Nepal and usa relationship with costa

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nepal and usa relationship with costa

In Nepal, it is important to establish a personal relationship with colleagues or to . funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). H.E Ambassador Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki during an interaction with officials of Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency- CINDE, San Jose. H.E. Mr. Alvarado Quesada stated that Costa Rica's goodwill and support would continue in visit to Costa Rica by a Nepali Prime Minister after the establishment of diplomatic relations in United States of America.

Bilaterally, the reset has moved the trajectory of India-Nepal relations from a special relationship to also a transactional one that focuses on deliverables. New Delhi needs to look to the past in order to move ahead with Nepal and establish a relationship which is based on sovereign equality.

This would require India to view Nepal beyond the realms of security and an erstwhile component of its sphere of influence. More than simply countering anti-India sentiment, New Delhi must first understand the cause of the changing Nepali attitudes in the first place. Water and borders are two of the most important issues that can serve as a re-starting point in bilateral relations.

Malaysia-India relations at a crossroads When it comes to the regional dimension, China has become a major factor in current India-Nepal relations. First, it sees China as a hegemonic power eating into its strategic space and making inroads in South Asia. Second, its investments and linking of the Belt and Road Initiative is equipping Kathmandu to play the China card. This, in turn, is viewed by Nepal as an opportunity to balance India and do away with its dependency on its Southern neighbour by exploring new areas of cooperation.

Apprehensive of Chinese investments in Nepal, India has increased the foreign aid budget towards Kathmandu. They do not like direct confrontation. Showing anger in public is not acceptable. Refrain from raising your voice and pointing a finger at someone with whom you are angry. If there is a disagreement, talk it out in private with the person in a humble way to solve the problem. Do not shout in public or call names, which would be considered extremely rude and may even damage your personal reputation among those who witness this kind of behaviour from you.

Laughing out loud is also very common among Nepalese.

nepal and usa relationship with costa

If someone shares a good joke, it is not uncommon for the whole office to laugh out loud. Displays of any types of affection, anger or emotions in Nepal are discouraged.

While you may notice that people of the same sex are very affectionate, men hugging or walking with arms or hands linked and the same for women, any displays of affection between the sexes is not done in public.

As westerners, especially women, are generally viewed as much less conservative then Nepalese women, it is advisable to avoid any displays of affection in public.

What should I know about the workplace environment deadlines, dress, formality, etc. People dress formally in work environments.

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Men wear shirts and pants, and most Nepalese women wear a kurta long tunic, pants and shawl draped over the shoulders or chest. Kurtas are worn both as casual everyday wear and as formal dress.

Women can also be seen wearing shirts and pants. Short skirts are usually avoided, especially if you are visiting rural areas. A sleeveless top is acceptable at work. In the cities of the hills, dress in the workplace is semi-formal, that is to say, shirt and slacks, but not necessarily a tie for men and longer skirt or trousers for women.

Short sleeves shirts are fine, however, nothing which shows the shoulders. In the lowlands, the same rules apply, thought for women, dress should be even more conservative. In the workplace, Hindu women may also be wearing a sari or Kurta pajamas, and Buddhist women may also be wearing the traditional Tibetan clothes those this is rare in more urban settings. As a westerner, you can feel free to adopt these customs if you so choose.

Hindu men also wear the Kurta pajamas and western men can follow suit if desired. Punctuality is a fluid notion in Nepal. In the cities, when working with western counterparts, punctuality is being adhered to more.

nepal and usa relationship with costa

However, when meeting national colleagues or local government officials, it is not uncommon for workshops or meetings to begin well after the stated time. There is a high level of formality in the workplace in Nepal. It is important to emphasize the hierarchy and status of your colleagues. In order to show respect, it is important to understand and show the respect that is require for the status of each of your colleagues or superiors. How will I know how my staff view me?

Being friendly, respectful and a team player is highly regarded by colleagues.

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Local superiors or managers will value your education, work experience and knowledge in the area in which you are working. Good writing skills are highly valued as well.

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If staff like you, they will be willing to cooperate and work with you. Relationships are very important, and if you behave in a friendly and respectful manner, both staff and your manager will view you in a positive light. The most highly regarded qualities in the workplace in Nepal are education and experience. As in Canada, being hard working is also highly regarded. It is very difficult to determine how your staff may view you, as Nepalese will not directly share their feelings with you.

However, if your staff are very cooperative, it is usually assumed they respect you and will provide you with their best work.

nepal and usa relationship with costa

As you build relationships with colleagues at work, they will be your best source of information on what is happening in the office. In the workplace, how are decisions taken and by whom?

Is it acceptable to go to my immediate supervisor for answers or feedback? In the workplace, senior management, including Directors and CEOs, make majority of the decisions.

Input will be sought from Managers, but ultimately final decisions are often made according to the senior management hierarchy of the organization. It is certainly acceptable to go to your immediate supervisor for answers or feedback. It will depend on the personality of your supervisor and how comfortable he or she is in giving you time. Generally, immediate supervisors are available to mentor their supervisees, but again this depends on a case-by-case basis and how much you get along with him or her.

As outlined above, hierarchy is very important in Nepal. Because of this strong adherence to hierarchy, it is common for decisions to be discussed and made by those in the higher ranks. The idea of having inputs from staff, or taking part in bottom-up participatory decision making is beginning to be practiced by organized with higher number of westerners, however, it is not yet the norm.

It is acceptable to go to your immediate supervisor for answer and feedback, as this adheres to the levels of hierarchy in the workplace. Gender, Class, Religion and Ethnicity. What impact would the above attitudes have on the workplace?

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Nepalese society is traditional in nature. However the norms of gender relations are changing rapidly among younger generations. In a traditional setting, men are breadwinners and married women are homemakers. In Kathmandu the capitalwomen are increasingly seen as breadwinners as well.

In rural settings, women typically take care of household duties such as cooking, washing and taking care of children. In the workplace, few women are in management level positions. Men occupy most of the top jobs in the workplace, especially in private and government sectors. Management structures at non-governmental organizations may be different, and have more men and women working in similar positions. Religion is not a source of tension, as in neighbouring countries like India or Pakistan.

Ethnicity is one of the main topics of conversation in the current political climate. Nepal is a patriarchal society. While strides are being made, it is not uncommon to observe sexism in the office, with regards to levels of authority and promotions. The workplace is still very male-dominated and this has translated into very few women in positions of power.

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Ethnicity and class are intertwined in Nepal and they are very important to Nepalese life. The class system includes both Hindu and Buddhists Newar and is very stratified. In the current society it is possible for people to move up the class system through new-found social status.

nepal and usa relationship with costa

When in the workplace it is important to be conscious of this class system so as to make sure to hire, staff positions properly.

This is particularly important when working in rural areas. The two larger religions in Nepal are Hindu and Buddhism. Though Nepal is now officially a secular state, it was previously a Hindu nation and as such, there are many religious holidays to be enjoyed throughout the year. How important is it to establish a personal relationship with a colleague or client before getting to business?

nepal and usa relationship with costa

The establishment of trust and confidence is a precondition for the development of close working relationships with your colleagues or clients. A personal relationship may consist of sharing information about your family life, stories about travel, children, etc. It is not uncommon to mix personal and professional life with your colleagues or clients.

In Nepal, it is important to establish a personal relationship with colleagues or to re-ignite this relationship at each meeting before moving onto business. This effort to establish a personal relationship with colleagues is key to all good working relationships. As you continue working with colleagues and as time progresses, they will introduce you into their lives. This includes introducing you to their family, and inviting you to festivities and family events. This will in term help with all your business workings with these colleagues as well.