Odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes

Odyssey: Father Son Relationship in the Odyssey

odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes

Pertinent quotes from The Odyssey. Helpful for writing essays, studying or teaching The Odyssey. The relationship between a father and his son is strong bond that cannot be broken. it is expected that the relationship of Odysseus and Telemachus is as admiring whereabouts as explained in the most important quotes from the Odyssey. Everything you ever wanted to know about the quotes talking about Family in The Odyssey, written by experts just for you.

The father is similar to his son and the vice versa is true. Some aspects and values that fathers and sons share define them.

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These values are in The Odysseys by Homer to help shape father- son relationship. With this sense of responsibility to look after one another, the sons will always avenge their fathers from any humiliation. When Telemachus went enquiring from the king about his father the king told him of Orestes and what he did to the man who murdered his father.

According to Homer every man should have a son that would avenge for him when he his gone. A son should look at his father as his greatest father and uphold him in his highest esteem. The father on the other hand should protect his son from any harm. Odysseus would do anything to protect his son from any danger. He was gone for twenty years but when he returned Odysseus made sure that he protected his son.

You should have perished with him-'" Book 2, lines Quote 8: And all that time at Ilion, he and I were never at odds in council or assembly. Behind them the sun went down and al the roads grew dark.

This is the way the court of Zeus must be, inside, upon Olympos. How I loved the man, And how he fought through hardship for my sake!

I slumped on the trampled sand and cried aloud, caring no more for life or the light of day, and rolled there weeping, till my tears were spent.

Why did he go? Must he, too, be forgotten? The gods whose life is ease no longer suffer thee to pine and weep, then; he returns unharmed, thy little one, no way hath he offended.

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Have you not, you yourself, arranged this matter- as we all know- so that Odysseus will bring these men to book, on his return? If any god has marked me out again for shipwreck, my tough heart can undergo it. What hardship have I not long since endured at sea, in battle! Let the trial come.

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Never had I thought to see this land, but Zeus has let me see it Hardship he sent to you, and you must bear it. But now that you have taken refuge here you shall not lack for clothing, or any other comfort due to a poor man in distress. You see, I am a poor old stranger here; my home is far away; here there is no one known to me, in countryside or city. Once you approached her, you became her charge. I stormed that place and killed the men who fought.

odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes

Plunder we took, and we enslaved the women, to make division, equal shares to all. What brings you here by sea ways- a fair traffic?

Remember the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you. Would you feast on my companions? Puny, am I, in a Caveman's hands? How do you like the beating that we gave you, you damned cannibal?

Eater of guests under your roof! Zeus and the gods have paid you!

odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes

Your voyage here was cursed by heaven! Put up your weapon in the sheath. We two shall mingle and make love upon our bed. So mutual trust may come of play and love. As the story unfolds, we learn more about Odysseus himself. Eventually, the family is reunited, order is restored, and the story of Odysseus is complete.

When father and son finally meet, we then understand the true relationship between the hero and his son; this is the "real story" of The Odyssey.

odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes

If Odysseus had been a "dead-beat dad," who had neglected his family because of his own selfishness, this would have been a very different story. Odysseus, however, has spent ten years fighting in the Trojan War, then ten years trying to get home.

He has been absent from his family, not because he wanted to be, but because of circumstances beyond his control. Telemachus has been forced to grow up without the influence of his father. Did he naturally develop into a valiant warrior simply because he was the son of Odysseus?

Today, psychologists would call this the "nature vs. It is generally believed that both nature and nurture affect the development of personality.

odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes

Of course, the ancient Greeks placed a great deal of importance on a person's bloodline; they believed that the characteristics of noble blood would surface despite the lack of proper guidance. This is an important premise in the character of Telemachus. In the timeline of The Odyssey, the "real time" begins in book 1, then continues until book 4; books are a "flashback" of the adventures of Odysseus, then in book 13, we are returned to the original timeline, which continues until the end of the epic in book The most important part of The Odyssey is told in books and ; books are necessary to rationalize the absence of Odysseus during which Telemachus grows up without the physical presence of a father.

I find books and to be much more meaningful than the middle section, which is simply a series of tall tales about Odysseus contending with creatures of two basic types: Books could have been "surgically removed" and replaced with an infinite number of other adventure stories, and the continuity of the real story would have been preserved. In book 1, Telemachus is visited by Athene in disguise.

The very fact that Athene would even bother with Telemachus indicates that he has the potential to achieve greatness, as his father has.

He shows considerable understanding when he tells the disguised Athene about his missing father and the behavior of the suitors 5-b. When Athene "flew away like a bird," and Telemachus realizes that he has been visited by a god, he knew that he was not totally powerless. He "felt the change," which meant that he now knew that he could no longer just feel sorry for himself; he had to do something 7-b.

Telemachus is only about 20 years old; he was at that crucial age where he was no longer a child, but not yet a man. At the advice of Athene, he tells the suitors that they are no longer welcome, and that even if Odysseus is dead, they will be dealing with Telemachus, the new master of the house. He declares, "I will be chief in my own house" 9-t. This was probably the first time that Telemachus had ever stood up to anyone in such a way.

odysseus and telemachus relationship quotes