Norway and scotland relationship

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norway and scotland relationship

Norway, the nationalist story goes, has thrived since it split from "Up till now it has rather a one-way relationship whereby the Scots take an. The Scottish–Norwegian War was a conflict from to The conflict arose because of Map of North Sea showing relative location of Scotland and Norway, in relation to Shetland, Orkney and Hebrides islands. Both the Hebrides and. It always seemed too good to be true. And today it is all too easy to ridicule Alex Salmond for his vision of a far northern "arc of prosperity".

This was a 19th movement that sought to unite Norwegians, Swedes and Danes, with their mutually intelligible languages in to a single state.

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The movement revived - arguably - in the 20th century as a drive for cross-Nordic co-operation on everything from law enforcement to the creation of a single Scandinavian flagcarrier airline, SAS.

Could this new notion of Scandinavianism help those in the SNP who talk of a residual Britishness outlasting the union? Well, residual Scandinavian-ness survived ad-hoc unions between Norway, Denmark and Sweden, although always as a secondary identity.

And the Nordics, including Finland, have come up with solutions - such as a common travel area or "passport union" and respect for each other judicial decisions which would prove incredibly useful in a post-UK island of Great Britain.

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Have Norwegians noticed the parallels between their own Scandinavianism and British unionism - or modern Nordic co-operation and the Scottish nationalist vision of post-independence co-operation across "Britain"? No - well, just Mr Wold. What do ordinary Norwegians think of Scottish independence? We stopped a few in the streets of Oslo to find out. Ask a Norwegian whether they think Scotland should go it alone and they'll probably say that is up to Scots - but that they should think carefully about money first.

She said stressed she hadn't given the issue much thought before reflecting on her own country's history. The obliteration of pre-Norse names in the Outer Hebrides and in Coll, Tiree and Islay in the Inner Hebrides is almost total and there is little continuity of style between Pictish pottery in the north and that of the Viking period. The similarities that do exist suggests the later pots may have been made by Norse who had settled in Ireland, or Irish slaves.

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An 11th-century cross slab decorated with Irish and Ringerike Viking art on Islay was found in This loch was an important site for maritime activity for many centuries, spanning the Viking and later periods of Scottish clan rule. There is a stone-built quay and a system to maintain constant water levels. Boat timbers discovered there have been dated to the 12th century. On the mainland coast there is cluster of Norse place names around Largs and an ornate silver brooch was found on a hillside near Hunterston that is of likely 7th-century Irish origin but with a 10th-century runic inscription.

The distinction between the Innse Gall islands of the foreigners and the Airer Goidel coastland of the Gael is further suggestive of a distinction between island and mainland at an early date. In Dumfries and Galloway the place name evidence is complex and of mixed Gaelic, Norse and Danish influence, the last most likely stemming from contact with the extensive Danish holdings in northern England.

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There was a monastery, the head of which was an abbot, by name, Baldwin. Swein and his men were detained there seven nights by stress of bad weather.

norway and scotland relationship

The monks suspected their tale, and thinking they were pirates, sent to the mainland for men. Suffice to say that Norse names and culture came to completely dominate the two archipelagoes, while the Norse settlers moved west and south.

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By the end of the 11th century, they claimed control over the Outer and Inner Hebrides, much of Kintyre, the islands in the Firth of Clyde including Bute and Arran and the Isle of Man, or Mann as it was known then.

Caithness and Sutherland were disputed territories, the Norse Earldom of Orkney claiming overlordship well into the 13th century. He was also known as Magnus Barefoot or Barelegs, apparently so-called because he wore what was possibly an early kilt.

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Having made peace in Scotland, Magnus tried to conquer Ireland and despite becoming King of Dublin, he was not the first or last man to find that Ireland is a difficult place to rule — he became the last Norwegian king to die in battle near the River Quoile in Ulster in The Kings of Norway allowed their Scottish dominions to be controlled by powerful earls, and by the midth century, Norse rule was established around the north and west of Scotland with the Earl of Orkney effectively a sub-king of both Norway and Scotland.

YET apart from place names, very little evidence of Viking overlordship remains. It rankled with the Scots that part of their land was so dominated by the Norse who had formed alliances with the Gaels to rule the Hebrides, with the Norse-Gael warrior Somerled and his dynasty taking the Lordship of the Isles and, as we saw some time ago, threatening the mainland before losing the Battle of Renfrew in Bythe Norwegian King Haakon IV, also known as the Old, decided to restate his control over the Western Isles and he launched a punitive longship raid on Bute and other islands which owed him taxes.

There was no deal, and Alexander decided to take at least the Inner Hebrides for himself insadly dying as his battle fleet gathered near Oban.

norway and scotland relationship

At this point the fact that both kings were Christian intervened, as Alexander sent Dominican friars to negotiate some sort of peace treaty.