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Shamita Shetty(born 2 February ) is an Indian Bollywood actress and interior designer. She worked once with her sister Shilpa Shetty in Fareb. She has. Relatives, Shamita Shetty (sister). Shilpa Shetty (born 8 June ), also known by her married name Shilpa Shetty Kundra, is an .. Shetty spoke openly about her relationship with Kumar. The Indian media speculated on an engagement, and. Get Shamita Shetty's Biography, latest stories, hot photos, gossips, relationships link-ups, breakups, Shamita Shetty is the younger sister of Shilpa Shetty.

This film will bring about a social awareness about AIDS in our country. It is high time we talked about this in our society". She explained that her crouching in a cage was uncomfortable during the photoshoot, but that her discomfort was insignificant compared to the pain suffered by the creatures. The best way to help animals suffering in circuses is to boycott the circus".

38 and single but Shamita Shetty won't settle for just anyone, here's why

If I can make a little difference to their lives, why not go for it? In JanuaryShetty was a contestant on and the subsequent winner of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother 5.

The only thing I really hope to keep is my self-respect and my dignity. She further thanked the public for "a fantastic opportunity to make my country proud". Controversially, one of the housemates was Jade GoodyShetty's Celebrity Big Brother co-contestant, with whom she was involved in the racism controversy.

Goody left the series early after receiving news that she had cervical cancerof which she later died on 22 March Shetty also co-owns the Indian chain of spas and salon called Iosis. The show format is based on featuring ordinary people who have contributed their extraordinary help to others in need. Controversies[ edit ] This article's Criticism or Controversy section may compromise the article's neutral point of view of the subject. Please integrate the section's contents into the article as a whole, or rewrite the material.

October Obscenity charge[ edit ] In Aprila Madurai court issued non-bailable warrants against Shetty and actress Reemma Sen for "posing in an obscene manner" in photographs published by a Tamil newspaper.

The petitioner further demanded that the images be confiscated under the terms of the Press and Registration of Book Act She further claimed that the pictures were freeze-frame shots from a recent movie that only exposed her navel. If navel-showing is obscenity, then our traditional Indian outfit — the traditional sari — should be banned in the first place. Sabharwal confirmed that Shetty had written to him requesting that he enunciate guidelines against frivolous lawsuits against the artists, but he had refused her plea on the grounds that she should have filed a formal petition instead of writing a letter.

I was only known as Shilpa Shetty’s sister before Zeher: Shamita

Referring to Shetty, O'Meara generalised that all Indians were thin because they were "sick all the time" as a result of undercooking their food, following their belief that Shetty had undercooked a chicken, [38] which had given O'Meara diarrhoea.

Metro premiere at London 's Leicester Square Shetty had been reduced to tears on several occasions, confiding to fellow housemate Ian Watkins: And I've forgiven them. Apart from acting she has a passion towards interior design. In the year she has announced her departure from the hindi film industry in order to start up her career in the interior design.

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As of now she is concentrating more on her passion and leading her own career life successfully. Rumor with Harman Baweja Since she is not acting in any movies presently but she got caught in rumors at the time of acting films. Her first rumored boy friend was Harman Baweja.

There was gossips that the couple had a serious relationship but it broke up as usually like other stars of bollywood industry. He is also a good actor in the bollywood industry. The couple started to love each other when they had a chance to work together. After the broke up Harman Baweja started dating other costars. They started to date during the shooting of the movie Mohabbatein.

Since Shamita decided to leave the industry to follow her passion towards interior design their relationship too broke up and Uday started to date other co actress in the bollywood industry. At present Uday and Shamita became good friends and also have social media communication every now and then.

Hence Shamita is single and concentrating on her career side. He was an actor and film producer. It seems they have dated but not often due to their busy schedule of work.

She was happy because she knew that I wanted to get back to acting. Do you think comparisons with your sister worked against you? I do know one thing — while success has a lot to do with hard work, luck also plays an important role.

I look at having a sister, who was already established in the industry, in a positive way. Having her backing always helped. When Shilpa came into the industry, she had to learn from her own mistakes. I, on the other hand, luckily could see and learn from those. What is the kind of cinema you want to be part of? I would like to do something like crossover films. I understand the industry has changed today — there is an influx of new talent.