Meet the robinsons game cutscenes download

Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough: Robinson's Estate

meet the robinsons game cutscenes download

The game places narrative at the center, with an engaging storyline There are no cutscenes in Robinson: The Journey, with every aspect of the pre-existing tools to meet those challenges and make Robinson one of the. 1 year ago. Side topic does anyone play the game in windowed mode and if so how do you do it? Forum: Disney's Meet The Robinsons; Thread: About Cutscenes. Started by: Do you have a download for PC version?. Disney's Meet the Robinsons is an action game with adventure elements, based on computer animation (Polish title: Robinson's Family). The story tells the story.

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Missions can be started by simply talking to the characters once you locate them. Most of the in-game missions are done during the day and must be done by the time the timer runs out, but some of them are nighttime missions that need to be completed by morning Or before the timer runs out.

Mini-Games most often become available once completing missions as stated above but may also become available in the barn.

meet the robinsons game cutscenes download

The missions vary in many ways from Golf to Jumping and Kicking a pipe at one another to stay alive. Throughout the game, you may notice that the difficulty of some of the mini-games will increase as the story progresses.

There will also be variations of mini-games from previous chapters. You can also buy some of the mini-games from the Gopher Underground Shop as some of them are located in the Night Barn. As you get into the game, you will be told about the 'Barnyard Champion' Title throughout. At the end of all the mini-games you will notice that you get graded on your performance Final Score. The Grades Range from an 'F' to a Star.

Getting Stars is the key to getting Barnyard Champion. You need to talk to a character mentioned in the game that will give you info on the standings for Barnyard Champion. As you keep climbing to the top of the leaderboard, you receive a Gold Rush Token for every time you move up. Once you get to 1, a special text is received, indicating that you are now the Barnyard Champion.

meet the robinsons game cutscenes download

After you get this text, a special cutscene will play once you enter the Night Barn for the first time after receiving the text. All you have to do is break all his bricks blue ones before he breaks yours red ones. After the tutorial, you have the option to try the Peewee Court and the Varsity Court before leaving Chargeball.

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Once you exit the minigame, a tutorial pop-up on your new gadget will appear. Now is the time to round up those zumzats. There are 5 large ones in the house: Zapping a zumzat with the Charge Glove will turn them into 3 smaller zumzats which you can collect by just running over them.

Once you get them all 15 in totaltake the nearest transport tube to the Yard, where Uncle Art is. Going Round in Circles Another quest completed, and another redirection.

Uncle Art tells you to go see Aunt Billie, who is at the train room.

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Go to the transport tube and see that you now have access to the train room. Head there and talk to Aunt Billie. Big surprise, she needs help. Before charging the poles, scan Aunt Billie, her train and one of the blue circles on any of the poles. Return to Aunt Billie, who is grateful that she can put things "back on track. Take the transport tube to the dining room and go outside. Head to the Lab and talk to your crazy cousin Laszlo.

The rare component for the Extendo-Key is skeleton alloy.

Laszlo will mention seeing a new chest in the storage room. You know what that means.

Take the transport tube to the storage room. There are two new chests here, at opposite sides.

meet the robinsons game cutscenes download

One contains an action figure, the other contains the skeleton alloy. Once you get the rare component, continue disassembling stuff until you get enough components for the Extendo-Key.

Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough: Robinson’s Estate

Try Try Again Once you get all the necessary components, head back to the Lab and use your handy-dandy Transmogrifier to build the Extendo-Key. Now you can open the cannon room. Leave the Lab and head there. In addition, InventCo Egg-Timers and Gift Boxes are hidden throughout; collecting enough of these will unlock special "Goodies" on the main menu. In addition, a "Battery" meter serves as both a life gauge and a power gauge for the many different inventions.

The events of the game take place immediately after the movie, rather than before like in the Buena Vista Games version.

meet the robinsons game cutscenes download

Inexplicably, this is also the only Meet the Robinsons game which features Lewis as a main playable character. Due to the limitations of the Game Boy Advance, no voice-acting is featured. Nintendo DS version[ edit ] The Nintendo DS version is a third-person shooter with a simplified version of the console storyline, borrowing familiar game elements, such as the Dissembler and Charge Glove as well as adding exclusive ones.

It follows the console version in four different worlds; Egypt, Lizzy, Stanley, and finally the Bowler Hat Guy's robotic hat- Doris, that ensures a final battle for the future. The Nintendo DS version also includes chargeball as well, just as the console version.