Sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

Find out Cancer man and Sagittarius woman compatibility characteristics. Unveil details of how its compatible in bed, love match, life, relationship, and more. Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility However, two people with these signs can get in a relationship and fall in love and. I also have a Cancer man guide and Sagittarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post.

I guess dreams do come true sometimes though. I wished he'd reply sometimes though. I miss him but I especially miss that time in my life when I was learning so much about life. I think he was the only Cancer I ever really loved though. I kinda regret never going back there to see him but it kinda far away and in a bit of a dangerous area of this city. Is it weird for Sag girls to really love a guy a want to be with him forever but have a list of guys in her life that she'd love to be with too in case it doesn't work out or something.

I don't know personally speaking I can never make up my mind and I don't want to ruin friendships with some of my male friends. I prefer earth and water signs although there are some Sagittarius's I'm really attracted to too. I've been in a relationship with a Cancer man and it was going really well. Then he stopped talking to me for a week. I was sooo upset. Then things got heated and we spent a lot of time together. We had the best sex and had the best times together.

But, there was still a doubt in my mind that he was still talking with other women. He said no that he loves me and wants to be with only me. That felt good to hear. Then now recently the texting and calls are getting farther apart. And some days we don't even speak nor text.

Im worried that he's trying to end it. Im very confused, cause I really love him with all my heart. Reading your experiences is like reading mine. Im in love with Cancer for couple of months. Its really hard, but I don't want to let him go cuz most of the time he makes me happy. He is hyperactive, and has a lot of energy he trains capoeira and dance salsa. He is a real adventurist, and it fulfils me.

Sometimes he is warm and crazy about me, but sometimes he doesn't call me at all and is ignorant. Many times I get hurt, but I understand him and I let him go, cuz he always comes back to me. Im a Sag and I am sooo attached to this Cancer man.

sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

We Have been talking for on and off almost a year. He would just stop talking to me for no reason and then sometimes get a girlfriend and fall in love. It hurts but I feel its my fault because I wanted to beat him to the punch and say I didn't want a relationship so he wouldn't think I had more feelings than I actually did. But when Im around him I never listen to him nor do I really talk to him but when he leaves I feel so.

Also part of me feels he's a player because he started talking to someone else on right in front of me but tried to make it so I wouldn't notice.

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And he falls in love so quick its really ridiculous. Me and him have been together for months now. I really love him, but I don't want to let him go, cause he makes me happy.

I never been happier in my life! He cares a lot for me and I can feel it, but sometimes just gets a little to clingy like his sign says. I can see him and me in the future married, and having kids. He knows how to look after me and let me have my fun, an d freedom. He likes to stay home, and would only go out, only if im there. Sometimes I hurt him with my harsh words, only cause I'm scared of losing him. Im a Sagittarius woman and I like this Cancer man very much, he knows how do I make him feel like he can open up to me?

It felt like three decades. He was 44 yr old mommy's boy, critical, superficial, judgmental, opinionated, spoiled, picky A Cancer man is like dating a child Find an Aries or Leo I am a Cancerian, strongly attracted to a sag woman in the work place.

She is a divorcee. I think they make you fall for them and then dump you in the dumpster. Sag girls love straight forward approach. As far as I'm concern I give more credit to a guy that has the nerve to come up to me, then a hottie that thinks I will approach him. Im a Sagittarius woman and am in love with this Cancer guy. I could feel there was something special about him years back when I first saw him.

Then I'm afraid that because we are from different social classes, it can get in the way. I'm a Sagittarius woman, I met my Cancer friend from an online dating site. We've exchanged txt messages and finally met in person. He's so attractive just what I want on the surface. It's only been 5 days now since he and I met. We are staying in contact learning a bit about each others' work schedule. He has 2 jobs. I have one at home.

Well my impressions now of him are mostly what the other Sag women have stated, especially about the cautiousness. His voice is so comforting and soothing to hear. I want to hear his voice as much as possible. Unfortunately, it's mainly texting.

sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

When we do speak voice to voiced he's really quiet not much of a talker. He once said he's going with the flow. He was once married for 7 or 8 yrs.

sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

I divorced as well. He says he's not in a committed relationship just casual dating. Is this a warning for me to back off and move on? Or is this his cautious side. Again he's really not a talker. I really want to get to know him. I want to kiss him too. He's gorgeous to me. Im a Cancer man myself.

The funny part is after all this I can actually say it makes sense. The term "moon child" not if it was ment literally but I love the night you know. Well that's not relevant. The point is I've been dating a sag' she's a party goer kinda wild and stuff like that and yeaa I don't like her going all out to party's and as a Cancer myself im not too into party's but I wouldn't oppose it either I mean not to toot my own horn but I've been notorious for my good party's.

