How did hisana and byakuya meet the parents

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how did hisana and byakuya meet the parents

Byakuya's fiancé was Hisana Fujiwara who was the adoptive daughter parents and his grandfather have intended for them to meet for Miai. Byakuya is present during the captain's emergency meeting called by . he was conflicted for so long between his promises to Hisana and his parents, making it. Byakuya Kuchiki is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite As the head of one of the great noble families and as a captain in the Gotei 13, he always works hard for a peaceful society. He not only attends the lieutenants' meeting when Renji Abarai is absent, but it is also implied that he.

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This chapter occurs early in the morning. Byakuya was adorned in his business suit and his long, silky black hair was neatly tied with a crimson ribbon. Byakuya and Rukia's grandfather was the founder of the famous Kuchiki Corporation which controlled most of the production computer and related IT products in Japan. The Kuchiki family descended from a proud ancient noble house and all their children were trained in the traditional Japanese arts and martial arts.

Byakuya himself excelled at calligraphy and kenjutsu. Even though adopted, Rukia still had to follow the Kuchiki customs, involving kendo and traditional odori dance. Byakuya was currently the CEO of a part of the company. Soon Byakuya will inherit the whole company.

Byakuya was a stiff man but he loved his sister dearly and perhaps he was overprotective of her. Hisana was a sickly person who died young with an illness commonly known as Cancer. It wasn't difficult for Byakuya to spot Rukia, she had hair as ebony black as Hisana's with one strand of hair always hanging between her eyes which was beautifully violet-colored.

Rukia strongly resembled her elder sister. Byakuya decided it was time to leave his house as well. As he took his suitcase, Byakuya saw a photograph of his Hisana. When they first met, it was raining. Her adoptive parents and his grandfather have intended for them to meet for Miai, which was when a single man and a woman are introduced to each other for marriage consideration. Neither of them knew that when they had first met because they didn't first meet at the restaurant Hisana's parents invited the Kuchikis for dinner.

On the contrary, they met up at the bus stop.

how did hisana and byakuya meet the parents

Byakuya was walking to the restaurant that was a block away from his office while Hisana was riding a bus to the same location. All of the sudden the rain poured down and Byakuya was forced to take shelter at the same place Hisana was dropped off. The stairs of the bus soon became slippery and Hisana tripped but before she could hit the wet concrete a pair of strong yet lean arms captured her.

Honestly, he didn't was to let her go. Her porcelain skin was soft to the touch and she was simply beautiful. Their conversation was rather awkward but somehow Hisana enjoys it and she enjoys being in his company.

It was a trivial reason but at the same time she could understand his point of view as a teenager. She paused in thought and eventually nodded her head in comprehension.

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Didn't teachers usually do things like this? A little sense of accomplishment overcame her and she quietly settled down to her job for the remainder of the day.

As the school term progressed the students in most of Hisana's classes began to straighten themselves out. The playfulness was still apparent but the restlessness from summer vacation had finally worn thin. It made Hisana's job much easier. Her encounters with the young man called Ryuu also increased, much to her surprise.

He continued to drop in his assignments before the rest of children and was usually the only one who managed to receive a decent grade. What was it about an essay that the remainder of the class found so difficult to write was still a mystery to her.

Ryuu's ability to write was promising and it impressed her the more she continued to read his work. He had an interesting way with words. He was, it seemed, a naturally quiet person, saying as little as the whispering winds on a still day, his presence undetectable until he was asked a question. His voice was always low, but his words were well spoken and his answers always sensible. The only thing though was that the sight of him responding to questions surprised the rest of the class. One of the other students had mentioned to Hisana the fact that he had never answered other teachers before.

This piece of information had stunned her. She had been telling Mika about his progress and was also listening to Mika's appraisal of his behaviour in her own classes.

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She had only read through the flier earlier that day when another teacher had left it on her desk. She wasted no time considering the options. Noticing Ryuu's slow but sure acceptance into high school society pleased Hisana and she wondered why he had never been able to do it before.

He needed more exposure and he needed to interact with others more. It was with this thought that Hisana eventually approached and asked him if he would have been willing to participate in the Local Go competition to represent the school.

how did hisana and byakuya meet the parents

It was a pleasant change. They started spending evenings after class, with Hisana, who had also grown up playing the game, challenging him and playing against him all with an effort to bring back the skills he had once wielded. It was an entertaining affair and she found herself relaxing as they continued their preparations together, some of their conversations, like the one today revealing little things about him that always intrigued her.

I hope you keep it up. Hisana gently reassured him. Speaking of which…" she added as an afterthought. She withdrew a sheet of paper from one of her texts and placed it before Ryuu. I can't take you to the competition without parental or guardian consent. His features paled and apprehension filled his eyes.