What episode do the chipmunks meet chipettes

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what episode do the chipmunks meet chipettes

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated television series featuring The Chipmunks, The Chipmunks meet Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor for the first time. The boys enter the contest anyway, but make an enemy when they win. The Chipettes move to the Chipmunks' school and Alvin and Brittany run against . The episode where the chipmunks and the chipettes who meet for the first time was later reused Mr. T.: [Theodore takes Mr. T.'s fries] You can't eat those fries. CHIPMUNKS MEET CHIPETTES TRADITIONAL COUPLES MOSTLY ALVINXBRITTANY I DO NOT She yelled when she saw Eleanor.

what episode do the chipmunks meet chipettes

Now let's go before she comes back" Brittany said walking out the door. They got in the car and speed off, Brittany was going 80 miles per hour and trying to dodge everything in her way. Up the street there were three 10 year chipmunks bored in a car.

Right after that sentence they heard a high pitch yell the 3 boys and Dave looked to their right and saw 3 beautiful Chipettes driving a car. Thankfully the window here down so they could swim out.

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They reach the surface and crawled onto shore. As they were about to get ready to leave Dave and the 3 chipmunks approached them. They didn't want to say what was really going on and what happen. Right after that sentence Eleanor hunch over and pain.

The Chipettes (episode)

After they left Dave knew something was wrong. He didn't really want to see 10 year children suffer like that and decide to help. When they got there they saw a social worker talking to the lady at the front desk about the girls they just saw. Dave and the chipmunks approached the social worker.

what episode do the chipmunks meet chipettes

Jackson how may I help you. Jackson turned around to face them. Jackson told them They chipmunks and Dave were shocked. Why should they suffer if they did nothing wrong? Jackson continue "in these kind of situations is really hard to trust anybody" "May we see them? She wears spring green her signature color almost all the time.

She and Theodore have an open relationship. Although the youngest, she is more likely to stand up to Brittany than her older sister Jeanette. Despite her being a match to Theodoreshe isn't so naive and is strongly mature, despite being the youngest of her sisters.

However, like Theodore she enjoys cooking a lot and eating. In The Squeakquel, she falls madly in love with Theodore at first sight. Even though Eleanor is a little chubbier, she is great at sports. Group History The original sketch for the CGI Chipettes Although there is no proof of it in their decidedly American accents, the Chipettes were born in Australia and orphaned at a very early age.

The Chipettes

Fortunately for them, their species seems to mature faster than human beings and the Chipettes were able to walk, talk, and extent fend for themselves while they were still in their infancy and no larger than the size of a human's hand. Under unexplained circumstances, the sisters came to be living in the care of a young Australian girl by the name of Olivia.

Olivia was herself an orphan, living in an institution run by a mean-spirited and exploitative woman called Miss Grudge. Unfortunately for the young Chipettes, Grudge noticed their innate singing abilities and attempted to exploit them for her own benefit. Fleeing the orphanage, the Chipettes traveled to New York as stowaways on a freighter dubbed the American Dreamer.

For a time, the girls lived on the city streets, working at a variety of menial jobs, until Brittany saw an advertisement calling for singers to feature at a hotel in California. The sisters managed to scrape together bus fare and set out for San Francisco, where they eventually landed the gig, taking on the professional name of the Chipmunks The Chipette Story.

During an engagement at another hotel, the girls encountered the original Chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore and their manager, Dave Seville. After a brief conflict over the Chipmunk name, Alvin with help from Brittany dubbed the girls the Chipettes The Chipettes. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes became fast friends and eventually, the Chipettes settled in the Sevilles' suburban Los Angeles hometown and enrolled in the local school system May the Best Chipmunk Win.

what episode do the chipmunks meet chipettes

At this time, the girls lived on their own in an elaborate and well-furnished treehouse. Unfortunately, school officials found out that the totally self-sufficient girls lived alone, and after a disastrous meeting in which Alvin and the Chipmunks posed as the parents of their friends, the girls were once again faced with the threat of life in an orphanage. In order to avoid this undesirable eventuality, the girls were adopted by Beatrice Millerthe former leader of the World War II era dance troupe known as Miss Miller and the Thrillersand a family friend of the Sevilles.

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It was at this time that they took on the surname of Miller. Initially, the girls felt frustrated with Miss Miller's old fashioned views and tastes for example, she refused to let them go to school unless their skirts reached down below their kneesbut eventually bonded with her after they realized she shared their love of music Help Wanted: Together, the Chipmunks and Chipettes shared a variety of adventures, perhaps the most exciting of which was their balloon race around the world The Chipmunk Adventure.

Over the years, each of the Chipettes engaged in on-off relationships with their Chipmunk counterparts-- Simon with Jeanette, Theodore with Eleanor, and Alvin with Brittany. However, the relationship between Alvin and Brittany rarely went smoothly, as their similarly aggressive, egotistical personalities often clashed, in contrast to the more mellow interplay between Simon and Jeanette or Theodore and Eleanor.

what episode do the chipmunks meet chipettes

Alternatively, they were also shown to date human boys, just as the boys often showed an interest in human girls. It is notable that the Chipmunks and the Chipettes inhabit a relatively "realistic" world, in which theirs is the only sapient species aside from human beings as opposed to a world full of anthropomorphic animals. The Chipettes are generally shown as triplets since they are in the same grade.

However, in Little Alvin and the Mini Munks, Eleanor was still a baby while Brittany and Jeanette were preschoolers, which has caused confusion to many. Popular Culture In the film and musical Little Shop of Horrors, there are three chorus singing girls who behave similar to the Chipettes.