Things fall apart okonkwo and obierika relationship

things fall apart okonkwo and obierika relationship

In Things Fall Apart, Obierika is a spokesman for the author, Chinua Achebe. The author speaks through Obierika to comment on Okonkwo to the reader. In this. Okonkwo's best friend, Obierika serves as a foil for Okonkwo. That is, Obierika's personality contrasts with and enhances the distinctive Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo and Obierika, two characters in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart, are two drastically different people, yet they share some of the same qualities and.

Obierika - Things Fall Apart

Well a bit like the proverbial soldier who acts out a command quite literally. He was no coward, but he had a high tendency to carefully analyze issues that Okonkwo totally lacked.

Of course, Achebe also created the highly theatrical character of Unoka, who lived life by the day and without worries. The tragedy of Okonkwo was captured in two events.

things fall apart okonkwo and obierika relationship

One was the killing of Ikemefuna. He was forewarned by the wise Obierika who warned him sternly: Okonkwo had no such tact.

Okonkwo and Obierika

He then realised that he was all alone, as the entire Umuofia recoiled at his action. He chose the abominable part to end his life; suicide, and like his father Unoka that he hated passionately, ended up in the evil forest. Once again the Igbo question, the Biafran question and the structure of the relationship that should exist between the constituent nation states of Nigeria has been forcefully thrust into national discourse.

Reflective reasoning is clearly not their strongest point.

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They threaten mayhem at the least prompting. They profess that they are peaceful and have actually tried to reflect this peaceful nature in their actions, as they have never been accused of armed-violence by the security agencies.

But their rhetoric is far from peaceful.

things fall apart okonkwo and obierika relationship

Name it, and they will curse it. They clearly have scant regard for the more reflective Obierikas in the Igbo nation.

For them these people are saboteurs and turncoats and deserve nothing but contempt. The Obierika school of thought is comprised of a motley crowd of intellectuals, pseudo intellectuals, Igbo elite and wise old men who have seen war first hand and do not have the stomach for any type of crisis.

things fall apart okonkwo and obierika relationship

Unlike the Okonkwo group that has a military style command structure, with Nnamdi Kanu as the supreme leader. The Obierika group has no defined leader, but has several champions.

Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes, but I did not dare to shed them. Perhaps the other men might think they were caused by the smoke, but they were not. My heart was heavy with sorrow for my dearest friend Okonkwo.

Things Fall Apart

It was all such a waste. The death was purely an accident, but that exploded gun had changed Okonkwo's life in an instant. I am always and will ever be loyal to the traditions of the clan, but I can not see how this destruction can help.

Just a few hours ago I watched my friend flee, and now I am personally burning down his prized home. It may be the will of Agbala, but it is not my will Obierika burns Okonkwo's obi to appease the earth goddess Obierika is a powerful clansman who is one of Okonkwo's closest friends. Although he is a strong believer in the tribe's religions and traditions, he questions the need for many of the rituals that are carried out.

things fall apart okonkwo and obierika relationship

When we first meet Obierika, he is troubled by the deed of Ikemefuna's murder. He specifically warns Okonkwo not to be a part of it because the boy has grown to see him as a father figure.