Nemo and marlin relationship questions

What are Symbiotic Relationships?

nemo and marlin relationship questions

Level One: Questions of Fact Marlin thinks that he is obligated to bring up and protect Nemo. How would you describe their parent-son relationship?. In Finding Nemo, Dory was cast as Marlin's sidekick. Nothing more. Nothing less. Related Questions (More Answers Below). In Finding Nemo, why does. Finding Nemo is the heart warming tale of a father looking for his lost son, both of whom Through the movie, Nemo and Marlin both grow tremendously, Marlin as a and pursue a closer, more intimate and loving relationship with their children ? Would enjoy seeing your responses to these questions .

Since Nemo has a damaged fin, his father is very protective of him. Over protectiveness seems to be a common trait among parents, especially fathers, and this is the source of the conflict Nemo has with his father, Marlin.

Marlin, a widower before his children were even born hatchedis a fantastic father figure. Marlin demonstrates amazing dedication to his child, never wavering in his determination to find Nemo, no matter where in the ocean he may be.

He faces all perils and all challenges to find his boy. Anyone who says men like to abandon their children should pay close attention to Marlin. They could learn a thing from this fish. Name at least two.

The possibilities are camouflage, eyespots, disruptive coloration, colors that warn of poison, etc. See discussion of coloration in Helpful Background section. What are the differences between a "commensal" relationship, a "symbiotic" relationship, and a "parasitic" relationship? In a symbiotic relationship, both animals benefit. In a commensal relationship, one animal benefits while the other is not benefitted from the relationship but is not harmed.

In a parasitic relationship, one party benefits and the other is harmed.

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Corals and Coral Reefs What are the different parts of a coral's body and what are their uses? See discussion of corals and coral reefs in the Helpful Background section. How is a coral reef built? When a coral polyp dies, other coral animals begin to live on top of its body.

The skeletons of dead coral plants, one on top of another, build up the reef. It can take 50 years for a coral colony to grow three feet about 90 centimeters. Describe the water in which coral reefs are found?

nemo and marlin relationship questions

In clean, salty, shallow water less than feet deep where there is a lot of sunlight and warm weather. Almost all coral reefs are found near the equator A good follow-up question is to ask why the earth is warmer at the equator than at other regions.

The answer is that at the equator the sun is directly overhead while in other parts of the world the rays of the sun hit the earth at an angle and must pass through more of the atmosphere to reach the earth than at the equator. Dust and atmospheric chemicals such as ozone, water vapor and carbon dioxide absorb sunlight and weaken the rays of the sun. In which oceans are coral reefs found? The Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. What are the three kinds of reefs and how are they different?

Fringing reefs extend from the shore to the sea. At times they have a narrow stretch of water between the land and the reef. A barrier reef forms several miles out to sea and creates a barrier between land and sea.

What Are Symbiotic Relationships?

The third kind of reef is an atoll. These are shaped like a ring and lie in the open sea. Some are even large enough for people to live on. What is the largest barrier reef in the world? How big is it? The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is more than 1, miles long 2, kilometers and is made up of about 2, small reefs and coral islands.

Name two enemies of coral reefs. One is a starfish called the crown of thorns. In one day, it can eat the coral polyps in an area the size of a dollar bill.

Storms that can break up a coral reef with the force of wave action are another enemy of the reefs. Mankind, through over fishing and pollution, is a third enemy. Is coral an animal or a plant?

What are baby coral called and how do they grow? They are called larvae. They spread out along the ocean floor and attach to something, such as the skeleton of a dead coral or a rock. What do corals eat? Some coral eat zooplankton, tiny, microscopic animals that float in the ocean water around the reefs. Do corals have a backbone? Do corals have a brain?

Do all corals build reefs? When does the octopus squirt out ink? Why do you think this animal has this specific adaptation? List some animals that live in the ocean that you saw in the movie.

nemo and marlin relationship questions

Do clownfish really live in sea anemones? How do fish communicate? In the movie, Dory is always forgetting what just happened. Do fish have memories?

nemo and marlin relationship questions

Can sharks really "smell" blood? Marlin the clownfish gathers quite a varied group of friends -- other fish, sharks, sea turtles and pelicans as he searches for his son.

Do you think these creatures all get along with each other in real life? Nemo has one front fin that's smaller than the other. Would this be a problem for a real clownfish?

nemo and marlin relationship questions

If a fish from the surface swam to an ocean depth where there is no light, could it survive? Fill in the blanks as we watch some scenes from the movie. There are two main categories of aquatic biomes; freshwater and marine. Coral reefs are made up of a substance that comes from the skeletons of animals. It clusters together in brightly colored polyps. The setting for the movie Finding Nemo is the Great Barrier Reef and the characters in the movie are based on the real aquatic life found there.

Clownfish fear the open water. Other sea creatures in this drama include three sharks.