Modern teacher and student relationship essay

modern teacher and student relationship essay

Free Essay: The Relationship Between Teachers and Students What should the relationship be, between students and teachers in the classroom? The answer. It takes more than knowing the content to be a good teacher. One of the most important aspects of teaching is building relationships with y. Relation between a teacher and student is very important in one's life. In this article 4 Effective Educational Tools for Modern Class Rooms.

When a child is born, he learns to speak, gradually he starts to walk and learning and understanding life. In the course of time, the same child reaches maturity. If he is in the hands of an experienced and an ideal teacher, the child turns out to be a successful person. We can take an example of the street children and the children who go to schools. The pattern and culture of teaching and learning process has been changing. In ancient times, teachers used to be teaching in their ashrams and the students would have to make the teachers by working hard at the ashram.

The students used to collect firewoods, fodder for the cattles, clean the house and cook food for the gurus.

modern teacher and student relationship essay

Gradually this system changed and now formal education has been in trend. Also, with the change in this pattern of teaching, students have failed to respect teachers like the students years ago used to. The role of a teacher was different before, but now, since the world has changed a lot, and there is a lot other means for people to receive information like media, internet etc.

Students today are more informed then before, and so the teachers are more of a facilitator there. There is no such charm in the relationship of the teacher and student like before. Teachers teach and students learn, there is no intimacy between the teachers and students. When this becomes worst, and there is a huge communication gap between the teacher and the student, then there occurs problem in the relationship between them.

The actual teacher-student relationship however changes during the career. On average there is a significant increase in dominant behaviour of teachers during the first decade of their career: After this period dominance stabilises.

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On average there is no change in co-operative behaviour. There is no shift towards the ideal as experience grows. These days, we can hear news about the teachers harassing the students too. The teacher — student relationship is pure like water. These kinds of incidents make the relation weaker. There are lots of cases where we find female students being harassed by the male teachers. Either a teacher or a best friend According to me, a teacher can help us in great difficulties than a best friend.

Relationship Between A Teacher and Student

When we face great difficulties a friend can only console us they cant do anything more. Whereas a teacher will stand along with us, will surely give us the guidance to face any problems. When we get guidance from them automatically we will get the courage to face it.

Why and How to be A Self-Teacher? How can we see our teachers as our friend, god, and parents? We can see our teachers our friend by telling our difficulties to them.

The problem that we face surely will make us feel unhappy and a teacher can solve it. This will surely make us feel that they are our friends. The new set of students has all information, if not wisdom, at the click of a button; they test, verify and often question what a teacher says in the classroom from facts available on the internet. Sometimes, it also leads them to believe that the teachers are redundant.

There's a lot to be said, firstly about the credibility of the information provided by net, secondly the child's ability to sieve the information for his purpose and his level of understanding.

However, the role of a teacher, as a mentor to channelize, filter and adapt this information to a child's level of understanding cannot be undermined, let alone be ruled out. Of course, the change in perspective with the education as commodity, teacher as a service provider and the parent as client has lead to a loss of respect among the students.

Relationship Between A Teacher and Student

The respect, which was integral to the classroom atmosphere, has simply flown out of the window. But nonetheless, the students who come from culturally sound background where values are inculcated right from the infancy and teachers who upgrade themselves to the state of art methods and understanding of teaching will be able to create an environment congenial enough to facilitate a rewarding teaching-learning process.

modern teacher and student relationship essay

What really has to be done is perhaps infuse the system back with the values which we think of as ancient. I have always believed that a child who hasn't been groomed to value his teachers grows up to be a person who won't respect his parents or their elders.

modern teacher and student relationship essay