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The Flash's Shantel VanSanten on Barry and Patty's budding romance .. for their relationship, opening up to each other and building that trust and that Shantel-Rob [Buckley] and I visit the comic book shop probably two times a week. So just between us, everybody's putting on a really brave face but I think they're all really scared because I can't imagine losing you It's too much to imagine. , Trust Me, Jessica, 1 episode: "All Hell the Victors" Robert Earl Buckley ( born May 2, , Los Angeles, California, U.S.) is an After being in a relationship for nearly 2 years, Buckley and beauty queen, Jena Sims.

So let us take a stroll through her personal life! With the beauty Shantel possesses, she has been able to capture the eyes and make a firm place in many people's hearts. But has someone been able to capture the heart of this beautiful lady? The answer might as well be a "YES" as she has a boyfriend in her life and shares a romantic and smooth relationship with him.

She was enjoying the drinks with her boyfriend and was on several trips to the spa and resorts. Similarly, Days of Our Lives star made his relationship public on Instagram back on 7 July following the adorable kissing picture with Shantel on National Kissing Day. Victor Webster's Instagram While Victor has been open about his relationship with actress Shantel, she seems to have taken a timeout to share the good news with millions of followers.

Shantel VanSanten's Instagram While she seems secured about her new dating life, her relationship with the British actor Jon Fletcher was the memorable one. Since the couple removed all the pictures from their Instagram, they have still remained mum about the state of their relationship. But Shantel has already another love interest whom she is hitting the public places. Beautiful Shantel has previously been in several other relationships which did not manage to last for that long.

She dated Michael Johnson fromand she also dated James Lafferty from But she was in another relationship around when she was rumored to be dating her co-star Robert Buckley. I mean we sleep in the same bed and nap together and to have that friendship to me is so important.

It's all about those little things and it's all about reinforcing. I'm just so glad that it spoke to people. I'm glad every day. When you send me responses, I try to remember that it's about my heart and my soul.

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That's what it's about. And to keep doing the right thing with my life, that's what matters. It's not about whether or not I worked out today, or what I ate today, it's about the fact that I reached people and helped.

I know you guys will find out very soon whether you will be back for another season or not. If it is the last episode ever I think he just wanted the fans to have closure. I know that the fans are used to big, dramatic, emotional and large circumstances happening but it's a quiet episode.

It's more like the heartbeat that's behind everything. It's in the simple, small moments that you find the heart of this show. It's in the small things you say to one another. The moments that couples have, or sisters have, or some family members have. There's nothing huge that happens but I think that's only fair because if it is the last you wouldn't want to leave people hanging. We won't be making a movie! Laughs As much fun as it would be to make a movie. You never know actually with Mark and everybody and especially with how many fans we still have.

Are you satisfied with the ending for Clay and Quinn if it is the series finale? I think it's best for where Clay and Quinn have come from and where they are now. It just kind of makes sense. I actually don't expect everyone to agree with it.

But I really love where the story ends if that's where it ends for us. And what's great is it ends in a place for everybody where I think that the fans will feel fulfilled, but there's still more story to tell if it isn't the end. It really is kind of a springboard for even more storytelling. If it's the end Mark has always found a way to finish his stories well and if it isn't then it's going to be a really interesting season nine!

The show will find itself in a different place than it ever has. Our lives are all going to be in a different place. We just saw the Puerto Rico episode, how was that to film? It was a big Quinn episode.

Shantel VanSanten Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend, Dating

It's funny the episodes in the beginning of this season were very Clay and Quinn episodes just because of the way the finale was and they were storylines I could really sink my teeth into and use my emotional toolbox for.

And I enjoyed them very much. Then after that it was a celebration of life and of a relationship that kind of found a new place for Clay and Quinn.

How could you go through something like that and not want to live your life to the fullest?

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Especially with each other. It's one of those things where it's a game changer. You get shot, you both survive and you realize how much you love each other, and now you get to live your life to the fullest and you get to do the things you dream of. You get to be with the people who are most important. I think for Quinn she reflected back and realized how important her family was and how important love was to her.

She kind of was goofy! I loved doing all the fun, silly stuff that maybe to everybody else didn't necessarily have a true purpose or meaning, but it did because it showed that she was living life again. Having gone through a divorce, losing her mom, finding somebody she could confide in, falling in love with Clay, and then being shot; it was like every time she would get up something would bring her back down.

And for once she got to be happy. And help other people. Help her sister through her pregnancy. Be there for Clay through his recovery.

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It was very selfless, where the first season Quinn was the one who needed more help. So the Puerto Rico episode was the first time where it was Quinn's episode again and it kind of got to be about her.

I thought it was important to see her working again and to see her passionate about something. She shot photos of the wedding and we spoke of a few other jobs that she had here and there but it was the first time I feel she got to love what she was doing again and she fell in love with the side of it that mattered the most: I think it was important to show.

And on top of it it got us all to Puerto Rico! We shot at the very end of everything. It was kind of a nice way to end the season. What was the most challenging part of this season for you as an actress? It was funny to come back to when you were so excited to be reunited with all your cast-mates and then to have such a heavy storyline, of course, is challenging and was challenging.

But I always accept challenges. It's what I live for in acting. It's fun and it's great to do the comedy and the goofy stuff. That stuff kind of comes naturally because I'm a big goof-ball, but it's the emotional stuff that is so difficult because you make yourself so vulnerable. In episode three, the one where I was alive and he wasn't, we shot all of my work in one day in one hospital room.

I don't think the tears ever stopped. That's always a challenge. Greg Prange directed that episode and Joe Davola directed the one before it, that was really emotional too, and they all I feel served such a great purpose for Clay and Quinn's relationship.

It only deepened our relationship and our bond even more so I was more than willing to give everything that I could emotionally for the sake of their relationship. It's not a process where it's like once you're done, you're like, "okay, I can stop crying! We go home and we watch something funny, order Chinese food and we sit around and try to decompress from those kind of days. I'm grateful for them but they are the most challenging.

I think you and Rob did such a great job with all those emotional scenes early on. We can't be good without each other. A scene is collaborative. It's never about one person. Even if Rob had his eyes closed when I was speaking to him, it would be him squeezing my hand in my closeup as I balled my eyes out. I could never be more grateful that I got to work with my best friend for two years.

It's something that I really hold on to. Him and I have texted each other about what we feel about having a season nine and it's always like we're in this together. Hopefully they don't ever try to separate us! Laughs I think we'll probably protest. Having friends like them, they've been a huge cornerstone and a huge foundation for me being able to flourish on the show and in that environment.

I think a popular scene that so many loved in the hospital was the monologue with Jamie while Quinn was in her coma. Jackson Brundage is such a little professional! What's funny is while he was giving his monologue, obviously I was supposed to be in a coma, and when it was his coverage tears were streaming out of my eyes. I told them you have to do his coverage first because I'm going to cry even with my eyes closed.

There's no way that I can't. Of course I did. Laughs But you'll see on the blooper real, I woke up and scared him right before the end of his scene. So he gave me the star and he reaches in to give me a kiss and I grabbed him and scared him! Laughs We get to mess with people a lot during the coma stuff.

What was the most fun part about this season? Laughs It just so happens that Quinn's not good at anything. She's not good at singing. She's not good at dancing. She's good at photography and that's about it.

Laughs I told Mark, you know Jana [Kramer] can sing, Joy can sing, everybody has these great qualities, and I can't really sing. I can't really dance. Laughs I eat Toaster Strudels a lot so all of that was fun!