Ncis la 5x24 kensi and deeks relationship

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ncis la 5x24 kensi and deeks relationship

An NCIS: LA/Densi blog. 5x D: It's much more of a brother-and-sister relationship. . Kensi crawled over Deeks again and purposely kneed him in the ass, just a way for her to voice her frustration at his ridiculously alarm. Kensi Marie Blye is an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Office of Special Projects Kensi and Deeks went undercover as a married couple in order to find a. Read NCIS:LA from the story My TV Shows by chloegrace with reads. supernatural, crime, fbi. 1x1 (Identity) *Kensi does a questionnaire about her and Deeks relationship/partnership* 4x18 (Red: Part . 5x24 (Deep Trouble) * Kensi.

You don't deserve her and you will only break her heart. You know you will. Was Talia right after all? He didn't choose work over love. The only reason he was willing to let Kensi go, was because he didn't want to risk another reassignment. Hetty made it perfectly clear that she didn't approve their relationship. Perhaps she routed for them at first, but after seeing how they let their personal feelings interfere with their jobs she acknowledged her mistake.

Kensi was not a mistake. She was the best choice he had ever made in his entire life. She was the reason he woke up every morning and his last thought every night.

She was the light in his life.

NCIS LA Episode Summary and Analysis : 5x24 Deep Trouble Part 1

She challenged him every time he wanted to give up and made him want to be a better man. He wanted to be her man! When you want something, you find a way; not excuses. He was done with excuses. During all this time he let his fears consume him and cloud his judgment. But now, everything was clear. Yes, Talia was right about one thing. He was madly in love with that woman and he was not ready to lose her. If you don't tell her, I will. It was easily the most idiotic thing he had ever heard of Kensi doing.

Why would she willingly give herself over to them just for a slight chance of talking to Jack? Kensi had to know once she committed herself to the course of action, there was no turning back from it.

Plus, it was basically suicide. Deeks didn't know the specifics of what the Taliban does to Americans, but he did know it wasn't pretty, and often lead to death. And a woman to boot? She was all but asking to be raped and murdered by those monsters. And yet Kensi willing handed herself over. And then it all slammed into him all at once. Kensi was still in love with Jack. Deeks was just second place. Kensi was settling for him because she couldn't have Jack.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Deeks had always wondered if this was true, but had dismissed it. Kensi was just waiting for Jack to return. Deeks wasn't what she really wanted; he was just a fill in.

But Deeks couldn't go there; he couldn't be second to anybody, when he had his entire heart invested. Except now Deeks didn't have a choice.

ncis la 5x24 kensi and deeks relationship

The evidence was right in front of him, impossible not to see once he knew. Apparently Jack had made it absolutely clear to Kensi that there was no chance for them to pick up where they left off. That would explain why she was more aggressive in pursuing Deeks.

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At least more aggressive by Kensi-relationship-standards. It was clear to Deeks now: She couldn't have Jack, so Kensi would settle for the blue eyed, blonde haired surfer cop who adored her. Deeks didn't like that. In fact, he started to get angry. As angry as Deeks ever remembered himself ever getting angry. Max Gentry didn't have anything on Deeks Rage.

Suddenly, Deeks leapt to his feet, the movement startling Nell, and began to pace. She couldn't remember a time when he looked that angry. She could hear Deeks muttering to himself, but could not make out what he was saying. The analyst knew she needed to calm him down.

Rising to her feet, Nell walked directly into Deeks' path. Deeks stopped, fists clenched, breathing deeply.

ncis la 5x24 kensi and deeks relationship

She tentatively grabbed his wrist. He didn't respond for a long moment. Nell began to rub his arms, hoping he would calm down. Slowly, his breathing slowed, and his fists unclenched.

And then the last thing that Nell thought would happen, happened. Deeks' knees wobbled slightly, before they gave out completely and he sank to his knees, beginning to sob.

The sight broke Nell's heart. Nell slowly sat next to Deeks and took him into her arms. He responded by wrapping his arms around her petite waist and burring his face in her neck. He kept trying to say something, but it was impossible to understand past his cries.

After what seemed an eternity, but couldn't have been more than ten minutes, his sobs began to die down. Nell made no move to let go of him, if anything she squeezed him tighter. She knew what was running through his mind. It simply broke her heart to see her friend in such pain. Deeks made a move to pull away, but the tiny woman wouldn't let him.

ncis la 5x24 kensi and deeks relationship

All this time I thought… I thought she was willing to make our thing work. And I guess she still is. But it is her backup plan, whereas it was my only plan. Nell didn't think her heart could break any more. The sheer devastation and resignation in his voice would no doubt haunt her for the rest of her life. She felt a little responsible for this whole scenario. Logically Nell knew that Kensi would most likely never reveal this information to Deeks in order to cover it up.

That thought annoyed the petite redhead. You know that right? And yet gathering and disseminating all Intel to the field agents. Granger and Hetty suspect it is about the White Ghost mission.

Granger has tough time giving his back to Hetty and asks Hetty to consider all alone in this matter. Hetty shows Granger thtat he could as well back-stab her if he cannot have her back.

ncis la 5x24 kensi and deeks relationship

Kensi is apprehensive that perhaps Hetty is being called for the Afghanistand White Ghost Mission fiasco and tries to talk to Hetty, but Hetty does not allow her to talk at all. Deeks to Granger We Him and Kensi are more than partners. Deeks to Talia We are a little more than brother-sister relationship. In this EP, he makes Deeks say to Talia that his relationship with Kensi is a little more than brother-sister relationship!!! Could it not be rephrased as something else?!!!

What is going on in Gemmill's mind? Why is the Love Story being underplayed from Deeks end when talking to Talia, when in 5x16 EP Deeks already sorta impressed Talia that he could be involved with his partner. Gemmill makes him behave as if he is shy and stuck between two attractive women, who equally punch him hard.

And there it is out. Kissing is forbidden as per regulations, which ofcourse gives us a reason why kisses cannot be shown while on the job. So is that end of the love Story is that Talia is brought in to pep the losing love story with spice, such as competition for Kensi and adding confusion of two attractive women for Deeks?!!! Gemmill what are you doing? No more love story for Densi?