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Prateik Babbar sits across the room from us at his public relations firm's The only child to parallel cinema's stars, Smita Patil and Raj Babbar. This article talks about Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar and his tumultuous Such has been the journey of Prateik Babbar who was born to star parents Smita Patil and Raj It's common knowledge that Prateik always shared a rocky relationship .. Features Pet Memes To Help Us LOL Through The Week. By his own admission, Prateik, during his growing years, had a turbulent relationship with his father, Raj Babbar, who tied the knot with the late.

The other constant was a girlfriend.

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With drugs, I also needed relationships. I am very careful about falling in love now," he says. A stint at a rehab centre in Mumbai was followed by relentless counselling. Most psychotherapy experts arrived at one conclusion — he was trying to fill a void. But it was true. It makes me glad then that in the last three years, I have stayed away from a relationship.

The break gave me the chance to face my problems alone, even if I was facing them when high. Kakkar, a friend of the family, even had firm named by Smita. I was pushing everyone away. Inhe announced that he was now simply, Prateik. He said in an interview during promoting Dum Maaro Dum in that he regarded actor Abhishek Bachchan as his elder brother, prompting half-brother Aryan Babbar to blame him for "doing all kinds of things for publicity".

After advertising, I auditioned for Jaane Tu Unusually natural on screen for a debutant, he won a Filmfare for the role in For a while, things seemed to be going well. But during Ek Tha Deewana, love did him in. When she returned on work from England next, the intricate tattoo on her forearm, Mera Pyaar, Mera Prateik, was gone. I forgot I existed. I was jealous, possessive… crazy. Think of a bad adjective, and I have been all that in five years. And then, Vidyatai Patil passed away last year.

Prateik says he lost track of reality, right and wrong. Without her watchful support, he took to what made him feel better, drugs and alcohol. It was my number one priority.

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I was hurting myself the most. But isolated, he turned to his only parent. I wanted to love him. His day now starts at the gym, followed by class, meeting people and auditioning.

People will be wary, but I am positive that good things happen. I have to keep at it. I enjoy doing simple things like going to the market. I enjoy bargaining with the machchiwali.


Time, however good or bad, passes. Theatre and my children helped me hold myself. I grew protective towards my children, more so towards Aarya who was very young. Juhi had somewhere experienced a beautiful time with us. He never turned away from his responsibilities — even throught difficult times.

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The internationally recognised actor, just 31, died on December 13, due to childbirth complications leaving behind an day-old Prateik. Though she does confide being devastated at her sudden death. Mujhe bahut afsos, bahut taqleef hui thi for her mother, her family, for the child She Smita had her dreams and wishes. The grief of her passing away became larger than any other sorrow. It left everyone broken. It broke us all — Raj, Prateik, her parents and somewhere me too I have no ill feelings towards anyone.

You never know who will no longer be there with you He loves his father very much. Loves me as well. But he will settle eventually. Aarya too has now begun doing Punjabi films. Each one has his own climb, his own pitfalls.

Prateik Babbar pens tell-all about his drug addiction: Women came and went, but drugs didn’t

Prateik visited us on Eid. They have grown up with tradition and values. You are a mother first. You may remarry; you may have children through the other man and both of you may love them. But what about your first children?