Pamu and kevin relationship 2014 jeep

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pamu and kevin relationship 2014 jeep

It may be recalled that Kevin was formerly in a relationship with his co-PBB housemate and season's 2nd runner-up Pamu Pamorada. The two. Kevin Rader, an insurance agent who co-owns his agency, said decades NEW JEEP WRANGLER$31,STOCK#17JT NEW FORD PLEASE GOLF CARTS Club Car Precedent Golf Cart  Plumb Still, many others have maintained their relationship, including FedEx. The clothes belonged to Paco, Pamu, Kevin, Jaz, Seichang, and Kim, who first both were later ordered to keep their relationship secret or risk nomination. Meanwhile, in Marinduque, Slater and Biggel ran into some problems driving their jeep Pinoy Big Brother ◅ ▻ All In () Housemates Name Entered Exited.

All factory rebates and incentives assigned to dealer. See dealer for complet e details.

pamu and kevin relationship 2014 jeep

Danny Shay, 59, of Avon Park now faces charges of fraud through impersonation, fraud through illegitimate use of credit cards and larceny by getting property through a stolen credit card. Bonnie Spiegel, 55, who lives at the same address, also faces the same drug charges. Since Thursday, she has bonded out of jail.

Deputies served the couple with a warrant Thursday morning on the fraud allegations. The victim reported the credit card stolen just before 11 a.

In less than 24 hours, between 8: May 14, it had four more charges. They were, in no particular order: On May 23 and 24, a detective went to the four locations and viewed surveillance video.

He saw the same person using the card: Three of the four surveillance systems recorded the vehicle he was driving: The detective went to the store and viewed surveillance. The man appeared to be wearing the same hat and shirt, reports said, and the car was the same gray Pontiac sedan.

This time video recorded the tag, which was registered to Spiegel, reports said, living at a house in the block of South Camphor Loop in Avon Park. A check of records showed a report from that address in March, which listed Shay as living with her at that address. He saw the gray Pontiac sitting in the driveway and Shay sitting on the doorstep. When deputies served a search warrant on the house last Thursday, they took away several bags of evidence. They found another straw like the other two, with a similar white substance on it, the report said, and a blue metal smoking pipe in a drinking stein.

Reports showed that both Shay and Spiegel were interviewed about the items. Both of their statements were redacted. Camphor Loop in Avon Park. Deputies served a search warrant in relation to fraud allegations; charges were led against Danny Shay in that case.

Deputies also arrested both Shay and Bonnie Spiegel on drug possession charges. Inpeople were killed in a crash involving at least one driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration of.

pamu and kevin relationship 2014 jeep

AAA predicts a record-breaking Even a percentage of a pound is call for celebration and recognition. So, you can image the excitement one member has been creating, when week after week, she sheds more weight. Being held accountable each week has given her incentive, too.

The goals are realistic. There are no celebrities, no sales, no endorsements. Weigh-in starts about 3 p. Call Olds at for more information. Weigh-in starts at 3 p. McKinstry, 93, of Sebring, Florida died June 30, She was a member of Sebring Church of the Brethren.

She is survived by her daughters, Jean Gore, Frances Lendes and Caroline Root; one sister, Nancy Bacon; 12 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at a later date. When we came home in the s and s, they spit on us and screamed at us. Fifty years later, the veterans coming home now are treated much better. This was thought up by the president; it makes us feel welcomed home.

We will give out pins to the vets that served at that time. It is to give thanks to guys, like me, who served at that time. The nation is grateful for what we did 50 years ago. He enlisted into the United States Army directly out of high school.

An infantry division was tagged on to us. I went a lot of places that I never would have gotten to otherwise. Everyone was afraid of nuclear war. Moore felt it was his duty to his country to serve in the military but also felt it was his familial duty to serve his country. He comes from a long line of veterans. He says he has nieces and nephews serving in Kuwait now. After Moore served his three years, he re-entered civilian life and became a CDL driver for 40 years before retiring.

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Tim Smolarick Publisher tim. Happy th birthday to us. Of course, we are throwing a party. Hamburgers and hot dogs sizzle on the grill. Bunting hangs off porch railings. Everyone dresses in red, white and blue. These men voted to change the status quo. According to an article by Ezra Taft Benson, on the website latterdayconservative. But, all this was two centuries, four decades and two years ago.

