Kennedy and nixon meet in first televised presidential debate

The Kennedy-Nixon Debates - HISTORY

kennedy and nixon meet in first televised presidential debate

Now, representatives of the candidates and of all the radio and television networks Now, the first question is from Mr. Niven and is for Vice President Nixon. Mr. Lodge, on "Meet the Press" a month ago said if there was ever a case when. Comparing the first televised debate in to current political 26, , debate between Republican candidate and Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Democratic candidate Sen. John F. Kennedy, the medium made the difference. meet at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., to debate for the first. John F. Kennedy had won that night's presidential debate. Yet if you heard the event on radio, Vice President Richard M. Nixon was the clear.

Roughly an hour into the first televised debate, the broadcast audio coming from the Walnut Street Theatre and fed to all networks suddenly cut out, effectively muting the candidates in the middle of a statement by Carter. The two candidates were initially unaware of this technical glitch and continued to debate, unheard to the television audience.

They were soon informed of this problem, and proceeded to stand still and silently at their podiums for about 27 minutes, until the problem - a blown capacitor - was located and fixed, in time for Carter to briefly finish the statement he had begun when the audio cut out, and for both candidates to issue closing statements. The dramatic effect of televised presidential debates was demonstrated again in the debates between Ford and Carter.

Ford had already cut into Carter's large lead in the polls, and was generally viewed as having won the first debate on domestic policy.

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Polls released after this first debate indicated the race was even. However, in the second debate on foreign policy, Ford made what was widely viewed as a major blunder when he said "There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford administration. Reagan most memorably deployed the phrase "there you go again. Carter refused to debate if Anderson was present and Reagan refused to debate without Anderson, resulting in the first debate being between Reagan and Anderson only.

The second debate and the Vice Presidential debate were both cancelled. Reagan conceded Carter's demands and the third debate took place with only Carter and Reagan. In the debate, with years of experience in front of a camera as an actor, Reagan came across much better than Carter and was judged by voters to have won the debate by a wide margin.

kennedy and nixon meet in first televised presidential debate

This helped propel Reagan into a landslide victory. The Reagan campaign had access to internal debate briefing materials for Carter; the exposure of this in led to a public scandal called " Debategate ".

Informer Vice President Walter Mondale won the first debate over President Ronald Reagan, in part by criticizing Reagan's age, a performance that generated much-needed donations to Mondale's lagging campaign.

kennedy and nixon meet in first televised presidential debate

The second presidential debate was held on October 21,where Ronald Reagan used a joke, "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience", which effectively negated the age issue and stalled Mondale's momentum.

Sinceeach presidential election has featured a series of vice presidential debates. Vice presidential debates have been held regularly since Vice Presidential debates have been largely uneventful and have historically had little impact on the election.

Quayle's selection by the incumbent Vice-President and Republican Presidential candidate George Bush was widely criticized; one reason being his relative lack of experience.

Nixon And Kennedy Clash in TV Debate on Spending, Farms and Social Issues

In the debate, Quayle attempted to ease this fear by stating that he had as much experience as John F. Kennedy did when he ran for President in Democrat Bentsen countered with the now famous statement: I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine.

JFK and Nixon debate on the Cold War

Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy. A love story Shortly after his acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination for president, Kennedy and his wife smile and wave from the back of an open-top car in Massachusetts in July A love story Jacqueline greets her husband in A love story Jackie watches her husband during a presidential debate in September Hide Caption 11 of 19 Photos: A love story Kennedy lends an ear to his wife as they sit together at a table during cocktail hour before dining at a society gala at the Walford Astoria Hotel in A love story Kennedy, campaigning for president, listens to the whispers of his wife in Hide Caption 13 of 19 Photos: A love story Jackie shares a moment with her husband before he became president, in January 20,in the rotunda of the Capitol.

She became the youngest first lady in nearly 80 years. Hide Caption 14 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 15 of 19 Photos: A love story The Kennedys stand at attention during the playing of the national anthem at the start of a reception during their state visit to Mexico City on June 30, Hide Caption 16 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 17 of 19 Photos: A love story President Kennedy, John F.

Hide Caption 18 of 19 Photos: A love story Jackie stands with her two children and her brothers-in law Ted Kennedy and Robert Kennedy at the funeral of her husband on November 26, Hide Caption 19 of 19 While the debate's "cosmetic aspect" dominated the postmortem commentary, according to DuMont, Kennedy and Nixon did touch on weighty issues, including civil rights and the threats posed by communist China and the Soviet Union. Can freedom be maintained under the most severe attack it has ever known?

I think it can be," Kennedy said.

The day politics and TV changed forever

Before the debates, Nixon had the higher public profile as vice president to the popular President Dwight D. So -- much like his challenge to veteran Sen. Televised debates reemergedwhen incumbent president Gerald Ford agreed to take on his Democratic challenger, Jimmy Carter. They've been standard practice in each campaign season since. After the debate, how you presented yourself, what you looked like, how you sounded and whether you connected directly with audiences mattered, says Larry Sabato, political analyst at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia and author of the forthcoming book, The Kennedy Half-Century.

Who would look better on TV? Who comes across better?

How the Nixon-Kennedy Debate Changed the World - TIME

Who can debate better? InPresident Kennedy famously refused the recommendation by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to respond, militarily, to the Soviet Union's placing of nuclear missiles in Cuba. Sorensen said he is sure Nixon would have taken the Joint Chiefs advice "he was more hawkish on military matters," he says.