Shingeki no kyojin mikasa and eren relationship

[Manga Spoilers] Mikasa is in a relationship with : ShingekiNoKyojin

shingeki no kyojin mikasa and eren relationship

Will Eren move past his hatred for Titans and grow to love Mikasa? Shingeki no Kyojin, Volume 3 that Eren sees his relationship with Mikasa. Attack On Titan Creator Reveals Eren's Feelings Towards Mikasa In the third volume of Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin, Hajime addressed the. Weeeeell Mikasa sure does love Eren romantically but I don't think he . The anime really stress on this kind of relationship more than in the manga, The Gekkan (Monthly) Shingeki No Kyojin interviews started last year () on April 8.

Her mother attempted to protect Mikasa from them, urging her to run, but she was too scared and in shock to react. Ackerman was ultimately killed right in front of her, and Mikasa was kidnapped. Before Eren showed up, Mikasa listened to the men discuss selling her to perverts. Eren stabs one of the kidnappers. She easily killed the third man, and in the aftermath, Eren gave her the red scarf.

Mikasa recalling the murder of her family. After the death of her foster mother, Mikasa lived with Armin and Eren in a refugee camp, until Eren prompted her to join the military. Since then, she has excelled as a soldier. Mikasa is, in a word, a complete badass. She has proven time and time again that she is the one of the most competent fighters in the entire series, second only to Levi.

She has taken down numerous Titans completely by herself, whereas most of her fellow trainees struggle to kill even a few and in some cases, even one. She once hit an Aberrant so hard that it dulled both of her swords to the point of uselessness in one strike.

Mikasa kills the Aberrant Titan. Mikasa also knows no fear, as she has put her life on the line for Eren multiple times without so much as a second thought; her only true moment of weakness came when she thought Eren had died, and therefore saw no reason for her to keep fighting.

Attack on Titan season 2 spoilers: Do Eren and Mikasa ever get together?

In one case, she threatened an entire brigade of Garrison troops that wanted to execute Eren. Mikasa is, essentially, a walking weapon with one goal in life: She will defend him against any foe, be it man or Titan. That is, ultimately, where she differs from Levi: Levi has the skills and the drive to use them to benefit mankind, but Mikasa, who indeed has abilities on par with Levi, lacks his motivation. Mikasa is always calm, always level-headed, and rarely shows powerful emotions.

However, when she does get emotional, it is almost impossible for her to contain it. There have been several cases of this, which leads me to the conclusion I reached in my review: Just a few cases of her instability: When she thought Eren was dead, in order to suppress her grief, she riled all her hopeless fellow trainees into action being probably one of the only people capable of standing a chance in their situationthen took off ahead, carelessly using up her already-low supply of gas.

This rendered her gear useless, she found herself trapped in a alley with a Titan approching her. This is where she succumbed to her pain and she almost allowed herself to get eaten. When she finally found Eren alive, she broken down in literal sobs. Even when Levi arrived to help her get Eren back, Mikasa was unable to let go of her unconscious need for revenge. Finally, Mikasa seemed to reach her breaking point.

'Attack on Titan' Season 3 Will Explore Mikasa's Big Crush

In the manga, after Eren was kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt, Mikasa was reduced to tears. Later, she was the driving force behind the efforts to recover Eren. Even when Christa begged Mikasa to show Ymir mercy, Mikasa, too locked in her murderous rampage, informed her that she had no more mercy to spare she blamed herself for not killing Reiner and Bertholdt before they transformed. As for her actual personality, she is very withdrawn and rarely speaks to anyone besides Eren and Armin, unless the situation demands it.

shingeki no kyojin mikasa and eren relationship

Watching them both be murdered before her very eyes seemed to have sent Mikasa into shock that she never fully emerged from, seeing as she is just as quiet as a solider as she was when Eren first found her.

Eren is the core of her universe and everything she does is centered around him in some way. She had absolutely no desire to join the military as a child; she even got Eren in trouble with his mother for bringing up that he wanted to join the Survey Corps.

However, she got reckless and soon found herself trapped in an alley with no way to climb out, and a Titan approaching her. Mikasa almost lets the Titan eat her. She was revived, perhaps too late, by her memories of Eren. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Eren, in his Titan form, saved her life.

shingeki no kyojin mikasa and eren relationship

When Eren finally emerged from the Titan unharmed, Mikasa loses all her composure and hugs him while literally sobbing. It becomes obvious that, for all the ruthlessness and eerily calm demeanor that defines Mikasa as a character, she is, in reality, emotionally unstable and in constant fear of losing the only person she has left in her entire life.

Mikasa is not only my favorite character from SNK, but also my favorite animated character of all time, period. There is a huge difference there. Now, imagine that you were her. Imagine that you, as a child, watched your parents be brutally murdered. Imagine you watched your mother have her head split open with a fucking hatchet. This was initially written to be a comment on another post about relationships, it however escalated while I wrote it and so I though; okay let's spice it up a little and make it it's own post.

Hey guys, so I wanted to talk to you about Eren's and Mikasa's relationship. In particular about what my stand on EreMika is and also with a focus on Eren's side of things in their overall relationship.

Attack On Titan Creator Reveals Eren's Feelings Towards Mikasa

There was no reason to. No characters showed any romantic interest in each other except for Jean's crush on Mikasa due to her being pretty which we all know is literally being friendzoned the reasoning. But as I continued to read the Manga I slowly came to ship Eren and Mikasa as it became clear to me over time that; yes, Mikasa actually loves Eren in a romantic way. Even if we don't know whether or not she has completely realized that herself, yet.

shingeki no kyojin mikasa and eren relationship

However, I am someone who takes shipping actually quite serious in the sense that I try to interpret and see it in a realistic light as much as possible, and in context to what was actually shown in the Manga. So do believe me when I say that it hurts me to to tell you: Eren hasn't shown any romantic feelings towards Mikasa until now. And it may sound even stranger for me as an EreMika shipper to say this but I'm actually quite happy about this.

At this point in the Manga he has not thought about her in a romantic kind of way because he was not able too.

Why Eren loves Mikasa and Mikasa loves Eren : ShingekiNoKyojin

But that does not mean that he never will. Hence, why in my eyes Eren still goes through the development phase that will hopefully end with him actually realizing his feelings if dormant or actually developing these feelings for Mikasa in the first place. Let's just take a short look back at some of Eren's development, and his character over the course of the story: The 9 year old Eren was the one closest to Mikasa.

The sometimes bratty and annoying but still lovable little boy that stood up for his friends and made her smile. He is the one she cherishes and came to love, he is the one who saved herhe is the one she wants back. And I don't know if that's possible. After his mother's death and all the other bad developments in his life the series starts out with a teenage boy with PTSD who is consumed by anger and has already estranged himself from the ones closest to him, namely Mikasa.

Post military training we are greeted with an over confident, self assured teenage boy that thinks he can take on the world alone. While further emotional detaching himself from Mikasa due to the inferiority complex he has developed towards her. And while he obviously still cares about Mikasa he acts often downright like an complete asshole towards her.

It is worth mentioning that this is at least 10 times as bad in the Anime compared to the manga. This Eren also falsely thinks that: Fast forward to chapter

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