Tomorrow we go back to facing the challenges before us. We are the ones making history now. How will we be remembered years from now? How will we be remembered? To those of you with an interest on where candidates stand on an issue that most affects you, The Highlands Tea party presents videos of the following candidates that you may view at www. Tuesdays to listen to the candidates.

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me he or she does not live in the 17th District, because he or she lives in Lake Placid, Sebring or Spring Lake This district is huge; in land area it is the second largest district in the state of Florida. All of Highlands County is in this district, which includes all of the places mentioned above.

The following counties in entirety are inside our district: Parts of the following counties are also included: Lee, Polk, and Sarasota. For this newspaper readership area basically the southwest part of Polk County is in the district, including Bartow, Fort Meade and Mulberry. Some of the southern outskirts of Lakeland are included.

Lake Wales is no longer in this district. If you live in Polk County and are unsure in which district you live, the Polk County Supervisor of Elections can provide this information for you. I do believe I had just arrived by ambulance to the emergency room of Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center and the doors of the ambulance opened to a sea of people, all wearing a very nice shade of blue. I remember this as blue is my favorite color and I thought to myself that this happened to be a very nice shade of blue.

Oh, the things we think of in an emergency. I have to tell you from this point until I wake up after the procedure is a little foggy for me as things begin to happen around me suddenly and it is a whirlwind. I am pretty sure Dr. Thomas Shimshak, cardiologist, was in the group of greeters.

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You can imagine the fear those words put into me and I began calling loved ones and work, just in case. All the while there is a lady in blue standing at a podium handling what I can only think of as a checklist. She would yell out something and someone would yell back complete or done.

From an electric razor operating at full speed to needles poking me for IVs, stuff was happening fast. Again, the things you think of when in an emergency. By now the pain is just beyond describing. It is hurting, I am scared and someone whispers in my ear that I am going to get two meds that will help with the pain and the procedure. However, I will not be out completely in case there is a need for a transfer for open-heart surgery.

The folks going in with me must have recognized this and began to chat with me as we rolled toward the light. No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandise. No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandis e.

Finance offers available to approved applicants on retail sales only. Minimum or equal payments required. If you find an identical model in a carton from a local stocking dealer we will refund the difference. Factory rebates elegible on applicable models only. Closeout specials in limited quantities.

All models not at all locations. Manufacturer rebates valid through date of Ad. See store for additional details. French Door Refrigerator Winning or holding a legislative seat poses challenges for Floridians with white collar jobs, too. Jason Fischer, a freshman House member, said he had to quit his business development gig at Uretek Holdings now called Groundwork Solutions in so he could campaign while raising newborn twins.

Generally those who serve are those who are self-employed, retired, wealthy or have a willingness to live on a modest lawmaker salary yet who can still raise vast sums of money to get themselves elected.

Being self-employed often comes with the ability to set your own schedule. In total, at least 60 legislators owned at least a share of their place of work. Five lived primarily off of income from Social Security or another retirement program.

Emily Slosberg, D-Boca Raton, garnered most of her income from a decades-old court settlement. Slosberg was awarded the settlement after a car accident that killed her year-old twin. Few lawmakers legislate in order to eat. Just nine out of reported lawmaking as their only source of income. Senate minority leader Oscar Braynon, D-Miami Gardens, was charged with recruiting Democratic Senate candidates for the elections.

Bob Rommel, R-Naples, who owns several restaurants, said he has relinquished dayto-day responsibilities of his businesses to focus on the rigorous work of legislating. Paying legislators so little for so much work poses ethical challenges too, lawmakers said. Advocates and academics interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times pointed to a number of recent legislative debates in which lawmakers sided with the executive over the worker: But some lawmakers disputed the idea that Florida is governed by the wealthy for the wealthy.

I think we need to have more business people in the process, not less. Some, like Braynon, propose measures that would professionalize the Legislature: They say the part-time citizen Legislature, imperfect though it may be, is better than the alternative. But Lee said even guiding principles can sometimes use minor tweaks.

He supports a review process that would examine how Tallahassee could better represent the state. Reasonable minds could disagree about some of the coding decisions. Retired lawmakers were coded according to their most recent non-Legislature profession. Some legislators made the majority of their money from investments or rental income, but the Times only considered their earned wages or salaries. Income information came from and financial disclosure forms, when available, and were confirmed through news reports and interviews.

