Moses and zipporah relationship

Who was Moses’ wife? Did Moses have more than one wife?

moses and zipporah relationship

Moses was a powerful prophet, but he faced the same family challenges we face today. Moses and Zipporah: what is a 'bloody bridegroom'? longstanding friendships, family relationships, or, as in the case of Zipporah and Moses, marriage). Zipporah or Tzipora is mentioned in the Book of Exodus as the wife of Moses, and the daughter . to the Jews through marriage. This view has been used to represent an element of the special relationship between Israeli Jews and Druze.

But what was that path? In the meantime, Moses had to find a refuge.

moses and zipporah relationship

A woman takes her flock to the well. How did Moses meet them? At a well, where else! Wells were the centre of social life in the ancient Middle East, and for fairly obvious reasons, the Bible uses them as symbols of life-giving female sexuality… Moses happened upon the seven daughters of Jethro, the Midian priest priestly offices were undertaken by heads of tribes or families.

Zipporah: Midrash and Aggadah

The young women were trying to water their flock, but were being tormented by the local blades, who would not let them get to the well to draw water. Chivalrous Moses stepped in and scared off the bullies. Moses sends the bullies packing! They had two sons, Gershom and Eliezer.

moses and zipporah relationship

Once again Moses had acted in defence of the downtrodden. God commanded Moses to confront Pharaoh and demand freedom for the Hebrew slaves. Moses was prodded into action at last, and set out for Egypt. God is angry with Moses During this journey something strange happened. The command to circumcise in Genesis Just what this means we do not know. Possibly Moses suffered an illness or seizure. How would you compare Moses' emotional state?

What is the modern equivalent of the well for meeting women? Now we know why it is not so easy to meet women these days - working and watering have been separated. Guess that leaves the water fountain in the office. What insight are we getting into the character and skills of Moses? He kills the Egyptian bully, he intervenes in the fight between the Hebrews, and he drives the shepherd bullies away.

He not only has a highly developed sense of justice, he believes that he has the burden of intervening to make things right. Generally, small, weak men do not do such things. Thus, I conclude that Moses was, if not a large man, a strong and highly trained fighter. Marriage Read Exodus 2: Apparently, the daughters were not looking for a man at the well, but the father was. What do we learn about this father in these few verses? He is a religious leader - a "priest of Midian.

He either has a sense of gratitude, or he is looking for someone to help his daughters in their daily work. A note about his name.

What is Moses' attitude? What would be your attitude if you were in Moses' place?

Zipporah – Bible Woman

Moses lived in the palace of one of the most prominent and sophisticated countries in the world. He is now an alien in a foreign land - living with shepherds.

Egyptians had historically detested shepherds. I think Moses' comment is a note of resignation about his sorry situation. How would you evaluate Moses' chances for success in his marriage to Zipporah? What factors do you think are important to consider. She has a different religious background. She has a different cultural background.

ZIPPORAH, wife of Moses in the Bible, a determined woman

She has a different racial background. She has a different economic background - although the differences might not be a significant as it seems.

A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments, says that "priest of Midian" could also be understood as "prince of Midian" - and the offices were generally joined. Thus, this commentary considers him the ruler of the Cushites. My belief is that the more differences in the backgrounds of a couple, the more difficult it is to "become one. God calls Moses to rescue the Hebrews from their Egyptian slavery.

Let's pick up the story by reading Exodus 4: How is the marriage going? Contrary to my predictions! Thus, it appears he has been married for about that length of time. What reason does Moses give to his father-in-law for going to Egypt? Sort of an inspection tour - to see if any of his old friends are still alive. Class reunion kind of thing. What is Moses' real reason for going?

moses and zipporah relationship

He is going, at the command of God, to confront Pharaoh and convince him to free the Hebrew slaves. Is Moses just being modest?

moses and zipporah relationship

Why does he so seriously misstate to "dad" the reason for his trip? The Bible does not say how it was that God "was about to kill" Moses. Clearly, God could have easily killed him. My belief is that Moses became ill. What does a serious illness cause most people to do?

In this case, Moses was on a very important mission and his life needed to be in accord with God's will. Why would the circumcision of his son be such a "big deal" to God? In Exodus 3 God repeatedly says that He is the God of Abraham and He is remembering and fulfilling His promise to take Abraham's descendants to the promised land of Canaan.

How could Moses be the leader in fulfilling that promise while ignoring the very symbol of that promise? What would logically account for Zipporah calling Moses a "bridegroom of blood? Who wants to start carving on their child? She indicates here her feelings about the rite.

My bet is that this has been a source of friction between the two of them.

moses and zipporah relationship