Team kakashi vs haku and zabuza relationship

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team kakashi vs haku and zabuza relationship

Aug 6, Weren't Naruto and Sasuke gay for Haku too? NextGenNinja . a "relationship" between a child and adult isn't gay or straight. A child doesn't. Feb 22, Zabuza wanted to overthrow the government of the Land of Water, but he needed more firepower first. Soon he just happened to come across Haku, an orphan. Jun 3, Naruto jumps in front of Haku & Zabuza and gets rammed by Kakashi's Chidori. How will this change his relationship with his friends?.

Kakashi retrieved the bell and lectured Naruto about falling for obvious traps. At that moment, Sasuke, believing Kakashi to be distracted, attacked Kakashi with a barrage of shuriken and kunai, apparently killing Kakashi. This, too, was revealed to be a trap, as the attacked Kakashi turned into a log, the result of another Body Replacement Technique. Sasuke, his location revealed, went off to find a new hiding spot, while Sakura went looking for Sasuke.

As she searched for him, she was tricked by Kakashi's genjutsu, Demonic Illusion: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique. Naruto, using Kakashi's absence to his advantage, released himself from the snare and attempted to eat the lunches that Kakashi had left behind; however, Kakashi caught him in the act and tied Naruto to a wooden post. Noon eventually rolled around, and all three students had failed to get a bell. After their failure, Kakashi berated all three for their lack of teamwork.

He explained to them that the purpose of the exam was to work together, and not to act independently as they all had done. He said that he would give them all a second chance after lunch, and allowed Sakura and Sasuke to eat; however, he ordered that Naruto, because of his attempt to eat all of the food himself, should be barred from eating at all, and that anyone who gave him food would fail automatically.

team kakashi vs haku and zabuza relationship

After he left, Sakura and Sasuke realised that they'd need Naruto in top shape if they were to retrieve the bells, and decided to defy Kakashi by feeding him. Kakashi, who had been watching, appeared before the genin in a puff of smoke, a furious look upon his face. At this moment, the Third Hokage elsewhere revealed to Iruka that Kakashi had never passed a team of Academy students, and that, although the failure percentage was astounding, the reasons behind it were perfectly just.

Back at the training grounds, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke claimed that they were a team, and that, therefore, if one of them failed, then they all failed. Quickly changing his attitude, Kakashi informed them that they had passed, reciting the exact message he was trying to get across as his reason: Assignment The official team photo for Team 7.

While Genin were normally assigned D-rank missions, Naruto insisted on doing something more exciting, and the Third Hokage agreed to send them on a C-rank mission to escort Tazunaa master bridge-builder, back to the Land of Waves. Sasuke, in Naruto's absence, dealt with the attackers quite efficiently, and rubbed it in by one-upping of Naruto by calling him a "scaredy-cat".

Once the attackers had been restrained, Naruto bled out the poison he had received by stabbing his wound with a kunaiswearing upon the pain in his hand never to freeze up and leave his friends to fend for themselves ever again.

Kakashi, his suspicions raised by the attack, asked Tazuna for the truth about the circumstances of the mission. Team 7's actual mission was to support and protect the bridge-building efforts that had been thwarted thus far. Upon arrival at the Land of Waves and on the way to Tazuna's home, Naruto, bent on outdoing Sasuke, threw a kunai at a bush, surprising the other ninja and putting them on guard.

Once it was clear that it was nothing, Sakura yelled at him for his apparent mistake, but Naruto threw another kunai at a bush in the other direction.

Sakura hit him on the head this time, though Naruto swore he had sensed something. As it turned out, he had sensed a snow rabbit, which was now scared out of its mind due to the kunai only an inch from its head. Naruto apologised to and sympathised profusely with the rabbit, picking it up and hugging it to an extreme. While the others dismissed his antics as Naruto's usual idiocy, Kakashi noticed something strange about the rabbit: Snow rabbits are only white during winter, meaning that this rabbit had been raised indoors and therefore belonged to someone nearby.

Kakashi suddenly told everyone to duck as a giant sword spun past them, nearly killing them all. The sword embedded itself in a tree, and Zabuza Momochia missing-nin from Kirigakurejumped onto its handle, intent on killing Tazuna. Kakashi, recognising Zabuza as a formidable opponent, revealed his Sharingansaying that he will need to use it. Zabuza, honoured by Kakashi's willingness to go all out for their battle, stated that he would consider it a testament to his own skill if he were to kill Kakashi.

Zabuza ended the conversation with his Hiding in Mist Techniquesummoning a thick veil of mist from the nearby lake in order to hide himself from the Sharingan. Kakashi ordered Team 7 to protect Tazuna, though Zabuza asserted that such protection was useless, instantly appearing in the centre of their formation. As Zabuza was about to make an attack with his sword, Kakashi raced toward them and stabs Zabuza in the stomach with his kunai just before his stroke could fall.

Water poured out of Zabuza's body and it collapsed into a puddle as the real Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi, revealing that Zabuza had used the Water Clone Technique to fool Kakashi.