Some lawmakers have changed jobs since the moment captured by the Times analysis. There is an average of one school psychologist for every 1, students in the state, according to data from the Florida Association of School Psychologists.

The nationally recommended ratio is between and students per psychologist. We have him the Parkland shooterwe have Pulse, all these shootings all over because something happened to these kids when they were little to turn them into what they became. Districts will then have to draft plans for how they will spend these funds, such as on teacher training or making new hires, which the state will review and grant accordingly.

Florida has even fewer school social workers than psychologists, while counselors have the best student-to-staff ratio at students per professional. Which means competitive salaries are crucial.

But more generally, they caution against seeing it as a silver bullet. These are our kids. Ramsey said Tuesday she planned to call the county about that, and hoped to be allowed to move home at least by the end of the week.

Still, those visiting their units this week said they saw a silver lining. Ramsey selected a color pallet of light grays, while Cuebas went with light wood and earth tones. Ramsey said it was about 1 p.

Residents stood outside the building as crews put out the blaze. Residents of aected condos had not yet been permitted to move home. Oxford House resident Kay Ramsey sat outside her condo Wednesday, which was remediated and remodeled following a re in an upstairs condo Feb. More than a dozen units required repairs and residents have not been allowed to return home until inspections are passed.

These proposed improvements, and their estimated value, include a pedestrian bridge over U. Other enhancements west of U. The practice, however, remains controversial.

Sunseeker is expected to open by the end of The goal, she said, is to create a sense of place in Charlotte Harbor, attracting young families and a much-desired workforce to grow the local economy. John Redmond, president of project developer Allegiant Air, said his company is willing to improve infrastructure as a show of good faith with the county, not because the structures are vital to his project.

County Commissioner Joe Tiseo questioned if the space parking facility, the seawall and the U. And he is worried about the longterm maintenance costs, which go to the county after seven years. Tiseo stressed that the county will carefully oversee the hot el-condo complex plan from the very beginning.

Highlands news-sun

He said a public-private partnership is the most cost-effective solution. But Charlotte Harbor CRA Advisory Committee members, who earlier had recommended against the sale of county land to Sunseeker, once again voiced their objections to the plan. County Commissioner Bill Truex responded to the cr iticisms with one of his own, saying he is deeply disappointed in the advisory board.

Please keep them to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers.

The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters. Readers may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Further questions or information, call It has been enthusiastically received and is permissible, but no actual plan has been permitted. Was the massacre of 28 beautiful children worth it?

I rage that in my 20 years as a teacher and then an additional 20 years as a psychotherapist, I did not double my efforts to help those in need. I rage that a member of the Florida Legislature could suggest a plaque in each school: In God We Trust. I rage that the FBI followed up on the perpetrator and released him. I rage that the U. I rage at the American media which has brainwashed us into believing that every other production it seems must include guns.

I rage against the liberal media which is using the children as pawns for its gun-control bias, even when it knows that gun control, like drugs, will only drive the supply underground.

I rage because I must write this. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Here is the plan from Mr. I also feel that if we arm 20 percent of the teachers then we will havemore guns. Then the revenue for the gun industry will go up. Ha, ha, ha, ha! My suggestion is to get locks on the inside of school doors so that the teachers can lock them and get bulletproof windows. Guns have always been a part of society.

Most of us growing up in the s and Editor: I am so proud of the students in Parkland. Week 7 Day Lyn left in the early morning hours to return to Surigao for her mother's funeral. Mark, due to his consistent violation of the rules, was revealed as the forced evictee during the primetime broadcast, where everyone, including Team High-Voltage, observed a moment of silence for Lyn's mother.

Kim cried with Mark leaving. Big Brother stressed again the adherence to the House Rules, sending a red-suited police officer and a cloaked man to the Industrial and Luxury Houses, respectively, to keep watch over them with a list of violations each housemate already committed since entering the House.

Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited events | Revolvy

Mark's forced eviction became a hot topic at the Luxury House, which prompted the housemates to check the rule book again for clarifications. Roy, Tin and Biggel judged the "contestants" from their confession room. Both houses held their next Head of Household challenge, wherein they had to eat certain food items while wearing a football helmet. Unad and Biggel won. The housemates were assigned their weekly task. The Industrial housemates started practicing their songs for the weekly task with Paco taking charge.

