Taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

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taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

After 'We Got Married' we can all agree Taemin's action towards questions My theory is, is that Taemin and Naeun WERE/ARE dating. have no idea what there relationship is now, or even during 'We Got Married' but the. And we all know after WGM NE kept wearing the bracelet TM gave her. . Just know I love Taemin and Naeun so much but I have to agree with that . Idols most of the time won't answer question about relationship, mostly. So I'm going to attempt explaining as best I can after asking around a little viewers were able to relate to relationships being represented on screen. . If Taemin was following a script then there is no doubt Naeun too was.

taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

Onew, Taemin, and Key are given a clue in the form of a photograph of a woman sitting in front of a window. Onew remembers something and looks it up. Taemin is next instructed to draw his dream wife. Key tells Taemin that he should remember he is Taemin. Taemin begins to stutter or hiccup and pinches his own neck to calm down.

Taemin says it would be nice to have someone younger. Key and Taemin decide that if the girl were younger, Taemin could show a new, manlier side of himself. Taemin draws his ideal girl: Onew says Taemin is discussing his dream girl like he is a plastic surgeon. Taemin manages to produce something somewhat better, but still quite bad. Key explains that Taemin is very obvious about his emotions and reactions, so even if he says nothing you can see what he thinks on his face. Onew plans a program for the romantic encounter on Jeju: Taemin suggests a horror program, presumably meaning a haunted house.

The WGM panel in the studio is—yes—horrified. Taemin is overwhelmed at the thought of doing skinship and asks for a demo. Key asks Taemin about the last time he did skinship. Taemin responds that he thinks the last time was when he did a photoshoot and put his arm around someone. Taemin promises to call Key and give him an update on how things go. At this point, we see a glimpse of a woman in the airport and on a plane.

The show cuts back to Taemin at the airport and on the plane. He appears nervous and clutches his chest.

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In the interview segment Naeun states that she is 20 years old in Korean age reckoning and has never dated or kissed anyone romantically. She dreams of a never-ending love like in vampire movies, and wants a reliable and manly husband. Taemin arrives at the house and walks in looking for his wife. He eventually spots her sitting outside on the patio and he sneaks up beside her.

When Naeun realizes that he is next to her she appears to be scared and a bit creeped out. Taemin is also flustered and asks if she is his marriage partner. This scene has all the spontaneity of a foreign language class skit. Naeun says she was scared on the way to Jeju to film the show, but felt happy when she saw Taemin.

Naeun and Taemin try to do small talk about flights and not being able to sleep. Taemin tells Naeun that when A Pink debuted he thought she was the prettiest girl in her group. Taemin repeats again that she is really pretty and that he picked her as one of the prettiest idols. Naeun responds that Taemin is also good looking. Taemin asks Naeun if he was one of her top choices among all the male idols. Naeun emits a completely unexpected and endearing squeal of discomfort. Taemin and Naeun go through all of the things they have in common.

They attended the same junior high school.

taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

She says that she received it from her mom because she is Catholic, as is Taemin. Her baptismal name is Marchella.

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Taemin shares that his is Francesco while making an adorable flirty face. Taemin says they must be destined for each other due to their similarities.

taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

Taemin says that he is excited to meet someone younger than him. He asks outright what Naeun thinks of him and she says she likes him. Taemin then asks if they can speak informally and Naeun answers yes. She admits that she did have an unrequited love, though—when she was in kindergarten. Taemin insists that it is true and that his band mates say that he is single since birth. Naeun has a hard time believing him because he is too good-looking not to have dated.

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Taemin responds that Naeun is prettier. Taemin and Naeun continue to trade compliments and get to know each other better. In the beginning the show represented actual Korean dating and marriage culture and although parts were exaggerated, viewers were able to relate to relationships being represented on screen.

At the time the show at least tried to maintain the reality aspect by using hidden cameras, especially within the couples homes. There were times where footage might be taken by a cameraman but MBC tried to present the show as 'reality TV' as much as possible. The show experienced reasonable popularity, but as time went on and more and more couples filtered through the show, the concept began to fall apart at the seams.

