinner with boyfriends are a waste of time. She would rather use that time to sit at home and watch DVDs.

Joe Chen Qiao En & Ming Dao: “We know each other very well.”

For her, time is golden. When doing a photoshoot for the newspaper's "Fashion Taste" theme, she wore a "See by Chloe" new design and when she like one of the shirts and the denim shorts, after the photoshoot, she immediately paid cash to buy them.

ming dao and qiao en relationship goals

When Qiao En acts, she will be deeply engrossed in that character, but after the drama, she will withdraw from that character quickly too. After filming, she will often let her mind blank-out. In addition to her straight forward, forgetful personality, she will often offend people accidentally and there's even rumors of her being "big-head".

Qiao En said that "Sometimes I don't mean anything bad with the things I said but people will think that I'm angry or scolding. For example, when my acting clothes gets dirtied, and I want to wash them myself, the crew will keep saying that they'll wash it for me.

But I just want to do it myself.

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In the end, I'll get louder and people will think that I'm being a hot-shot and getting big-headed. When filming "Fated", Qiao En and Ethan soon has a fantastic partnership.

MD has accept this offer long time ago, it's just An Hui tired of waiting with QE's packed schedule, so they decided to change the female lead instead But then, what thight schedule does QE has?

At least An Hui also wants to let MingEn collaborate again I think the only reason is they didn't allow to collaborate again! I'm so upset over this matter!

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The translation is still in progress MD and QE have been talking about each other nonstop. Sam and Joyce were two important leads also. QE cannot accept this series due to her schedule. QE even said that in her blog once hehee.

ming dao and qiao en relationship goals

MD is her irreplaceable friend hehehe It took me quite a while just to read page If she gets involved into a love triangle, she will give up as she is afraid that it will be troublesome In 'Let's Dance', Chen Qiao En and her sister was involved in a love triangle.

When asked how she will react if this happens in real life, Chen Qiao En replied: Because I will not get involved in this kind of situations.

ming dao and qiao en relationship goals

But as she is afraid that it will be troublesome, why not give up if they are not yet married. Currently independent, said that she does not have the ability to set up her own company After her contract with J-Stars terminated last year, Chen Qiao En regains her freedom and people are curious about her future plans. Even though some media reports that Chen Qiao En will be setting up her own company, she said laughingly that they think too highly of her.

I don't have the ability to set up a company. Now I am just trying to choose a good script and does not think about money. The most important thing is that the role must be challenging.