Because of their closeness, Big Brother assigned Unad to have a drinking session with Seichang at another outdoor area resembling what used to be the Slums, with a male mannequin close by.

The mannequin represented Pamu's boyfriend who spoke to him over the speakers and Unad used his own relationship story to convince Seichang that he cannot have a real relationship with Pamu when the boyfriend is already in the equation. The discussion was apparently too much for Seichang to bear; he returned to the Industrial house crying and heavily drunk, leading the housemates to put him to sleep first.

Joya, Wendy, Divine, Seth, Roy, Kigoy, and Slater were made to wear straitjackets for using hand signals and will constantly speak only one syllable for failure to use lapel mics.

In syllabic language, he also ordered Joya, Wendy, and Divine to make him a cup of coffee, Seth and Slater to do Wendy's hair, and Roy and Kigoy to clean the girls' room—and do it in ten minutes. Since they all failed, the male violators were allowed to speak normally again after the girls led a Christmas carol using the syllable assigned to them Da while jumping. Seth and Kigoy had an argument because of communication problems from practicing Amazing Gracewhich led Big Brother to order Joya, Wendy, and Divine to try reconciling the two.

At the Industrial House, Seichang woke up having apparently recovered from his hangover and was cautioned by Big Brother about his drinking. He also came to accept the reality about him and Pamu.

As a test of his respect for her, he was secretly tasked to deliberately ignore her for the whole day. Pamu was rankled by his repeated avoidance and Big Brother gave her 75 minutes to confront him about it.

When she did fail, Kim was assigned to slap them with handcuffs of differing lengths, eventually cuffing both their arms to each other so they could finally talk. At the Luxury House, Seth played Santa Claus with each of the housemates sitting on his lap to talk about their Christmas wishes.

The next inter-House minor skirmish went underway, with caricatures of High-Voltage and Wayuk that Divine and Erica made, respectively sent to each other's house. The housemates were tasked to identify who best suits Big Brother's questions about traits and why. Wayuk won on a score, indicating their strong knowledge of the other squad. Both houses were assigned the second part of the week's main inter-House battle. The Industrial housemates woke up to find a special Christmas tree in the living room.

Unknown to them, Paco spent all night building it. Their reward was strawberry yogurt shakes from KFC for the housemates. Now starting over as friends, Pamu and Seichang went to the Resort for a friendly date that had an ice cream cart and swings. Reflecting on her childhood experiences, Luz was given two hours to cook beef tripe congee for the housemates and the estimated people who will troop outside of the Big Brother House for the caroling challenge, which went underway for both Houses. Erica sat out the task because of her religious beliefs, but helped out by offering calamansi juice to re-energize the team.

At the Luxury House, because he was identified in the mini-contest as one of the laziest Housemates, Jerico stepped up by cooking breakfast for everybody. The housemates pushed ahead with their caroling performance, but further disagreements between Kigoy and Biggel that have built up since the day before threaten to derail everything, with Kigoy even proposing a voluntary exit.

Big Brother cautioned him to keep it cool. Tin had an idea that a number of requests of Away in a Mangerplus one for their original song, came from her parents.

Seth went all vocal about thoughts on his housemates' factionalism and behavior to Tol, whom Deniesse and Slater approached to try straightening things out. Carlo and Deniesse were sent to the confession room to hear his rants. The Industrial housemates saw more Christmas fixtures in their midst. Their reward for winning the minor inter-House challenge was a return to the Resort, where they had to get chocolates from two plastic tubs floating in the pool.

Luz admitted that Big Brother's voice turned her on, causing the housemates to rib her about it. Paco and Kim stepped up in planning the music video of their original Christmas song, which was recorded inside the confession room before the music video was shot with Kim and Kevin as the lead talents. During the second caroling night, former Housemates Mark and Lordwin, Luz' daughter, Pamu's boyfriend, and Slater's family, plus three former Biggest Loser contestants, appeared to make their requests.

The Luxury housemates also recorded their original song and produced the music video. Seth had a showdown with Deniesse, Carlo, and Slater at the confession room, where Tol served as the arbiter. Because of her art skills, Erica was tasked to make a painting depicting Wayuk's relationship as her teammates pushed ahead with the penultimate night of the caroling. As daylight came, the Industrial housemates woke up to find pictures of their house in tatters, prompting everybody to clean up the place.