When they were finished with the show, some couples would move on to marrying their real life partner or get caught dating during the show. There were controversies regarding people's behavior and attitude on the show and the general concept began to lose it's sparkle. We Got Married lost it's mainstream audience and popularity.

Many people began to question why it was still airing. The producers were left to scramble for new strategies to fix the show's waning popularity. Hence the appearance of Idols on the show. There's a difference between a celebrity in Korea and an Idol. Nowadays, Idol usually refers to company trained and debuted singers, generally in a group, who function not only as singers, but also in a variety of aspects of the entertainment industry.

Idols inspire huge fan followings and so it's no surprise that musicals, variety shows and dramas are always keen to cast them to boost flagging ratings or generate public interest. Idol couples saved WGM's flagging popularity. What this overseas interest in the show meant was that MBC were now able to make a decent amount of money off of broadcasting copyrights since they were selling We Got Married to an overseas market, primarily in other Asian countries.

The show might not have been making huge waves in Korea anymore, but it was still generating revenue. The big picture This brings us to why exactly We Got Married is so despised. Some Korean fans hate to see their idol on the show for a number of reasons. Here's the super obvious one: Sometimes this might mean a word for word script, but mainly it means the general events are outlined and set in stone by the broadcasting company and producers.

Argue until you're blue in the face whether the show is scripted or not but Korean fans believe very firmly that We Got Married is almost entirely scripted.

taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

If you check out the ending credits there's a script writers credit. This script dictates an idol act a certain way and the reason this sits so uncomfortably with a lot of Korean fans is that often times the script will represent a version of your bias that isn't cohesive with reality. He jumps out of a plane and while he seems nervous, he's more excited and pumped for the experience than anything.

So it's extremely strange that he magically has a fear of bungee jumping on We Got Married. Script writing credits at the end of WGM: The show is being sold as 'reality tv'. MBC like to firmly deny that the show is scripted and insist that everything broadcast is completely real.

What this means is that everything Taemin does on the show is held accountable to his name and character. The general public don't know Lee Taemin. The general population are not idiots; they know that We Got Married is fake to a certain degree, but they don't know where the real person starts and MBC's script begins.

This is especially concerning given that MBC is one of the three biggest broadcasting stations in the country and WGM occupies a prime time slot. A lot of people have access and are watching the show. You may or may not have heard the term from concerned Korean fans.

There are two kinds of Mangboongs.

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The first kind is just your innocent We Got Married viewer who was so consumed by the illusion they passionately believe the We Got Married couple is completely sincere. There are different levels to how deep into the illusion they might have fallen. Some Mangboongs will acknowledge that the show is scripted but believe that the relationship between the couple is genuine.

Other's are so deep in they insist that a script does not exist and that the whole production is completely real. The second kind of Mangboong are internet trolls. These internet trolls pose as fans of the couple in order to fuel the situation negatively. Given that these fans show themselves online and are therefore able to remain completely anonymous there's no knowing why exactly they choose to fuel the situation negatively. Mangboongs of both variety function nearly entirely on the internet.

Merely posting photos or videos promoting the couple is fairly harmless, but the real trouble begins when fans begin taking sides in the relationship. For example in the infamous episode where Naeun cried supposedly because Taemin had treated her badly, there was a lot of online discussion about what a jerk he was. Fans of the couple began to manipulate public opinion by posting comments and criticisms of his behavior. They can spread their 'promotion' of the couple to other general interest websites such as Naver, Daum or Bestiz, where netizens are able to make comments and discuss.

Netizens who have no idea of Taemin's real character or the extent to which the We Got Married shows are scripted. Mangboongs sphere of influence is not exclusive to the internet either. Banners supporting WGM couples at overseas airports, presents in the name of the couple, advertisements in subways.

It's blurring the lines between fantasy and reality: If an average Korean consumer sees the actions of the Mangboong fans in a public context they don't have the necessary knowledge to verify what's reality or not.

taemin and naeun relationship after wgm

It's akin to spreading false dating rumours, which cause scandals and can have negative repercussions on the idols involved.