Zabuza proceeded to slice Kakashi in half, but Kakashi's body too dissolved into water, surprising Zabuza as he realised that Kakashi's Sharingan must have copied the Water Clone Technique as Zabuza charged toward him.

Kakashi appeared behind Zabuza, mocking him by saying that it was over. To everyone's surprise, a second Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi and grabbed him, and the first Zabuza reverted to a pool of water. Kakashi attempted to break free of Zabuza's grasp, but was instead thrown into the nearby lake.

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Kakashi told the genin to run, but Naruto remembered the oath that he had made to himself, and entered the fight so that they could save Kakashi and keep Tazuna alive. Naruto created a number of shadow clones that proceeded to completely surround Zabuza's water clone. To his surprise, a second shuriken was hiding in the shadow of the first due to Sasuke's Shadow Shuriken Techniqueand Zabuza was forced to leap over it to avoid being damaged.

Once past Zabuza, the second shuriken turned into Naruto, who had transformed himself. Naruto threw a kunai at Zabuza, who, unable to dodge it while maintaining the Water Prison Technique, was forced to release Kakashi from his prison in order to avoid the attack. With Kakashi free, Zabuza was forced to commence their battle, and the two used multiple Water Release techniques against each other.

Due to his Sharingan, Kakashi was able to take the upper hand and defeat Zabuza with Zabuza's own attack. Just as Kakashi was about to make the final blow, a masked ninja, later revealed to be named Hakuappeared to kill Zabuza by impaling Zabuza's neck with several senbon. After revealing himself to be a hunter-nin sent to kill Zabuza, he disappeared with Zabuza's body.

Kakashi, momentarily satisfied with this turn of events, decided that it was time to continue escorting Tazuna home, only to collapse due to chakra exhaustion seconds later as a result of his overuse of the Sharingan. Kakashi is later seen bed ridden, and with a crutch as a result of this battle.

Training Kakashi was taken to Tazuna's home for recovery, and as he rested he made the observation that Zabuza's apparent death was odd: On the other hand, the ninja whom they'd met had taken Zabuza's body elsewhere. This, coupled with the fact that Zabuza had been "killed" with senbon, weapons that were rarely fatal and also useful for knocking people out, led Kakashi to believe that Zabuza was still alive, and that he would be back to finish Tazuna's assassination.

Elsewhere, Zabuza was revived by Haku, and, although he would need time to recover, he promised to crush Kakashi when next they met. With Zabuza's return a likely outcome, Kakashi took Team 7 to the nearby woods for chakra trainingand told them that the training would require them to learn to climb trees without using their hands. Naruto made the observation that this is impossible, but Kakashi, in crutches, managed to climb the tree with ease, and explained that the key to doing so was focusing chakra to the soles of the feet.

The three genin all made an attempt: Naruto, not using enough chakra, took only one step before falling back to the ground; Sasuke was able to make it a good distance up the trunk, though he damaged it as a result of using too much chakra; and Sakura, having perfect control over her chakra, made it to a high branch on her first attempt, finishing her training. For the boys, however, the training continues, and Naruto, still unable to make it far up the tree, asked Sakura for advice.

Sakura complied, and Kakashi made the observation that Naruto was finally getting a good grasp on teamwork. Sakura looked over Sasuke's body and pulled several of the senbon needles out of it. Tazuna kneeled down beside her and felt Sasuke's pulse.

He blinked when he thought he felt something and felt again and his breath hitched. She never should have believed Sasuke was gone. She turned around and shouted.

Sasuke-kun is still ali-" She held her breath as when watched their sensei tremble and saw the pale boy leaning over something on the ground. Sakura fell over next to Sasuke and looked down at him with tears in her eyes as his opened. Blue eyes looked at him and he smiled gently.

You'll have to tell him that- I'm sorry. Tell him yourself, Naruto-kun! Don't die on me.! Kakashi took off his gloves off and threw them to the ground as if they were on fire. He looked down at his bloodied hands. He had just killed one of his own students. How was he ever going to face anyone again? Gatou's men gathered at the other side of the bridge. A young student killed in battle?

A large group of villagers arrived led by Inari and Gatou couldn't help but feel more angry. Since when did the villagers dare go against him? It didn't take long until he noticed how they charged into his lines. The fight itself didn't take long. The three ninja and the villagers fought with a vengeance and won easily.

Zabuza was holding Gatou by the collar and looked at Kakashi. Sakura had already made her way next to Naruto as Tazuna helped Sasuke towards the others. Haku ran over to Naruto and sat down next to him and softly stroked his face.

It almost seems as if he's already healing. Kakashi jumped back with Haku's still body. He closed his eyes, remembering the conversation he had with Naruto long ago. Sakura and Sasuke were well ahead of Naruto and Kakashi. Kakashi walked casually, hands in his pocket.

Naruto on the other hand was hyped up, asking Kakashi, "Give me another A-rank mission! I can't believe everyone came out unscathed. Kakashi turned to face him, thinking that he was just disappointed in his answer.