However, two masked housekeepers suddenly came over to take away all of the other things still strewn about. They also discovered the refrigerator missing secretly stashed at the Activity Areasaw plates full of rotten leftovers as reminders of their wastage, and Big Brother gave a lengthy sermon.

He said they can get the refrigerator back if they can take off six locks connected to chains lashed around it. The matching keys, plus 34 other false keys, were hidden in a pool full of garbage. They unlocked the refrigerator and returned to the house to find a list of violations for the month at the dining table, with failing to heed bedtime calls, taking baths outside the shower call, and speaking with no lapel mics the most common items.

On a signal, they were tasked to roll two giant dice to determine the nature of their punishments and who should receive it. Kim, Ryan, and Naprey were made to wear fake mouthpieces controlled by a ventriloquist and must act out what they "speak"Luz was forced to take a bath three times all her rolls had the same result and Jessica planked at the living room.

Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited events

At the Luxury House, Seth continued to sit out the weekly task by talking to Big Brother at the confession room. Week 8 Day In the early morning hours, after talking to Slater and Tol, Seth finally faced all of his housemates to share his thoughts about him joining the show and his life in the Philippines. At the Industrial House, the previous day's punishments made the housemates more conscious of their surroundings. With the success, the housemates discussed which charity to donate the money on.

High-Voltage agreed to donate their money to organizations focusing on victims of sexual abuse; Wayuk chose an organization for elderly people. Both teams' original Christmas songs and the music videos were played over the other's house. Deniesse and Divine commented on how soothing Wayuk's song was. Unad and the others had issues with the supposed lack of originality in High-Voltage's song. After Seth and Erica were evicted, Big Brother informed the housemates that the two will be the last evictees for the year.

Despite being saved from eviction, Wendy was teary-eyed because she would not be home for Christmas. They also prevailed in getting the most "likes" on the Facebook music video challenge with a score of 46,—31, earning for themselves a luxury item—a chocolate cake and choco-chip cookies.

Wayuk were affected by their defeat. Big Brother assigned the housemates a new task to create exchange gifts for the other team and do it in one hour. In Santa costume, Jessica visited the Luxury House as Wayuk's representative and gave a special good-luck doll to the housemates, leaving Biggel obviously smitten.

Deniesse reluctantly went to the Industrial house to deliver High-Voltage's "something naughty" gifts to Wayuk—despite fearing potential retaliation from Paco over the spraying incident on Day 33which also made her try to remove the gift for him from the delivery box until Big Brother ordered her to leave it alone.

Paco gave her some of the chocolates Wayuk got from the resort pool. She came back to the Luxury House to report on the success of her visit. Since there would be no evictions for the last two weeks of the year, the nominations were for which housemates deserved the best gifts of the year.

A reward challenge for the male Luxury housemates had them choosing the house's Krush ng Bayan a play on Crush ng Bayan [National Crush]; Tagalog slang for a very physically attractive person who gets the most attention from everybodywhich turned out to be Tin.

They were asked to try wooing her with a heart-shaped case of blueberries. She chose Biggel and their reward was blueberry pearl shakes from KFC.

Latest Titles With Carlo Romero

Both teams were assigned their weekly task. However, as they started planning their concerts, Big Brother showed them newscasts of the destruction brought about by tropical storm Sendongwhich left them saddened—especially Kigoy, who had relatives in Cagayan de Oro.

The housemates were left stunned by the images and resolved to work harder for the performance, with the impetus now on raising funds for the victims. Deniesse, Joya, Carlo, and Tol—all of whom nominated Eting for his Christmas gift—were assigned as his bodyguard detail for 24 hours, during which time they must keep him at a distance from everybody else. Kim was assigned to be the Industrial House's resident elf servant by doing all house chores alone.

Jessica was also challenged to cook her signature special meatballs with no assistance. However, unknown to the two, an elf-like figure named Paskolokoy portmanteau of Pasko or Christmas, and the Tagalog slang word kolokoy, or person who does foolish things will assign the other housemates do nasty tasks for him to receive their special food for noche buena and a gift for Kim that had something to do with her father.

He gave Pamu her first mission: When it failed because the meatballs tasted so well, she went to try stealing at least one mango from a stash Seichang was assigned to guard he once worked as a security guard to support his studies. Since they voted for him during the Christmas nominations, Unad, Steph, Naprey, and Ryan washed as many dirty dishes and utensils as they could in one hour, given that Seichang once worked as a dishwasher.

