Will and uncle phil relationship

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will and uncle phil relationship

He looks exactly like Uncle Phil. his hometown of Philadelphia - and the relationship between Will and his Uncle Phil, played by James Avery. With last week's passing of beloved Fresh Prince of Bel-Air patriarch James Avery, all media eyes were on the social networking accounts of. The relationship dynamics between Will and Uncle Phil in the first few episodes show Phil coming off as unaccepting of Will's more street savvy.

For a class paper, Theo Malcolm Jamal-Warner asks his parents and grandparents who were present at the March for details.

will and uncle phil relationship

The problem with the description given to Theo was that it seemed highly watered down. It was an address to the US government to implement a concrete change in policy. Why do some blacks become racially mute and figuratively blind when upward mobility is involved? Why do we have to reimagine our history so that it is easy to digest?

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They live next door to the Reagans, while Carlton often times gives some conservative political satire. Even as Republicans then and now are out of touch with the black community, the Banks family never forsakes the black race and culture.

Aunt Vivian challenges both Carlton and Will to know as much black history they can. Uncle Phil tells Will of a time he heard Malcom X speak and also tells a former friend to not turn her nose down on him as he fights for black people in the courtroom now. These values are important for parents because as children grow up their rationale develops, allowing them to form a social identity.

Once they enter the realm of pre-pubescence, we, as adults, cannot turn a blind eye nor encourage youth to issues of race, gender, religion, nationality, disabled, and so on.

Even if we encounter a child different than ourselves, we must find a way to convey the nature of our social constructs, possibly by discussing intersectionality. These constructs do exist, and there are particular issues with each that cannot be swept under the rug.

We should encourage them early on as adolescents to love everyone the same, as they can only see the world within their existential view and interpersonal relationships. The Village Does Raise the Children One thing that this generation has revealed is that co-parenting is more fundamental than marriage. As mentioned earlier, it is the dissolution of harmony between parents which causes problems in a family. Another point to consider is that since the Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage, we ultimately will see parenting in a different way.

It may not only be based on a complementary relationship between parents of the opposite sex, but also based on having multiple adults present to guide the child. This can be supplementary in nature to where there are two mothers or fathers, though some may argue that a boy needs his father or a girl needs her mother.

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The coach who has to keep the kids from picking on each other, or the teacher who has to explain who Martin Luther King Jr. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are innately role models to children. The abuse of authority by parents is another thing that is mitigated within the village-raising paradigm.

will and uncle phil relationship

The absolute relationship of parent and child causes parents to subjugate their children from ever having an opinion. I am saying, however, that we should always consider each child we see as nothing less than valuable and deserving of love. A person can belong to a certain social construct and still deviate from the popular mode of operation.

The same goes for parenting- it truly is a social construct. If you raise a child, you are a parent. If you do it for a short period, you parented for a short period of time.

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But if your sex cell mingles with the sex cell from the opposite sex, then creates a baby with your genetic code, then you are not a parent. Children with one or no parents are already skating on very thin ice with one skate and maintaining a balanced lifestyle can be very difficult.

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will and uncle phil relationship

A true staple of our younger years for many of us, the adventures of Will Smith were the best entertainment anyone could ask for, as he moved to his wealthy aunt and uncle's LA pad after getting into a fight in his hometown of Philadelphia - and the relationship between Will and his Uncle Phil, played by James Avery, provided many of the show's funniest moments.

In fact, Uncle Phil had so much of an influence on Will's fictional adolescence that the movie star is now morphing into him in real life. Recently the year-old bungee jumped at Victoria Falls, something he's been meaning to do for 20 years or so, but it's a still image from his jump that has caught people's attention. He responded with a rather odd yet poetic anecdote about the change in the world over the last 30 years, comparing the development with celebs to the comments on the picture.

My first album there were no CDs, so it wasn't until my second album, and they came like these hot new things called CDs. Seeing that transition, essentially the fans being more and more involved in the creative process. In terms of movie stars, it's a huge difference.

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It's like you almost can't make new movies stars anymore. But in the shift into this new world, it's almost like a friendship with the fans.

will and uncle phil relationship

The relationship is less like the time of Madonna, Michael Jackson, when you could make the Tom Cruise these gigantic figures, because you can't create that anymore.