Tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier

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tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier

The film is a sequel to the animated film, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of During the attack, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion show up at Dorothy's farm. ( whom Jerry falls in love with) and her soldiers, while the Lion takes Tom and Toto the Scarecrow and Dorothy are able to escape Ruggedo's Nomes, reach the. Tom and Jerry Meet Madeline is an upcoming movie based on the Madeline Last Rainforest, the Jack-in-the-Bok on The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Jacque Le Beef. Troops - The Mouse Queen's soldiers in a Island with Jerry, Tuffy and Tom. Young Jerry - A little baby cute new-born brown mouse with a diaper. Jim Hawkins: You';re the bravest, kindest, and cleverest girl I met. McCabe on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Glory Grant on Spectacular Spider-Man, Phaedea on The.

Tom and his friends, disguised as Christmas trees, surround Jerry, but Tom gets attacked by squirrelsand shredded in a tree shredder Toy Flutes plays through this scene. The cats attack, but the heroes escape, inside a tree. The cats beat up Tom by mistake. The heroes then come to a hill, where Paulie's head is sent flying into another hole. They go into the hole, only to find a fiery world with lava pits and dragons the Arabian Dance plays through this scene.

A flame fairy gives Paulie his head back. A dragon wakes up, but is hypnotised by Jerry into lifting them out of the pit. They launch a cannon, which blasts Jerry and his friends into a house with clocks the Chinese Dance plays through this scene.

Tom gives chase, but is crushed in the doors of an elevator his midsection is now a metre long, just like the in end of Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life and pecked on by wooden birds.

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The mice and toys are chased by the cats again, and run into a fairground the Russian Dance plays through this scene. Tom is virtually destroyed here, being thrown onto the merry-go-round and the swirling cups and crushed again and again on the roller-coaster - of course, this being a cartoon, he always revives - after Jerry pulls out the pin that couples two of the cars together.

They make it to a ridge, and Jerry blows up balloons with which they make it off safely the Waltz of The Flowers plays through this scene. Tom, though, is blasted by cannons. One cat shoots an arrow, bursting Nelly's balloon. Tuffy grabs on to her, and unravels more of Paulie.

Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman

Nelly is let down, and chased by the cats. Jerry rescues the Tin Man with aid from the Mouse Queen whom Jerry falls in love with and her soldiers, while the Lion takes Tom and Toto into the woods on the long route to the Emerald City since they were separated from Jerry and the Tin Man.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow and Dorothy are able to escape Ruggedo's Nomes, reach the Emerald City, and attempt to see if there's anything in the Wizard's old chambers that can help them, but are captured by Ruggedo. As for Tom, Toto, and the Lion, they soon end up at the Lion's old castle, where it seems he's been replaced as the leader of the forest by a very hungry female tiger.

Though in the end, Toto seems to get the Lion and Tiger to cooperate and use their troops to aid Dorothy. Back with Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Dorothy willingly surrenders the ruby slippers to Ruggedo, who transforms them into boots that enable him to plunge the Emerald City into the gnomes' underground home before considering putting Dorothy and the Scarecrow into a bottomless pit.

Though he is disarmed of Glinda's wand, he overpowers all of them via the ruby slippers, and nearly sends Dorothy, Tom, Jerry, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion to their doom, before the Jitterbug, whom Dorothy convinced to ally with them earlier, is able to trap Ruggedo in his dance spell, along with animating a statue of Dorothy that rescues everyone.

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier

Tuffy, the Mouse Queen, and her troops use Glinda's wand to free her from her imprisonment, while Ruggedo is stripped of the ruby slippers when Tom and Jerry try to save him from falling into the bottomless pit and fail, leaving him to plunge to his doom. Once Dorothy puts them back on, she returns the Emerald City to the surface, and the Wizard arrives shortly thereafter, having managed to tame the flying monkeys that got glued to his balloon with one of his magic potions that made giant bananas for them.

With Oz safe once more, the Wizard returns to a formal position in the Emerald City while still leaving the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion in charge, and after Dorothy asks about the ruby slippers, only to learn from Glinda that she's earned the right to keep them permanently, along with the Wizard adding on that she'll need them to visit them in Oz again often, Dorothy takes Toto, Tom, and Jerry back to Kansas.

At the end of the parade, Frosty boards Santa's sleigh with Tuffy and they leave for the North Pole with Frosty altering the last original song lyric, proclaiming, "I'll be back on Christmas Day! Robyn opens the door and surprisingly sees her aunt Pristine Figg, her boyfriend and fired lawyer Lickboot, and her dog Ferdinand. Figg and Lickboot apologize to Mr. Starling for their actions at Robyn and beg for forgiveness from them.

Robyn, smiling at her father, Tom and Jerry who then realizes that their bluff to Professor Hinkle is the truth all alongaccepts their apologies and invites them inside for Christmas lunch with them. Outside the window of the house, Frosty watches the happy moment with Tuffy who is still wearing his elf suit and Rudolph.

tom and jerry meet the steadfast tin soldier

Characters Edit Tom Cat full name: A grayish blue cat, who wears his blue mittens, and his purple scarf and boots. He is Robyn's pet cat. Jerry Mouse full name: A brown mouse, who he wears his scarf, mittens and shoes that are all white with red polka dots.

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He is Robyn's pet mouse. Tuffy Mouse full name: He is not only Geraldine's son and Jerry's nephew, but he also Professor Hinkle's former pet mouse. Tim Cat full name: Timothy Cat Tom and Jerry Kids mentioned: Baby Booties Tom and Jerry Tales mentioned: Thomasina's over-sized kitten daughter and Tom's niece.

Geraldine Mouse full name: A mouse with black hair and a blue dress, who is Jerry's sister and Tuffy's mother. An elderly brown mouse who is Jerry and Geraldine's mother, Muscles' aunt and Tuffy's grandmother. George Cat aka Cousin George mentioned: Muscles Mouse aka Cousin Muscles mentioned: Jerry and Tuffy's super-strong cousin, whose real name is Maurice when he was in his childhood.

Jerry's cowboyish uncle, who is an old mouse with a cowboy's hat and white mustache. He is the older brother of Harry, Muscles and Jerry's Mother. Jerry and Tuffy's uncle, and the younger brother of Uncle Pecos, Cousin Muscles and Jerry's Mother, who wears a boater hat, and a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow flower patterns.

Quacker Jeff Duck mentioned: Eagle Tom and Jerry mentioned: Lion Tom and Jerry mentioned: A lion who escapes the circus, and returns home to the jungles of Africa, thanks to Jerry. Bat Jerry Tom and Jerry Tales: A white bat who nearly looks identical to Jerry, but with wings. He is seen in Jerry's picture shown to Frosty, and his name is revealed to be Karras.

A strong dog who works as a Ticket Manger.