Shizuku and haru relationship questions

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shizuku and haru relationship questions

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - [Haru Y., Shizuku M./Mitty] - Words: each other and she still didn't know exactly what all this relationship thing or answer any questions that would surely come from Haru, Shizuku. Afterwards Shizuku opens up to Asako about her inability to be free of Haru. only natural that nobody wants to be alone and questions Shizuku's trust of Haru to which She then asks Haru for time to think about their relationship to which he. At the party, Shizuku feels uncomfortable that she doesn't belong in Haru and Yuzan's social circles and questions why she is even in the relationship when she.

When Shizuku tells her that she likes a boy but doesn't know what to do about that and school, she encourages Shizuku to double her effort so she can do both. She is a petite girl Yamaken's friends nickname her "Tiny" with a bob cut who attends Otowa Girls High.

shizuku and haru relationship questions

They play online games like Monster Hunter together every day. Ayumu Murase Shizuku's little brother who has the same serious disposition and is mostly quiet. He also shares his love for sweets with Yuzan.

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He grows up to be fairly tall in high school. He falls in love with Chizuru in middle school and high school when she was working as a student teacher. Although he stops briefly when Chizuru mentioned she had a boyfriend, he later confesses his love for her and claims he will not give up. She is a first-year student who attends Shizuku and Haru's school when the main group is starting their second year. She is tall, has short blond hair, and is fairly reserved.

She is aware of her good looks and uses it to prove a point sometimes.

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She falls in love with Haru, immediately thinking of him as "cool" upon first meeting. Iyo refers to herself in third person.

shizuku and haru relationship questions

Robico's early notes describe Iyo as "an annoyingly cocky but shy girl who desperately wants attention. However, she wishes for her and her brother to find love with someone who would not reject them.

shizuku and haru relationship questions

After that, Shizuku gave Haru a valentine's chocolate saying it is not "end of the year present but a valentine's one", telling Haru that she likes him, and kissing him afterwards. Shizuku admits to her mom that she was in love with Haru, the latter seemingly gives her approval. During this time, Haru would start to grow up for the sake of Shizuku with the help of his friends ; being able to control his violent tendencies and becoming more understanding overall.

shizuku and haru relationship questions

Haru and Shizuku decide to go out. As of Chapter 31, the two is now officially going out. They both realized that nothing much has changed causing Shizuku to question the benefits of going out with Haru but soon realizes what it is. Shizuku also started learning more about Haru bit by bit through Haru's relatives and acquaintances, however, she also started becoming jealous of him because what Haru has but doesn't need is what she wants.

This causes a strain on their relationship and the two had an argument after Yuzan's birthday party making Haru run away and avoid her. Shizuku blames herself for this and continues to worry about him in the two weeks that he was missing.

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During this time, Yamaken confessed again to Shizuku telling her to consider him this time. Shizuku however still chose Haru saying that even though what they have maybe isn't love it is still fun for her to be with him. Shizuku learned that Haru kept his promise of telling her if he was going somewhere, realizing that Haru kept on thinking about her even though they hurt each other deeply she went to see him. Shizuku tearfully apologizes and conveys her jealousy also telling him not to hate her; Haru, in response, hugged her and told her that he will never hate her for that, and it's okay for Shizuku to tell him what she feels.

After the two reconciled, Haru told Shizuku about him going away. Haru went overseas for a research for approximately a year. Yamaguchi reveals himself with Shizuku just as Yuzan walks in. Haru grabs Oshima and holds her threateningly in from of Yuzan, but stops himself when he realizes that people are looking at the commotion through the windows.

Haru lets Oshima go and runs away. Later on Shizuku goes to look for Haru where they both admit their mistakes but can correct and learn from them.

Shizuku also apologizes to Asako who says they she was only doing what a friend does, being concerned about the well being of those closest to her, to which Shizuku agrees. Afterwards everyone continues with the festival. In the end, Shizuku and Haru have a heart to heart conversation where she admits that she was afraid that if she let herself love Haru, her grades would suffer again.