Royce and desmond relationship

Royce Reed Posts Nasty Texts From Ex Dez Briscoe | Bossip

royce and desmond relationship

It's been a rough week for Basketball Wives star Royce Reed. Readers can say I'm dumb if I go back, but with relationships come mistakes. Put On Blast: Royce Reed Exposes Ex Baller-Boo Dez Briscoe's Freaky write the messages, and his relationship with Royce was donezo!. Related "Ed Royce" Articles. Trump contradicts Desmond Butler and Tom LoBianco. After a year Foreign Relations Committee Chair Ed Royce Addresses.

royce and desmond relationship

New business opportunities just chanced to come his way, too commercially attractive to pass up. He takes such care to present himself as a reluctant pornographer that I wonder if he wishes he could have made his millions through other means.

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Pornographyif you look at the technical thing, is illegal. Does he consider it fundamentally positive?

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But watching the Fantasy Channel on Sky, yes. Everyone should watch it. If he could read just one daily paper, excluding his own titles, it would be the Guardian.

I like the Guardian. It was a load of rubbish.

royce and desmond relationship

Domestic life for Desmond has undergone a radical transformation since his first marriage of 27 years ended in His eldest son is in his 20s, but he now has a four-year-old-daughter and six-month-old son with his second wife, an American called Joy, who he met in a BA lounge.

He mentions his new family at every opportunity, with the tender delight common in men finding fatherhood more enjoyable the second time around, so I ask if he has changed as a parent.

royce and desmond relationship

So his role is …? Would you really want to sit there with all those old tosspots?

Royce Reed Writes Open Letters to Cheating Boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe's Baby Mama and Fans! | Rucuss

And then it gets better. Today, Christina posted a series of text messages that reveal a contact named Dezmon telling her how he wants to have sex with her again, wants to bend her over and give it to her, and conveniently ignores any questions about Royce: Royce accused Christina of being a bitter baby mama and concocting text messages.

And having her friends text her these things and changing their name in her phone to Dezmon's. Because Royce believes Christina is just mad Dez has moved on. Especially since Royce said she asked Christina to go ahead and send her the messages the night before, via DM.

royce and desmond relationship

So Christina takes it one step further and shows the details of the sender We're nice enough to edit it out ourselves. Royce popped back with: Look at ur past captures! U c a "green" difference? U doin 2 much!

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It should b black ok I'm done! I'm just shocked she actually got friends sendin her texts or changing ish! And Royce ended the convo in the most predictable way possible. She posted the above pic and said: