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Eye-Brawl is a being composed of a flying eyeball and a headless Undead giant who live in a symbiotic relationship. He is an Undead Skylander and one of the. This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. Snap Shot is a veteran Skylander in Skylanders Academy. Apart from being one of the veteran Skylanders at Skylanders Academy, he is also the warden of Cloudcracker Prison. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Gaming, Skylanders and Skylanders swap force. New files on this wiki - Portal Masters of Skylands unite! .. Meet the Skylanders - Skylanders Superchargers Characters and More .. Snap Shot.

Season 3 In Sky HardSnap Shot came out of retirement to help guard the Doom Raiders after they were recaptured and had since improved the security in Cloudcracker Prison. When Team Spyro were sent on a wild goose chase by Kaos, Snap Shot contacted them that the evil sorcerer was attacking Cloudcracker Prison on a flying ship. The Skylanders arrived back too late, as Kaos freed the Doom Raiders all except Broccoli Guyand the remaining inmates were eager for revenge against the heroes.

Fortunately Ka-Boom managed to scare the inmates back into their cells with a bomb, allowing Snap Shot sealed them back in. Unlike his game counterpart, Snap Shot speaks in a British accent instead of an Australian accent. The Crocogator lacks the belly scales from his game counterpart's appearance.

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meet the skylanders snapshot wiki

You can help Skylanders Wiki by editing this page. Water is pouring from a high ledge to the left. Defeat the enemies, then head toward the right.

meet the skylanders snapshot wiki

First, step past the railed ramp and descend some steps for a Level Star. Then climb the ramp up to the higher level. There, talk to Eruptor again before heading past him to take your photo at a Selfie Spot.

Once the photo is snapped, head left and slide a block back and then left one space. It settles into a groove. Hop along it to reach an upper deck in that direction, then use pads to launch along a series of masts to the right, so that you can reach the treasure they hold.

meet the skylanders snapshot wiki

Then drop down again and pass through the cabin to the right. It leads to a tilting bone ledge that looks like a dinosaur spine. Cross it to the right to find a locked gate, which you can investigate to play a familiar mini-game. Winning that mini-game allows you to enter The Belfry Arena, where you can defeat a group of enemies.

Once you do, the Tidepool Soul Gem appears on the platform. It teaches the Emergency Shell-met Defense ability. Grab that trinket, then head back to the left, to the deck where you took your selfie a moment ago.

To the right of that spot, there is a pad that you can use to launch you to the upper deck. Interact with the wheel there and you'll turn the remote octopus in the nearby square, which previously was spewing water. Travel back left to that square, defeating a few more enemies as you go, and head up the ramp the octopus was guarding. You access the Submarine Spinner Spans area, where a column that has been laid horizontal rotates slowly.

You can run along it, if you are careful, but first you should wait until its cabin is upright.

meet the skylanders snapshot wiki

Enter that cabin to find yourself in the Upper Submarine Interior area, where you can break through some crates to find a Treasure Chest. But it open, then climb the ladder to return to the outside area. Head to the far side of that submarine, to a circular platform. Descend some large steps that lead to the left from there, and you will find Eruptor on a column that is positioned at the center of another of the spinning sub columns.

Just past him, you can enter another submarine cabin, which in this case allows you to find the Quickshot Imaginator Soul Gem. It teaches the Bounty Hunter ability.

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Grab that, and then head back outside. Head across to the far ledge and push the tube-shaped block it has an eel swimming in it off the ledge and to the left. Then drop down and battle the enemies there. When they are vanquished, push the three blocks into position in grooves along the wall to the right.

This will power the nearby cannon. Now you can backtrack to Eruptor, cross along the rotating ledge once again, and climb some steps to the upper right to find the cannon. As directed by Eruptor, spray frosting at the cake until you have hit 16 targeted spots on the cake look for the hazy outlines so you know where to aim.

Responding quickly, both Snap Shot and Wallop arrived at the Mabu mining expedition in time to assist the three Skylanders. Wallop dealt with the trolls, while Snap Shot fought with Wolfgang, who was easily overpowered and thrown towards Wallop.

The Earth Trap Master delivered the finishing blow to the villain, allowing the Skylanders to haul the werewolf back to Cloudcracker Prison.

The Mabu leader thanked the Skylanders and the Trap Masters for their successful efforts in protecting the Mabu and the Radiance Crystals.

However they came to notice that the Fork of Infinite Resonance needed for the mining expedition was stolen by the trolls during the attack. This not only shattered the Traptanium stronghold, but also released the Doom Raiders and other villains from their imprisonment.

Dark Snap Shot

When the ship was ambushed by Captain Frightbeard and his Cyclops pirates, the Skylanders leapt into action and repelled the attack. When Spyro was unable to deliver the finishing blow to Frightbeard, Wallop defeated the seadog himself with a whack of his Traptanium Hammer.

meet the skylanders snapshot wiki

Wallop knocking the Rotten Robbies away from Cynder. After discovering that Spyro, along with Hex, had their powers stolen by a fairy named CalliopeWallop was assigned to go along with their search as a precaution. Wallop quickly saved Cynder by hammering the horde away before Spyro and Hex joined them. After being saved, Cynder explained to her companions that she too had her powers stolen by Calliope, and the four Skylanders ventured into the caves of the Cadaverous Crypts in search for the fairy.