Then you can tackle A-rank Missions" he offered as solace. Naruto had his thinking face on. Kakashi laid Haku's body gently on the floor like he did before, only this time, his dead body started to regenerate. Zabuza's sword was repairing itself off Kakashi's wound to the abdomen.

It was shallow and inconsequential, just like this battle. Kakashi thought happily, I am glad that you were Naruto's first adversaries. Zabuza positioned himself into a fighting stance. Kakashi followed suit, recreating the Chidori again. The glow was pure and white, like his intentions. He looked down at Haku's body and remembered his last fight with Zabuza became meaningless when Haku was killed. Zabuza's attacks were rendered useless against Kakashi. He was no match after Haku died.

Kakashi easily countered his attacks. The Chidori lit up the Sharigan eye that recorded that day into Kakashi's memory. That time, you hesitated killing Haku and you couldn't hide the unrest in your heart over Haku's death.

He looked up from Haku's dead face to Zabuza, who finally picked up his sword and ran at him. He was just a puppet going through the motions of its master, with no will of his own. It's different this time, you're just a tool with no feelings. Kakashi readied his attack. Naruto's younger voice rang in his head "Hey Kakashi-sensei. What do you think about this?

His smile faltered when Kakashi regarded him wide-eyed, surprised by the sentiment. He chuckled and gave him his own grin. Looking into the black abyss of his opponent's eyes, Kakashi thought, the way you died and your tears…demonstrated your bond to each other. I have many things I want to protect as a shinobi.

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Protecting the way you died is one of those things, Zabuza and Haku. Especially since I was your final enemy.

Kakashi ordered the sealing team to seal Haku and Zabuza away. Zabuza's mist jutsu dissipated with his defeat. The battalion was spread around along with the remaining enemy. Kakashi donned Zabuza's sword. It's time to use your sealing jutsu from the Foundation. There's no need to suppress your emotions anymore. The war has been raging on all fronts for days now.

It certainly was a war of attrition. The enemy wasn't even a living breathing opponent. They were the white Zetsu and reanimated ninja from various periods in history.

She was away from the front lines, but this place was just as gruesome.

  • Prologue — Land of Waves

Her Medical unit had to deal with the aftermath of battle, and it only made her grow with worry, that her own lover would come through those doors. Luckily, he was an elite ninja who wouldn't likely end up in a body bag.

However, the corpses of elite ninja arrived every day, and they were also tasked with sealing the dead. This enemy utilized the reanimation jutsu to control the dead bodies of these elites and use them against the allied shinobi.

It was pertinent to keep them from falling into the hands of the enemy. Sakura was familiar with death and bloodshed at the Medical triage. What she wasn't prepared for was the romance and heartache.

Sakura was emboldened to save the life of a ninja when their lover one was nearby, knowing that could be her someday. It may have been her curse, because more often than not they would perish. They fought so hard to save their lover that they received medical attention when it was too late. Sakura got her share of love letters while at the Medical unit. She was considered an exotic beauty among the Medical Unit, albeit rather young.

She graciously turned them down. She supposed war heightened everyone's emotions. After her, the most eligible bachelorette was a woman named Yugao. She wasn't necessarily a medical ninja, but after the assassination attempts by the enemy, they stepped up their security forces. Yugao was a strong Kunoichi, one that Sakura admired and envied.

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She had long purple hair, a heart-shaped face and a lean feminine figure. Kakashi worked alongside women like this. She wondered what he ever saw in her, when a deadly beauty like this existed. Despite her strong exterior, Yugao had a sense of sadness in her, which only became visible when a ninja would see their lover pass.

Sakura wondered if the same happened to her. After one of these losses, Sakura exited the medical tent to fetch Yugao when an explosion went off in the distance. Sakura shielded her eyes from the blast, "That explosion…" she looked to her right "It was from the vault!

They came upon three ninja in the aftermath. Half a dozen shinobi laid before them and the flames engulfed the vault behind them. One had strange mask, another with a painted face held a sword. It was the one with a scroll, in the middle, that caught the attention of two Konoha Kunoichi.

He was a tall, slim man. He wore his Konoha headband like a bandanna that covered the top of his head. His brown hair stuck out from the edges in points. He looked perpetually tired.

Holy ****. How gay were Haku and Zabuza?

Sakura recognized him from the Chunin exam. His gaze raised to the group before him. Realization seemed to dawn in his black eyes. He looked passed everyone and zeroed in on Yugao. She was so frightened.

Of all the people to run into…He thought. He instinctively dodged two kunai aimed at his face. The Ninja with glasses targeted them. They had stolen the KIA list. The bodies of the elite ninja were in his possession.

After a short, unsuccessful grapple, the reanimated ninja made their escape. Hayate looked back sorrowfully. He wished he didn't have his memories. He never wanted to see Yugao's pained expression. The second in command of the Medical Unit seethed at the decimated camp.

She asked for Shizune. Sakura informed her that she had just gone into surgery. Making up her mind she took over command and ordered that HQ was informed of the events, and a group would pursue the assailants. Sakura offered her Intel on one of the assailants. The commander listened intently. Have HQ send reinforcements.

team kakashi vs haku and zabuza relationship