Poly relationship stories and advice

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poly relationship stories and advice

Help Sharing & Advice for real life Polyamorous relationships, new or otherwise. Share your stories and blog about your current life situations, inspiring others. OK, I'll just put it out there: Being monogamous is hard. While that's usually a comment that my polyamorous friends get when they come out. 1 Man, 2 Women In A Polyamorous Relationship February 23, John Long story short, the three of us began doing more and more things.

Many polyam people do feel jealous and insecure sometimes. Many polyam people are not unusually libidinous and focus on loving multiple people rather than on having multiple sexual partners. Some polyam families happen when a single person joins a couple, but many happen in other ways. Some polyam people form families, some have extended networks of relationships, and some do both.

Some polyam people are promiscuous, but many are most comfortable with a limited set of close relationships.

1 Man, 2 Women In A Polyamorous Relationship

What relationships look like from the outside may have little to do with what they look like from the inside. For example, three people may appear to be a triad three romantic connections but see themselves as a V two romantic connections and one friendship or familial relationship ; they may appear to be in a closed relationship with a rule against outside partners but actually have long-distance relationships or just be too busy or tired to date other people right now.

Some people form familial or queerplatonic relationships that are just as important to them as romantic or sexual connections are to others. Polyam people can cheat; telling a lie or breaking a relationship rule or promise is just as devastating in polyamory as it is in monogamy.

poly relationship stories and advice

Most polyam people who have multiple sexual partners are extremely diligent about safer sex, contraception, and regular STD tests. Having unprotected sex without the advance consent of your other sexual partners is generally seen as a relationship-ending offense. Many polyam people raise happy, healthy children who benefit from having lots of engaged adults in their lives.

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Many polyam relationships last for years and years. Polyam breakups do happen, for all the reasons that any relationship breakup can happen—incompatibility, infidelity, abuse, boredom, dishonesty—but relationship evolution is quite common.

In urban areas large enough to support polyamorous communities, that community will be full of former partners, former lovers, and former friends all doing their best to coexist. Polyam relationships, like any relationship, can contain patriarchy, racism, anti-queer and anti-trans attitudes, abuse dynamics, etc.

As I mentioned, resource scarcity is the primary cause of tension in polyam relationships. Scheduling challenges come second.

George and Martha are married and live in one city, Alexander and Eliza are married and live in another, and Dolley lives in a third. George, Alexander, and Dolley all work in the same industry.

A member of a household of four is dating a member of a household of five.

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They all hang out together for movie nights. An all-male closed triad raises three children in a house with an actual white picket fence.

poly relationship stories and advice

In October, we celebrated our very first same-sex union ten months after the Constitutional Court ruled to legalise gay marriage. While inclusivity has taken big strides in recent years and more people accept a wider range of gender identities and sexualities, relationships involving more than two people remain a little too unconventional for many.

But, maybe this is changing too. According to an article in The Advocateit's estimated that 'sexually non-monogamous' people number the millions in the US alone.

poly relationship stories and advice

A polyamorous relationship is one kind, and it's gaining traction here in Australia. We all know that exists, in various other cultures, but that's illegal in Australia right?

You're thinking of polygamy — a major 'no go' zone here. LGBT advocate and activist Kathy Belge distinguishes polyamory vs polygamy by saying polygamy "is the term for having multiple spouses and is practised in cultures worldwide" while the polyamory "is usually not related to a religion and is unrelated to marriage, although some polyamorous people are married or have participated in commitment ceremonies with their partners.

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To define polyamorous, Huffington Post contributor Angi Becker Stevens, herself a polyamorous personemphasises the 'amorous' in polyamorous: Many of us have deeply committed relationships with more than one partner, with no hierarchy among them and no core "couple" at the heart of it all. This is where polyamory vs open relationship misunderstandings start. More than one person involved? Isn't that a person seeking "a bit on the side" while their partner knows about it?

According to sex and relationship therapist Renee Divine in an article in Women's Health"an open relationship is one where one or both partners have a desire for sexual relationships outside of each other, and polyamory is about having intimate, loving relationships with multiple people. Sheff says that because polyamorous relationships require honesty and constant communication—two things that usually shut down when a relationship is struggling—it requires you to face your issues.

And if you're not comfortable doing that with one partner, then it's not fair to bring a third party into the mix. You're not sure if it's what you really want. If your partner wants to be poly, and you don't, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship. Don't be pressured if you're not into it.

poly relationship stories and advice

Before diving in, Sheff suggests asking yourself these questions: Otherwise, no matter what you say, it's going to come across as cheating. And if they're not cool with it, then you need to either walk away from the idea or walk away from the partner, she says.

Trahan adds that, at that point, it might be in your best interest to pursue poly as a single person. To broach the topic, Sheff says it's critical to start with reassurance. Saying something like, "Babe, I want you to know that I love you, I find you desirable and I'm attracted to you, and I'm happy with our relationship," tells him upfront that it's not about being unhappy with what you currently have—and the more specific you can be, the better.

Then make it clear that you just want to talk about it, that you haven't done anything, and he can still trust you. Some Best Practices Figure out what kind of polyamorous relationship you want. One definition from one couple can be totally different from another's, says Trahan Polyfidelity, for example, means all members are considered equal partners who remain faithful to one another.