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Net Worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth in , Amy Poehler had. Given how vague the network executives were at the press meeting, we can't exactly Comprised of dueling acoustic guitarists Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the D fills . he tries to hide the body with the help of a weird hobo (Christopher Walken). Bit of an odd moment here in Greece when Charlie breaks out the acoustic guitar and, instead of singing a hit of the day (say Blondie or The. The guest list for the evening includes Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Eddie Murphy, Emma Stone, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin.

She imparts that same tradition upon her grandkids while teaching them the beauty in making things by hand. Not the stereotypical grandmother by any means, Olson spends time with her younger family members to stay in the know of all things pop culture. Rudell grew up in the Midwest where his father worked at a paper mill and kept him well supplied with cardboard, foil and tissue.

Having dabbled in nearly every medium — from reusing paper coffee filters to welding steel — she has found her true passion in working with wood. Sweeney recently departed her full-time position as a display coordinator at Anthropologie to pursue her passion and establish herself as an artist. Making It premieres tonight at 10 p.

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Leave A Comment Uh-oh! September 19, Not available 2. Highlights - Pros and Cons: Taking a Self-Driving Uber Jimmy weighs the good and bad of taking a ride in one of the driverless Uber cars being tested in Pittsburgh. September 20, Not available 2. Highlights - Tales from Tour: Highlights - Giant Slingshot with Mark Wahlberg Jimmy and Mark Wahlberg go out to Rockefeller Plaza and take turns firing watermelons at an oversized target using a giant slingshot.

September 20, Not available 3.

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Highlights - Bobbing for Apples with Priyanka Chopra Jimmy and Priyanka Chopra celebrate the fall season by taking turns to see who can grab the most apples using only their mouths. September 21, Not available 3. Highlights - Priyanka Chopra Embodied the Dancing Emoji on the Emmy Red Carpet Quantico star Priyanka Chopra regrets twirling at the Emmys in her red dress and explains why she has to carry around a stack of passports. Highlights - Kelly Ripa's Son Pops Up in Her Shower Since Starting College Kelly Ripa chats with Jimmy about dealing with her college-age kid's weird habits and living in a studio office under a desk at the beginning of her acting career.

Highlights - Tonight Show Superlatives: September 21, Not available 4.

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Highlights - Hugh Jackman Is Really into Fishing Hugh Jackman reveals he's now a fishing enthusiast, so Jimmy gives them matching fishing hats to wear while they bond, and dance, over dads. I cried too, it's OK. Jack Nicholson is here. Wearing shades and introing a political humor montage, natch. Does anything need fixing? Because Kerry Washington is here, and she's wearing a white hat Getty Images 9: Also, Bradley Cooper and his thighs are here, and Kerry Washington is totally handling this ish in a sparkly dress.

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Oh, so that's where Taylor Swift has been. And for future reference, if you ever need to get an entire group of seasoned "SNL" veterans to audibly bust up into laughter mid-sketch, all you need is Betty White. The Beatles had a song about that, I think. Bradley Cooper and Betty White just made out. Someone should make a plaque in commemoration. You can keep it at my apartment.

And I can barely hear over my own screaming.

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Melissa McCarthy lives in a van down by the river. Martin Short meets Beyonce nbcsnl.

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Just for general use. Maya Rudolph makes 'em look good, just saying. Also on the list: But you ARE making a cameo while wearing bumblebee vests, so we're cool with it. Michael Douglas staring straight at the camera while Joe Piscopo sings. Opera Man just cemented Betty White's sex symbol status. Bill Murray is bleepin' awesome.