Renee oconnor and lucy lawless relationship advice

Xena reboot Lesbian relationship will make the cut this time around

renee oconnor and lucy lawless relationship advice

Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless in the original 'Xena: Warrior Xena and sidekick Gabrielle's 'close' relationship ended up becoming the. Actresses Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor - who played Warrior Princess Xena and her companion Gabrielle, the battling bard of Potidaea. Renee O'Connor (l) with Lucy Lawless and baby in scene from the of fully exploring a relationship that could only be shown subtextually in.

But I could not resist. This is a little series where they chat at each other in the most adorable way possible: Just chatting it up, about the show, about the mundane things in their lives. This is actually even gayer than their original gay because it is grown up gay; it is Established Lesbian Couple gay. No more hot-tubbing and making out because one of them is near-death on the battlefield gay, but like the boring spells of Bette and Tina gay.

The first time I ever lived alone, I watched the entirety of all 7 crazypants seasons in about a week. When it got to that very last episode and I was like, whatthefuckever are they doing!? Playing Lysia, the Amazon, on Hercules https: Warrior Princessshe appeared as Lysia, a man hating Amazon who gave Hercules what for.

Everyone knows that Amazons are the original lesbians. Getting all the way down with some ladies in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena https: While Lawless may be straight in 21st century Real Life, she has no problem playing the Sapphic role quite believably. You sure had us fooled.

Was this a result of Lucy Lawless' role as Rizzo in Grease? What's up with this?? During fight scenes we used to joke around, "Wouldn't it be funny if we were singing: He's a huge fan of opera and Lucy is an opera singer. It's set in a fantasy land called Illusia. Gabrielle and Xena go there because they're so full of hate for each other after everything they've been through. Does the character sing?

They've hired a woman I feel like, y'know, I'm watching MTV video awards, singing along like I was really intimidated by it to begin with. I thought, "Oh no, I've got to sing in front of the crew! But it's been so much fun. Is it loaded with a lot of opera in-jokes?

There's no real opera singing. It's mostly songs that you might hear in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. We're making fun of ourselves but then all of a sudden there's this element where you might relate to what the characters are going through and it might affect you in some way.

It's more of a "rock" opera. A Xena rock opera! Xena is such a great show. I began watching because of a recommendation from a film buff I trust and because of Sam Raimi There's an intelligent following, above and beyond the clamoring fans That's because of Sam and Rob.

renee oconnor and lucy lawless relationship advice

They like to deal with obscure characters, people fighting their dark side. That seems to be a theme running throughout most of their work. I think that this character, Xena, falls right into this. Rob's just having a ball. Especially with the musical. The musical is his baby. For him to just try something so bizarre for television. Speaking of piped-in singers With such a physical role, how many doubles do you have at a time?

One standard double or a crew? I have a body double who has the exact same hair that I have and wears the same costume, and a stunt double and a riding double who each wear a Gabrielle wig and costume. You only see the body double if it's maybe a hand or a foot, or walking in the distance with the horse. Of course, during the walks along the beautiful landscapes with the Xena body double and Argo - in all the places that we don't see Were you and Lucy even in the same shot together at the same time for the big, controversial "Kiss" scene?

Eddie Wilson cracks the warrior princess up. Oh, yes, we were.

renee oconnor and lucy lawless relationship advice

Lucy had only just come back from her accident and she couldn't do a whole lot. Well, this frame-by-frame analysis betrays a lack of shadow on you when she's leaning into you. I am among a contingent of people who believe that it's entirely a matted shot. Which if it's true, is completely hysterical considering the Well, we didn't actually smooch, but we had the shot and we came in very close together.

We were definitely there. We were in front of a blue screen. They wanted to make it heaven-like. That's why there probably wasn't any shadow.

Xena and Gabrielle: Lesbian Icons

But we were definitely there together. On to the "L" word: Do you guys hire real live lesbian consultants for the show? Seriously, how much of the show's lesbian "subtext" was a response to fans reading into the show? Mostly, the characters started developing and having an intimate friendship which was non-sexual. People looked into it and said, "Oh, this has to be something more than what it seems. That's where the lesbian subtext started, mostly from the strong female following.

Then the writers started playing it up and we did as well. We just said, "Let's just make it as ambiguous as we can. It's such a profound relationship, you know. It's not even about sex at all, it's just about a deep friendship.

There are all sorts of rumors that you're not completely happy with some of the choices that Gabrielle makes this season. I'm so glad you asked that.

renee oconnor and lucy lawless relationship advice

That drives me crazy! At one of the Xena conventions, I said that I didn't always agree with the decisions that Gabrielle made in her life in dealing with her friendship with Xena. People took that to mean that Lucy and I are upset with what the writers have done with our characters and that we have no control of it whatsoever. She's affected by the world, but is still trying to find who she is as a person. In the episode that we were referring to, Gabrielle killed someone for the first time.

That's completely traumatic, a huge turning point in her life.

renee oconnor and lucy lawless relationship advice

She went to the other extreme and said, "Nobody should die and no one should be executed, especially by my best friend, if I can stop this.

I would never do that to someone I truly loved and cared for. I think that a relationship comes first.

Mind-Blowing Secrets Fans Didn't Know About Xena: Warrior Princess

But Gabrielle has such high moral beliefs above anyone I know in real life. She acts for the greater good. The show is distributed and is meeting with success all over the world now - it's not just a "states" phenomenon anymore.

You are becoming well-known. Bard of Poteidia, Gabrielle not only chronicles the adventures of the Warrior Princess but her wide-eyed naivete, idealism and sweetness is the foil for Xena's darker side, harsh past and hardened nature.

Warrior Princess is the TV show which more than any other captivates, charms and titillates the lesbian viewer. The growing relationship between hot babes Xena and Gabrielle, their cheeky double entendres, slapstick heroics and blatant correcting of history as written by men have all made XWP a cult among women.

Xena Warrior Princess, 22 years on: What you never knew about hit show

Australian audiences recently saw Xena promise to better acknowledge Gabrielle's contribution to the team and their adventures and we thought Lesbiana would do the same with a few 'tit bits' about Gabrielle and her alter ego Renee O'Connor ROC. Xena is our sexy character, if people don't think that Xena, Warrior Princess, has sex appeal, we're out of luck Well they got that right, but I wonder who they thought she'd appeal to.

So we decided, 'Let's get the best actress as Gabrielle,' and in reading the scenes, Renee was just the better actress. And, it's funny, because we cast Renee for one reason, and now I think she's an incredibly attractive, very sexy character as well. And the skirt, even though it's small, it's appropriate for my body type.

I think it's the great irony of the character: