Virgo man and libra woman relationship

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virgo man and libra woman relationship

Virgo man and Libra woman compatibility guide for love life, relationship and more traits. Find how these zodiac signs get along with each other. Find out the Virgo man - Libra woman love compatibility. Know how the Virgo man and Libra woman relationship will be. Love match compatibility between Virgo man and Libra woman. Read about the Virgo male love relationship with Libra female.

One thing is sure about these two — they will never stay friends, as the chemistry here is too strong. The question is — how long will their love last? Virgo Man Virgo man will always question everything.

He is very suspicious and it takes a lot of time for this guy to gain trust in somebody. That makes him shy and closed up, but almost without a reason.

He thinks that he has to be the best in everything he does, and if he is not, then the Virgo man gets depressed. That need for perfection and tidiness is something the Virgos are famous for.

This man goes to the extremes — whether he gives in to profligacy or surrender himself to religion or philosophy. Virgo man wants to live up to the moral standards, but the problems with trust may make him think no one is worth his devotion so the Virgo man becomes the biggest deceiver. However, these situations happen rarely, only if the was deeply hurt by someone in the past. That will make him afraid of getting close to a new person.

If you see the Virgo man serious, that means he is planning something big. He has that eye for a detail and would want to make everything neat and ordered. When the Virgo man is bored, he will go around the house and look for a thing to fix.

Let him be that way.

virgo man and libra woman relationship

Quickly, you will see that you will like this side of the Virgo man. Nothing in your home will be broken if you live with his diligent man. Virgo man sticks to a woman easily, but not so often he stays with her. This guy will find something he would like about a woman, but as he has the need to overanalyze and criticize, both of them will be annoyed with each other.

Virgo man will be the one to leave first. Searching for the perfect woman may last for years. Virgo man will have many relationships in the meantime, but his eyes will always be wide open for that special one. When she finally appears, Virgo will be a bit lost and shy.

Try to say him a few nice words to relax him a bit. Virgo man would want the most to meet a woman with the same traditional views.

Their marriage would be respected, their lives well organized and their kids well raised, in a healthy family. The ruler of the Libra, Venus, gives her stunning body, pleasant voice and captivating walk. Libra woman has that dose of decency, which is highly appreciated.

A woman should take care of the impression she leaves. Libra woman will be exceptionally mannered in every occasion. She is sophisticated and seductive. Libra woman enjoys while men look at her. What is more, they will fall in love at first sight when the Libra woman appears. She will never be alone, as there is a row of guys how would want to be with her. However, if she ever feels lonely that will make her insecure. I have also sniffed the trail of a Virgo man.

While I've been reading up on the compatibility between a Virgo man and Libra woman, all I've encountered are negative experiences. Surely, not ALL of those experiences could have been completely negative, or there would not have been a relationship, or marriage, or even dating for that matter.

And, no offense, I'm just plain old tired of Virgos playing the "good" guy and the victim when it comes to being in a relationship with a Libra. Thus, slinging enough mud to build a condo. And, I'm sick of Libras saying that Virgos are a huge pain in their asses.

Get it together folks. Personally, I think it IS possible for Libra woman and Virgo man to at least leave an intimate situation, without duking each other out for the winning ticket, or slandering each other.

It has nothing to do with her personal strength or weakness, or even the fact that you have the audacity to try and pick her apart. He told me everything I wanted to hear as a little teenage girl, he had me going.

He even agreed when I said it was love at first sight. Well the fairy tale ended and out came the horror of dealing with a young Virgo male. This man gave me a run for my money. Very elusive they are. He had me so far gone I even gave him my virginity just for him to turn around and destroy me emotionally. Of course, he was cheating on me and lied to me about his age. No big deal he was only 14 instead of 15, but still, really? Then seeing me, telling me one thing and behind my back at his school seeing another chick.

I went up there and confronted the chick and she had no idea about me, I later got him on the phone and he was just like whatever! I was f'n pissed. Through all that bs we somehow remained cool even later 17 working together and messing around. He messed that up seeing other girls so I took him back down to cool level. After he took someone else to the prom I let him go and went off to college. I eventually got pregnant and called him about it.

After I had my baby, we got back together, but it was not easy getting him back. I chased his ass for at least three months. When we did reunite it was awesome. This time he was clingy, but still not super affectionate. He also had twins the same age as my daughter,which was a shocker and very coincidental. We had a great deal of trust between us, but it was his other personal issues that would ruin that and really push me away.

Virgos do things with conviction. Long, long, long story short he got his act together after going through some hard times, and we reconnected for the third time. Once Virgos minds are made up, they are very committed.

Once you have reached "that level" with Virgo men they wil open and be everything you thought they could be. Through all the hardships, he proposed to me, we are now married, have a blended family of fiveand love each other immensely. He is my best friend, my lover, my husband, my partner. He makes me smile,he makes laugh, mad, super happy, excited,and he's everything I wanted and needed in a man.

Not only are they very intellectual, but very sexy. Virgo men are great dressers but not over-the-top flashy. Yes they can be jerks and we laugh about that now, but they can be super wonderful too. So it may be a long journey, but for this guy he's worth it ladies. I really feel with time a Libra woman can win with a Virgo male. Hi all,im a 22 year old Libra and dated a Virgo boy for over two years,all I have to say is that they are jealous,arrogant and insecure. They are not able to handle the Libra women for all she is,matter of fact all my friends have dated a Virgo boy and have said the same thing.

That tells you something about them. I am a Libra woman I don't know about me being clingy but when I find out a person lies to me, I want to mess with their minds. I am clingy only because I am insecure and a tad bit insane but who said Virgos aren't?

This Virgo male hated my Sagittarius ex-boyfriend. He didn't want him to be around me, he didn't even like him an inch. He gets fed up by even seeing a picture of him. His craziness is what attracts me and I know what you're thinking what a loon. He tells me he is obsessed with me and wants me have sex with him plenty of times. He would be extremely nice to me for no reason.

Virgo men relationships with Libra women

I remember when I didn't know he was a virgo, I said how much I hated Virgo men, he gave me a dirty look and he seems worried and was walking behind me in the staircase. Before when I rejected him, he use to ask me out. He gets extremely jeal ous that sometimes he can be hurtful but I know that he wants to be with me. I think it's because he's insecure.

I miss my Sagittarius ex but I dunno about this Virgo guy. He said if he was to ever marry me, he won't ever divorce me. That I am his. I'm seeking one right now and the last time I told him I was in love with him he left my apt and stayed gone for a while.

Now that he has started back texing me I'm wondering what to do with the feelings that I still have for him.

Should I just stop and forget about him period? We have lots I common. Long distance and he sees me most every weekend and calls every day. This one time I told him I wanted to see him and he canceled to go help a friend on Sunday what happened to Friday and Sat So I have decided to help with taking it slow. I am not seeing him on Sunday. Not sure how to get him to commit to a one on one, but will be patient. Too old to play games. I'm a Libra and I've been married to my Virgo husband for eleven years.

A lot of what I have read here is in many ways true. Libra and Virgo can be a tough relationship. But what I have realized over time is that Virgo can trully be what the Libra is looking for. We like fine wine, we like the best. Virgo is just that. Virgo is a hardworker, caring man that wants to provide a wonderful life for his family. Many other signs can be a wonderful experience, Virgos can be wonderful for a lifetime.

If you want someone to raise babies, grow old and make a life with, then never underappreciate your virgo. He loves you and he will for life if you adore him. Libra will have to tweek some of her natural tendencies. This may not be okay for some of you Libra girls. For some it may be easy because we are wonderful at compromise. I say never change who you are, but sometimes you compromise to make sure that your Virgo is taken care of as well. You are saucy, creativ e and a dreamer.

He is fact, financial and goal driven. Seperate, they say "all work and no play makes for a dull boy" and I am sure "that all play and no work makes for a broke boy". Settle down the two of you can make music together. But make sure it's when you're ready to settle down. I have read much about Virgo man and Libra woman - not many touch on this: I have read the characteristics of a Virgo man and they are extremely anal about lies.

Thing is, in this day and age, I personally feel it's okay to lie about your past to a certain extend. I mean, if there are a few men previously who ain't significant in your lives anymore and your Virgo man is a completely jealousy, why talk about it?

Somethings are better left off unsaid. But having said that, if your Virgo man finds out, you're dead! You won't be forgiven. He's very revengeful as a person. He holds on to your lies and finds it very hard to trust you. Even when I stayed loyal throughout. He gets nightmares like other men hugging me. But when we were together, none of that sort happened before.

He would invade my privacy and that is okay! Because nothing is worst than his partner me lying to him. Tiny, m ini or whatever lie. Hey im a Virgo male head over hells for this Libra girl ive went to high school with My name is Erica. Im a Libra sun, Libra moon, Libra rising.

I am a Virgo man, and had an off-and-on relationship with a Libra woman, whom I am now tied to for a minimum of the rest of my life.

Truly, I hope not eternity. Admittedly, as a Virgo man I have no issue with complimenting a woman, showering her with affection, and engaging in intelligent conversation but do have difficulty in expressing feelings beyond, "I love you. When it crashed, it went down in flames. I have dated one other Libra woman, and it also did not end well.

Virgo Man Libra Woman Compatibility

To the ladies with Virgo men who can't figure them out: Keep some mystery about yourself. Play a little hard to get, but not too hard. Keep him intrigued, and change things up, but understand that as a Virgo leaving the comfort zone is terrifying unless its for some secret desire we have.

More than anything a Virgo man wants passion, to feel needed Virgos are helpers by nature and to feel very appreciated the power of a sincere "Thank you" is astounding. A little praise goes a long wayand consideration. If he asked you to stop doing something, it's been on his mind for a lot longer than you realize--Virgo men are peacemakers by nature, and try to keep the waters smooth and calm.

Virgo man Libra woman

Be careful though, if he feels like you're playing games he will bolt! We, the Virgo men--at least the good ones--understand that you have feelings and that we usually think that most of what's on your mind is probably silly.

We expect rationality to be paired with emotion though we know this is somewhat hypocritical because we do have feelings too, but when they don't make sense we normally apologize for losing our composure shortly thereafter.

Watch your Virgos body language and expressions, they'll tell you when he doesn't like what you have said or done. Be a student of your lover--that's what Virgos do ; Normally, you can talk a Virgo into just about anything he isn't totally against, so long as you make a logical case. I hope that helps.

virgo man and libra woman relationship

Born September 23 I am a Libra and my guy born August 30 is a virgo. Virgo men are compassionate and caring but are not verbal with affections. They will show you how they feel by doing things. They can be flirtatious but overall very loyal.

Reading them sometimes can be difficult. As a Libra we tend to over compensate with our emotions. Don't do this with a Virgo male.

They have a tendency to question how true our feelings are towards them. Don't take this personally Virgo men are critical beings even toward themselves.

We communicate very well libra are good listeners To make this relationsnhip work Libra women you must maintain your independency have goals in life and be comfortable in your own skin don't look for Virgo o complement you on your clothes hair or makeup. He won't do it but he will take you out and show you a good time!!! He went to jail, lost his job, and could'nt no longer pay for his apartment.

Pity was what I felt for him when "the fiance" found out about me and he somehow magical went to jail again. I stuck it out and dedicated myself to helping him get back on his feet, but still pursue my on dreams. After 2 yrs together of ups, downs, sleeping on family members couches and unemployment he decided we should part ways. I went on to get myself together apartment, cert. Massage therapist, and car I accomplished in one year while caring for 3 boys 1 whose ADH D and the other Spastic asthmatic with only an temp.

HE on the other hand was talking to a SAG in less than 2 weeks after our initial separation, finally got up off it and took a job at a restaurant although he was too good for that when it was me footing the bill 6 weeks later. And he still had THE nerve to try and critcize me. More junk happened and the final straw was when his sister Sheryl passed away.

If it had'nt been for her would'nt have met him, she was a good friend, gteat mom, beautiful person. One year passes I get my cert. He moved to another city and is now working two jobs and driving the car the SAG gave him. But his mom passed a couple months b4. He expresses he wants more, but I was skeptical. So I end up missing a phone call from him. True to form he backs off for 3 days or is occupied, you be the judge.

He was'nt understanding or sympathetic at all. He finally answered my call 3rd call by text saying that I want him and can't have him and he does'nt know what it is we had but it's through. I replied by wishing happiness and thanked him for his "kindness". This Virgo went out of his way to make sure he hurt me cause the first time was'nt thorough enough. I quited my job and left my life to be with her. I recently cut both my bestfriend AND lover out of my life and they were both virgos, a day apart.

I hate that it took me almost 2 years to finally realize I ddnt need my Virgo man. I think all virgos are selfish and mean. I always gave him the most positive advice and he had the nerve to tell me it was annoying because "sometimes people just wanna hear the truth" but being a Libra I honestly, truthfull, do want the best to happen.

I love him so much to the point where I feel like I ll never get over him or stop caring, but I d rather be happy then anything. I want him to pretend we never met.

Virgo woman and libra man love compatibility

I'd never thought I would fall in love with a Virgo guy, because my best friend is a Virgo and though I love her, I often imagine that it must be tough to be a Virgo's romantic partner because they seem to hide a lot of emotions and appear really cold sometimes. The first person who really wooed me was a Virgo. He was pretty quick in his chase but I had my eyes set on another Sagittarius man, so I didn't really care.

Years passed, and I met another Virgo man, who fell for me almost immediately. He wooed and pursued me. Though I was hesitant, he soon convinced me that it might be alright to give him a chance The first night we spent together, we became intimate I don't mean sex.

Just lots of hugging and kissing! I love his intimacy! He was slow and he took his time. His kisses were light and ticklish. He rubs me at all the right places! I didn't know just mere touches could feel so good!