The housemates went to work on a "something big and hard" gift for Hi-Voltage, but Pamu used the opportunity to slip through and steal a mango after Seichang caught her in an earlier attempt.

Big Brother ended the task, leading Seichang to claim he had all mangoes accounted for. Earlier at the Luxury House, Tol momentarily lapsed and reported having pale hands, prompting a nurse to check on him at the confession room—there was no problem with his health. However, tension erupted between Biggel, Kigoy, and Roy because the first two disturbed Carlo, who was resting at the sofa after a long night of guarding Eting.

Roy was obviously flustered at Biggel and Kigoy's chronic apologies, especially Biggel's rants about being an ignorant idiot. Roy later commented to Joya and Deniesse that Biggel was gradually becoming like Kigoy, which made the girls plan an intervention. After Eting washed the dishes, he saw a circular stage in the living room where he had to perform the ukulele for five hours—and his security guards would turn it for five minutes every hour. The turning was made continuous for the final hour with Eting made to stand in the last 30 minutes.

The housemates also prepared their own "big and hard" gift for Wayuk—a cardboard impression of a blue fist wrapped with thunderbolts over a red field, signifying superiority over the other team. Deniesse and Jessica delivered each house's gifts once more—and both carried Kevin's messages about missing Tin. Jessica also toured the Luxury House. Paskolokoy ordered Steph to sabotage Luz' task of teaching her housemates new games that she plays with her children: Steph stole two of the prize bags Luz prepared for the housemates and never got caught even as Luz noticed that the bags were missing.

She later made a mess of things while Kim cooked carbonara for lunch. Reflecting on her childhood experiences about her mother not buying her a dollhouse, Big Brother tasked her to make a dollhouse for a special child. At the Luxury House, the denizens learned that no tickets have been sold for the concert, prompting everybody to start practicing. Wendy, Slater, and Kigoy went to a different section of the house to run a barbershop with ten customers while having leg weights strapped to their arms.

Big Brother ruled the task a success and revealed that three of the customers are actually Kigoy's long-lost siblings one of whom he has never seen all his life. Out of a line-up, a young woman, a skinhead boy, and a young man—all of whom sat at Kigoy's chair—stepped forward. Kigoy spent 30 minutes with them over meals.

Slater and Wendy, who nominated Kigoy for the gift, acted as human timers back at the Luxury House by strapping the weights at their wrists and gradually raising them every ten minutes. The weights placed great strain on the two, leading Big Brother to cut the reunion short. Both housemates were assigned to make a "something fun" gift. Deniesse delivered High-Voltage's gift—a special puzzle—to the Industrial House and gave the male housemates ten seconds to make a perfect square.

When the guys failed, she had all of them take off the shirts they wore at that moment. Deniesse returned to her house with the shirts and gave Kevin's shirt to Tin while deliberately throwing Paco's shirt to a chair. Jessica visited with the Industrials' own gift and took five minutes to get special items from all former Slums housemates. Steph was given 30 minutes to find a cellphone amidst a large pile of clothes, which are actually donations for the victims of Sendong.

She later turned over the cellphone to Big Brother. Jessica, Pamu, and Seichang were given one hour to fold the clothes and organize them in specific piles for men, women, and children. Because they have been playing around with their practice, Big Brother summoned everybody to the confession room and lambasted their dedication, prompting the housemates to be more serious.

Jerico, Divine, and Roy joined her at the Activity Area for their special task to have a gift for Biggel—processing the meat from coconut husks into five liters of virgin coconut oilwhich took several hours. The task was ruled a failure because the coconut oil was not properly processed but the housemates' determination convinced Big Brother to give Biggel's gift—a reunion with his mother after several years' estrangement.

Tin's translation was broken down into placards for Biggel to retrieve from the Resort pool and assemble in the proper sequence. Since Biggel had problems with the translation due to poor English skillsEting was brought over to the Resort to help him—and Roy et al provided assistance from the Confession Room after being shown what was going on.

Eventually, Biggel got only 37 words correct, which would be equivalent to the number of minutes he would have with his mother. Pamu and Steph tried out their phones' cameras before all three of them were summoned to the confession room where they also received gifts for their loved ones—a digital camera for Pamu's aunt, gift certificates for Steph's mother, and a batch of mangoes for Seichang's grandmother. However, they were asked to decide which gift they want to keep; in the end, Pamu went for the camera, Steph kept her phone and Seichang chose the mangoes.

