Vaan and penelo relationship counseling

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vaan and penelo relationship counseling

Vaan complains to a counselor how he hates being. From the looks of the DS FFXII revenant wings, looks like you and Penelo are the official pairing. in a relationship who is predominantly bottom and/or The equivalent for. there a romance (implied or not) going on between Vaan and Penelo? that their relationship did not exceed that of close childhood friends. A list of characters from Final Fantasy XII and its sequel Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Note that some spoilers are unmarked. Party Members An .

Not to mention the world of FF12 clearly distinguishes relationships for those in power, as the typical form of marriage we see amongst royalty even today: The secret ending of Revenant Wings has Vaan pick up and carry off Penelo. Penelo's existence is more tied to Vaan and looking out for him. Based on the ways many marriages work, and that the two can't untie themselves from one another.

vaan and penelo relationship counseling

Vaan because he really likes Penelo and can't be without her, and Penelo because she cares more for Vaan than for anyone else, and can't help but try to be there for him in some capacity I just don't think in any story we've been shown any actual romance has occurred between them, but then Matsuno stories tend to avoid romance, and at best give subtle and polite hints at the type of relationship.

Larsa is benign, helpful, and courteous.

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He seems to enjoy knowing he has a calming presence and can direct people in a manner that would benefit themselves, and in so doing, ripple outward and benefit himself and his people. He just generally puts people first. Probably due to his overwhelming sense of self confidence and respect.

Even if he makes a mistake, he coolly embraces it. So he finally decided to go see a pairing counselor. But little did he know that he is merely going to be used as another fan material. I'm actually paired with him more than I do with Penelo or the other two main female characters!

And why am I always the one being the ignorant blushing boy in Balthier's arms? Firey, elbow popped on her cheek, a clipboard for doodling rather than taking notes, obviously bored.

I actually used a search engine and checked that. How do you know I won't like Penelo?

vaan and penelo relationship counseling

Except fandom don't CARE. He'd be paired with Aeris or Tifa.

BUT the fandom think they are cuter. I can do whatever I want. I am merely providing you with the truth. As of June at any rate.

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The classic guidelines establish the uke by appearance shorter than the seme, more childish, mostly light-haired, cute faces, effeminate in relation to the 'dom' seme's appearance taller, more masculine, olderoften regardless of the characters' personality. Wait a minute…" he looks up in a frown.

vaan and penelo relationship counseling

And you're the most uke. Eww, dude, Basch is totally too muscular. When you and Balthier just met, he grabs you in the stomach and lifts you up, in the Nalbina Dungeons, he fights with you for the three ugly pigs or whatever.

The fact that you want to be a sky pirate also adds to fan material. Type 1 applies to all ukes, usually. There are many different "styles" of ukes that are used in anime and manga: Ukes are usually seen as a younger characters who are shorter, younger, or otherwise have an appearance slightly more "cuddly" than handsome.

vaan and penelo relationship counseling