Now where was I? She does tend to say some hurtful things when we argue and yess it get mad it does hurt to a certain extent but oh well usually on the phone I just hang up. And she calls me like 6 times before I pick up the phone.

I let the anticipation build up lol. And she's apologizes and I forgive. I mean I may not see it myself but hey! I must be doing something right. Emotionally I mean every now and th en out of thin air I just get this feeling like "wow I love tis girl" so I call her hoping she doesn't pick up and leve her something sweet.

And the ironic part she's usually tells me that I don't call her as much. Well let me say at 1st I wasn't the best I mean for gods sakes the 1st time where gonna have sex I completely shut down. I was so embarrassed. She was pretty open to new things she hasn't done or stuff she hasn't tried.

Well afterwards I got her to speak during sex. And what I took as a compliment was her very own words. And I quote ". I never had that feeling before don't stop And we would spend whole days just going at it. But being the guy I am from past experiences not particularly mine. But I felt like we should communicate more personally to get the idea of "he only wants me for sex" out of her head from the get go.

So now its going great. And for 7 months. Yess I admit I think about our future and having kids specially twins cause that's what she wants. But I don't tell her much. But I feel like I can live a long happy life with her as my wife. I mean I won't lie I have had this type of feeling with 1 other girl. It was just a fantasy. The 1 girl I couldn't not have. I love this sag girl. And we make it work! Well I'm not going to lie, I love the hell out of my Cancer Man!!!

I've had the arguments, the thinking he's creeping with other females, the not calling me as much, the not being open to me, etc, etc. My name is Dan and I am a Cancer born July 7.

And I was with this Sagittarius for almost six years. We were everything for each other. Then I guess we outgrew each other. I think our minds took us to different directions.


I think she judged me as a broke loser and thought she could do better. I admit that making a wage was and still is not one of my main priorities just yet, But I feel my moral compass has been leading me properly. I would never had judged her in such a way.

What kind of person would just give up on love for a better deal. She would lie and say she was happy, but not satisfied.

sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

I don't know that was really immature and unrealistically materialistic. All we can do in life is learn from it. Or continue to suffer from it. I chose to learn from it. I'm a fiery Sag lady and the love of my life is a Cancer, we only dated for a year and that was almost 8 years ago He married the next woman he was with, and friends have told me he did so for the money and life he could have with her I realize it will never be the same with me and my Cancer man Ive been with this Cancer guy for 2 years.

We had a great relationship really exciting and fun. Then he started being kinda mean. So being a sag I decided to completely kill his spirit and feelings just to see his reaction. I know he loves me but when he hurts me I react, maybe too strongly.

So in a way I wanted to know if he really cared or not. Any Cancer men that can give me some insight? And how I might make him see things through my eyes. I still love him.

sagittarius woman and cancer man in a relationship

We have shared kisses that have been I am not offended, I to be honest am not available for anything too deep at this moment in my life. We are from different worlds I sometimes think, I know he feels this way.

I would not be acceptable in his social world. To cut a long story short, I know that he has a lot of stress going on his life, I can not offer him what he may need, as this involves laying my cards on the table, I can not do this, I have done in the past and just got burnt However, "it" dos not work, does not gel, partly because neither him or I really want it too work, the fantasy is always better in my mind, though, also because it is the wrong time in life.

She can be naughty and passionate. While he rationalizes and thinks before he acts, she is spontaneous and will jump on every whim. When it comes to expressing his feelings, a Cancer man is romantic and shows his affection by being romantic.

A Sagittarian lover can make the relationship more exciting and fun.

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Between the two, the man is the generous lover while his partner can inject some adventure in their relationship. As a couple, they can work together and have a healthy and loving, serious relationship. He will be the one to keep the family together by offering comfort and security and she will be welcoming of the serenity and kind of life they can share together.

Sexual Compatibility When it comes to intimacy, the fire and water signs bring passion and sensuality in the relationship. The Sagittarian woman is so passionate, a trait that her man loves about her. She, on the other hand, appreciates his gentleness and sensitivity when it comes to consummating their love. On Arguments Since the Sagittarius woman is outspoken in nature and loves freedom, the Cancer man needs to learn to let her go out and not confine her in a box, so to speak. If not, she will get bored.

If he does not allow this, arguments can arise. So long as he lets her be who she is and not be dictated on. During misunderstandings, the Cancer man is the one who will have to make a lot of adjustments while the Sagittarius woman needs to learn to understand the mood swings of her partner.