Kim went to the confession room and got a four-minute call from her father, whom she had not seen since she was two years old and last heard from three years ago. Pamu, Steph, and Paco overheard the conversation from one of the bedrooms.

The housemates participated in a KFC bucket stacking challenge to provide food for the Sendong aid workers. At the Luxury House, Slater and Tin were challenged to make a pontoon bridge spanning the length of the Resort pool using spent water jugs and bamboo poles, with the reward a chance to hold a birthday party since their birthdays are only ten days apart. Both houses were tasked to make "something scary" gifts.

Deniesse and Jessica failed in a new task to make Ryan and Carlo sing, respectively. Roy made things clear that he would direct the flow of the concert with help from Carlo and Wendy. At the Industrial House, Paco confessed to Kim that he had a dream of High-Voltage's determination to use live instruments backfiring on them.

Both houses immediately went ahead with the dress rehearsals, even if High-Voltage still had some kinks. He added that the top three performers on both sides will have a chance to enjoy noche buena with their loved ones who are attending the concert. Week 9 Day In the early hours at the Luxury House, the housemates talked about the loved ones they saw.

Wendy also cried to Big Brother that she was stunned to see her father attend the concert when he never did at her fashion shows, treating it as a sign that she should go home. All of the housemates were given a chance to be with their loved ones for only one minute while being blindfolded at the Activity Area, but Slater and Jerico did not get the shot; their loved ones left already due to other pressing engagements.

The top three performers on both teams got to meet their loved ones for the feast: Paskolokoy rewarded Pamu, Steph, and Paco for their earlier tasks with a special lunch of tomatoes, salted eggs, rice and fish—which Paco took as a reminder of simple things in life. Both teams were able to see the entire concert from each other's perspective, giving them a chance to see all members for the first time.

Both Houses only had a PHP budget PHP50 per housemate to buy the groceries they needed for their noche buena feast, but the other team will cook their food.

Deniesse and Jessica then delivered the food to Wayuk and High-Voltage, respectively. Big Brother gathered everybody at midnight for a Christmas toast. The Luxury and Industrial housemates woke up to the sound of ballroom dance music, which gave them clues about their next inter-House battle.

Two dance instructors checked out the Luxury housemates at the Activity Area and taught them chacha, samba, and tango before pairing them off. The housemates were given their new weekly tasks see below At the Luxury House, Kigoy confessed to Big Brother about the emotions he felt upon seeing so many lost siblings in just a few days.

Both houses also attended the Christmas Mass. Two other dance instructors visited the Industrial House to start the training, with Naprey tasked to observe because he didn't have a partner. Noting some of the flaws in their own housemates, all the Luxury girls were made to wear face masks of Jerico and later, Roy and fully ape their mannerisms, right down to the clothes. The boys responded by mirroring Wendy who was not affected and Divine.

The Industrials' weekly task kicked off with them seeing a mound of dirt that had three "No" tags and a wall littered with "Yes" graffiti at the confession room. Luz and Pamu agreed to Big Brother's question about donating all their own clothes to the Sendong survivors. Paskolokoy finally appeared to all the housemates as Coollokoy wearing shades and hip clothesseeking revenge for their success the previous week. The housemates went to the Activity Area to continue their practice while Naprey stayed behind to clean the house—and Coollokoy had somebody dye him blonde.

Kevin was challenged not to groom himself for the entire week but Steph refused to have her hair redone after seeing digital images of herself superimposed with various hairstyles, resulting in her taking off one "No" tag from the dirt mound.

Big Brother revealed to the female housemates why Steph refused her task, which made Luz volunteer to do. Kim and Kevin were ordered by Coollokoy to do makeup on each other, then applied it to the other housemates.

They later went to the Activity Area for another training session. Although Naprey was left out of the inter-House battle, Big Brother gave him a secret task to train anyway with help from another visitor—a professional wheelchair ballroom dancer—and one of Wayuk's dance coaches.

Luz' newfound confidence with her hair left Kim and Steph feeling regret over not stepping forward. Noting their fair skin, Jessica and Steph accepted a challenge to get a spray tanwhich was later upgraded to a black skintone.

