Public relations and community relationship

Community Relations: an understated public relations activity

public relations and community relationship

One defines community relations as the corporation's unforced contributions to the community. The other makes community relations a branch of public. What exactly does Community Relation mean? as well as the resources and public relations goals of companies sponsoring the programs. Community-Related Orientations as Professional Values. Relationship Building. Critical and Postmodern Views of Public Relations. Critical Perspectives.

public relations and community relationship

Thus a company may have acquired a good reputation because it is always ready to help when asked in different ways—through people, money, or providing equipment. Managers at all levels understand in advance that this is sanctioned and approved. It is a corporate tradition, the way that things are done.

public relations and community relationship

In another company, community relations may take a much more publicly visible form. The company will be proactively generous.

The Importance of Community Relations - PR News

It may sponsor an annual festival, for instance; it may be the chief support of a famous hospital or research center; or it may be well-known for lending executives to civic causes or for taking a leadership role in fund-raising activities for the orchestra or the community theater. Such behavior is often the long, institutionalized shadow of a famous founder who set such activities going. They are still pursued with energy, at high cost, with a high level of public recognition.

public relations and community relationship

In the very nature of things, it is always difficult, in such cases, to distinguish "generosity" from "corporate pride. Under such a program, the company publicizes information about its activities.

public relations and community relationship

If it expands, it presents adding jobs in a favorable light. This definition is quite close to the currently prevailing understanding of Public Relations.


There is a school of public relations that holds that it is about relationship management. Phillips, explored this concept in his paper "Towards relationship management: Public relations at the core of organisational development" paper in which lists a range of academics and practitioners who support this view. The industry today Modern public relations evaluates a product or individual's public perception through market research.

Once data is collected and challenges are identified, solutions are presented in a campaign strategy to meet goals. Techniques may vary from campaign to campaign but some standard tools used are; press releases, press kits, satellite feeds, pod casts, web casts, wire service distribution of information and internet placement.

Community Relations

Others include entertainment product placement television, events, celebrityproduct launches, press conferences, media seminars, producing events, speechwriting, establishing partnerships and more is often required. According to Don Sheelen, "Examples of the knowledge that may be required in the professional practice of public relations include communication arts, psychology, social psychology, sociology, political science, economics, and the principles of management and ethics.

public relations and community relationship

Large organizations may even have dedicated communications departments. Soderberg in his book Public Relations for the Entrepreneur and the Growing Business, small businesses can become involved in their communities in any number of ways. Some recommended routes toward increasing community involvement include: Soderberg discusses a number of specific programs designed to increase a small business's visibility and prestige within a community.

Community Relations - benefits, Types of community relations programs

For example, the company might volunteer to develop a civic program, like a charity drive or auction. In addition, the small business owner, or another company representative, could give talks before the local chamber of commerce or civic association. The company could also invite community groups to tour its plant or offices, or could make its facilities available to such groups for meetings or events.

Alternatively, the company could prepare an informational videotape about its products, services, employment policies, and overall mission and make this resource available to the community. Informational brochures and newsletters might also be distributed to civic and government leaders. Another way to improve community relations might be to beautify the company's surroundings with a fountain, sculpture, or garden, so that it becomes a local landmark.

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Whichever types of community relations programs are used, it is important to keep the media informed about the company's activities. Soderberg stresses that for a small business, community relations should involve more than just an annual contribution to the United Way.