The housemates teased Paco for details about his girlfriend At the Luxury House, the housemates were made to put polka dots all over their skin, to which they played a touching game wherein they had to put their body parts on any of Kigoy's body parts.

Tol's team won over Joya's team on a 3—1 score, winning a batch of doughnuts while the losers got sour candy.

Jerico and Tin successfully counted the number of polka dots on Deniesse and Joya, who jumped on the trampolines for one hour—the assignment was part of the weekly task. The housemates who were mirrored the day before were made to write their resolutions according to what their other housemates wanted to see them change. They continued their practice. At the Industrial House, Steph and Jessica succeeded in their tanning challenge. Coollokoy 's mischief continued by making Ryan converse in a loud voice because he was soft-spoken and for Unad to cook pacham a vegetable dish for Paco and Kevin.

They later drank lambanog wine to wash down the food. Steph, Paco, and Seichang were asked if they wanted to have a cigarette and when they said "Yes," they got one stick each—but no lighter. Paco said yes to Big Brother's suggestion of having a new girlfriend, and went to the storage room to find a life-size ballerina his ex being a ballet dancer doll that would pose as his make-believe girlfriend; he named it Veronica for manika or doll. Inside the Luxury House, Jerico, Wendy, and Tin were assigned a new part of their weekly task—to handle a special crystal ball but must hide it from the rest of the housemates.

The ball's first predictions which the trio will engineer was the disappearance of all plates in the house, while a male and female housemate—Biggel and Joya—will suffer three misfortunes and strokes of luck, respectively. The sub-task failed because Deniesse had ideas about what they were doing and Biggel noted Wendy and Tin's rather deliberate disruptions during their practice.

Kigoy and Tol later discovered the plates. A local radio station's resident psychic gave predictions for to the housemates—all except Roy, Carlo, and Tol for personal and religious reasons.

Because Wendy had problems with her dancing practice, her sister came to the Activity Area to try a sample routine with the housemates watching inside the house—and Wendy was left stunned by her sibling's moves, since she had never watched her perform ever. The Industrial housemates received their special cash prize for winning the concert battle before heading for another practice session, where the instructors pushed them harder.

However, they found the money bag missing after returning from the Activity Area even Naprey never noticed it missing ; Coollokoy challenged them to split into pairs and find it all over the house, only admitting that it was in the dirt mound after they failed. Kevin's special task was given an added challenge—not to use deodorant and not change clothes. Coollokoy also played around with him, which finally gave him a chance to bathe again.

Paco eventually "let go" of Nika by bringing her back to the storage room, later admitting to Big Brother that it may be a sign that he really had to finally move on from his lost love. Naprey later practiced at the Activity Area. Meanwhile at the Luxury House, Tin finally reunited with her dogs as a birthday gift from Big Brother. Wendy, who was still afraid of the canines, was ordered to bring their feeding bowls into the house. During another practice session, the instructors got irritated with Wendy's sloppy moves and failure to look into Carlo's eyes.

Wendy, Jerico, and Tin were issued the next challenge of their weekly task—to balance one end of a long pole with the number on the palm of their hands for 2, seconds 33 minutes and 32 seconds and must accumulate a total of two hours to succeed.

Only Eting, Roy, and Biggel got through. Big Brother gave the girls a bonus challenge to balance the pole again for the same length of time to get additional eggs. Eting, Roy, and Biggel were tasked to balance the pole and transfer it to the other housemates within another 2, seconds, which they also lost. The girls also got their special dresses for the duel. The inter-House battle finally went underway after the housemates conducted their dress rehearsals.

During the showdown, where both sets of housemates finally saw each other in person for the very first time, team Wayuk were surprised to see Naprey perform his special number.

After the awarding, High-Voltage chose partners from Wayuk for a jive dance exhibition except Tol, Naprey, and Biggel. Week 10 Day At the Industrial House, Unad refused Big Brother's challenge to automatically nominate a housemate, resulting in all housemates being forced to choose.

Ryan selected Kevin, leading Big Brother to declare the task as success. The teams faced off in a special challenge involving counting down the seconds inside cuckoo clocks for eight hours. The object was to count off the exact time without having the time count go advanced, with certain housemates acting as the clock birds sounding every hour.

The reward was to have a team being allowed to go to the outside world to usher in the New Year. During a certain point in the counting at the Luxury House, Kigoy got irked by comments from Slater and Tin, to which he made remarks about "waiting for people outside.